Why Nessebar

  • cosy old town with small alleys
  • restaurants with a gigantic view of the sea
  • explore the outback with a jeep safari
  • sun on the sandy sunny beach
  • low-cost travelling
Bulgaria is not only a party capital and sandy beach, but can also be very diverse, cultural and adventurous. This is proven by the charming coastal town of Nessebar and the Bulgarian outback! But see for yourself!
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The small Bulgarian town of Nessebar is considered one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria and is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is situated on a small idyllic peninsula in the south of the sunny beach, from which you have a wonderful view over the entire coast of the Black Sea. Therefore many restaurants offer you the possibility to have a refreshing drink on their sun terrace and enjoy the view – holiday feeling guaranteed! 🏝

Walk through the city 🚶

Starting from the sunny beach you can reach Nesebar on foot within minutes. You walk directly along the coast and can enjoy every step. Alternatively, you can take the bus that runs between Nesebar and the sunny beach, or rent a bike and cycle along the promenade. 🚲

At the beginning of the isthmus you are welcomed by an old wooden windmill. Afterwards you reach the city via the dam. Along the ruins of the ancient fortress walls you walk straight through the city gate with its two mighty towers.

Historical walls, lovingly built cottages on the cliffs and pretty alleys characterize the townscape, so that we immediately felt at home in this cosy town. 🏡 On the main square, there is for example the Pantokrator Church with its different colored bricks and very nice decorations. In general, you will find many churches and chapels with richly decorated facades and flower decorations during your walk through the city. 🌺 I especially liked the Metropolitan Church, a big ruin of which only the outer walls are left. ⛪

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The rebirth houses from the 18th century are also characteristic for Nesebar. These have a stone ground floor, which was formerly used as a storeroom, with wooden floors rising above it. These were used as living space.

Don’t forget to make a stop at the old harbor with its small fishing boats, this should not be missed. ⛵

Hungry? You best sit down in one of the small restaurants directly at the sea. Let’s have a barbecue! Especially popular are (who would have thought it:) fish dishes and very rich meat platters. 🍖 But don’t worry: even as a vegetarian you will get your money’s worth. Grilled vegetables and homemade flat breads will make you happy. 🌮In addition, the Bulgarian salad Chopska should not be missing. I often prepare it in summer because it is so delicious. By the way: the costs for a restaurant visit are really cheap compared to European prices. 🤑

Relaxation and party on the sunny beach 🏖

Not far from the charming peninsula there is the 8km long sunny beach, which is considered a tourist centre, especially in the high season. Originally, the beach was relatively undiscovered, as everyone came to the golden beach located in the north. But meanwhile, the sunny beach is also a popular holiday resort for families and party people. 🎉 In contrast to the charming and quiet old town in Nessebar, the sunny beach is full of life and above all full of hotels. The contrast could hardly be greater! 😁

I recommend a trip in the low season, for example in May. 🌤 We already had warm 25°C at this time of the year, the beach was not overcrowded yet and still there was something going on, the shops were open. If there is still too much hustle and bustle on the beach, you can easily hide and seal yourself off in the sand dunes.

Let’s go to the outback 🌳

In the alleys of Nesebar and near the sunny beach, you will find many tour operators offering varied and affordable tours. So we decided to join an evening trip to the Bulgarian village and a jeep safari – a little bit of adventure should not be missing in any holiday! 😎

To a typical Bulgarian evening belong: traditional Bulgarian folk songs, dances (attention: during the fire dance it gets especially hot 🔥😁) and a folklore program.💃 In addition there is a delicious dinner from the grill and wine from barrels, not to forget the home-made welcome drink.🍷 We also had the opportunity to explore the beautiful courtyard a little and enjoy the sunset.

Want more action? 😏 Then a Jeep Safari is just the right thing for you! 🚘 A safari into the nature of Bulgaria is just extremely fun! We crossed riverbeds, made panoramic breaks at great viewpoints and could prove ourselves shooting cans. 🌿

Nesebar Summary 🌸

If you are looking for a relaxing sunny spot on the coast and would like to make some interesting excursions, Nesebar and the sunny beach are great choices. By the way, the price/performance ratio in Bulgaria is always great. 👍

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