Why Split

  • I could not get ticket for Dubrovnik
  • we can visit small budget
  • to see cultures and feel history
  • I wanted to enjoy sea food
  • Croatia is one of the countries we can enter during pandemic
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Hello, How are you? I hope you guys doing well💓 Today I gonna share my experience of Split, Trogir Croatia Travel in August 2020.

The reason why I decided to visit Split, us a bit funny. To be honest, I wanted to visit Dubrovnik but I could not book the ticket, because I decided to visit Croatia just 2 weeks before. So, instead of Dubrovnik, I visited Split. I had no idea where we can visit, what kind of places are popular, but I was excited.

None of my friends were available, so I went alone. I was surprised because the airplane was almost full despite the covid-19 time😅 I asked the hotel for a shuttle, so the driver picked me up. It costs 35€. He told me recently thanks to many tourists arrival in Split, Taxi fare raised up so much, so if I did not ask the hotel for a shuttle then take a random taxi, it costs 70€🙄🙄 So don’t forget to ask your hotel to have a shuttle, you can save your budget. and from the airport to the center of the city, there is only one road, so better go to the restroom before you leave the airport.

I didn’t know about Trogir on the first day, because in the first place, I wanted to go to Dubrovnik, so I didn’t research Split, but Trogir is near the airport. When you arrive in Split in the morning, it might be good to ask the driver to take you to Trogir directly before you go to the center of the city. ( I didn’t know Trogir is near the airport, so I went there the third day. I will mention later 😉)

Day 1

On the first day, I stayed in the center of the city. I stayed kind of cottage. 1 night was 60€, 4 stars hotel. if you are curious, you can have a look here

Entire Split is like a maze, so it’s hard to find a hotel on the first day.

Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020

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When I go to the center of the city, many shops say they can not accept Euro €, so exchange to Croatian Currency before arrival. ( if you still don’t have Revolut, I recommend this online banking😎)

Almost all tourist places are located in the center of the city, so we can visit easily.

Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020 Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020 Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020 Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020

Just behind Diocletian’s palace, there is a ticket office, you can buy a combination ticket including to visit the tower and the museum. The view from the tower was awesome😍 you can see the beautiful Adrian sea.

What I was surprised, despite the covid-19 situation, there were thousands of tourists, and many tourists were French speakers, so I felt as if I am in my place😂 (even some restaurants menus were written in French😂)

Around Diocletian’s palace, there were many local markets, where you can enjoy shopping. If you visit Split in the summer, you don’t need to bring your bikini from home. Because they sell nice design’s bikini with a good deal💖I bought one for 15€💖

Day 2

On the second day, I went to Trogir. This place is a UNESCO world heritage, so you should go😍 It takes 40 mins by bus from Split to Trogir. The bus station is near the ferry port. The bus operates quite often, like every 20-30mins.


Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020 Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020

The entire city of Trogir is like that as if it’s a maze. Small shops and restaurants are gathered, and I enjoyed shopping.

Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020

I went to Trogir Tower to get an entire view of Trogir.

Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020 Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020

You can have a splendid view of the Adrian sea. On the top of the tower, the wind is quite strong, so please take care:)  I think a half-day is enough for Trogir. You can chill out there.

Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020

My third day in Split was great 🙂 Next time, I would like to visit Dubrovnik where I wanted to visit, and Zagreb 🙂 My next post is going to be about Milan and Ticino ( Swiss Italian part), see you soon💖💖

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2 Replies to “Split, Trogir, Croatia Travel August 2020”

  1. Great and honest post! Perhaps if you visit Croatia again you’d go more North on the Adriatic. Dubrovnik is probably most expensive and in my experience with not many nice beaches. Island Rab for example beside the old town, also has a big choice of sandy beaches and prices are at least 2 times lower.

    1. Rix Rix says:

      oh thank you so much your advice:) year I was super shocked the price of Split…tbh it’s not so difference Italy or France..lol I gonna check out about Rab island!!

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