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Indonesia with its thousands of small and larger islands is always worth a trip. This time I visit a region that is actually called a thousand islands – Pulau Harapan. There are countless destinations if you want to explore islands in Indonesia. There is no denying that you will need a lot of time if you actually plan to see most of these islands. There are also many different languages spoken on the various islands.

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Is this region worth visiting?

In my opinion, the islands awaken in you the feeling of exploring and discovering a small uninhabited paradise. It is unique to marvel at the beauty of the sea with its corals and other marine life. Most often you will see marine ornamental fishes and the extraordinary marine biota.

How to get to this island?

You go from Jakarta to Kaliadem port, muara angke. The ship leaves at 8 am – I really recommend you to be there on time. It’s also a nice place to spend a few minutes looking at the ships and looking forward to your crossing to the island. Around 11 o’clock you will arrive on the island. I stayed there for 2 days. Therefore I hurried to use every second 😊
The first island I visited was Bald Tiger Island. There I swam a little bit in the sea. After that, I went to Tile island. There you can snorkel very well – I did it myself 2 times. Now it went to the Dolphin Island. Here you can have a lot of fun with several water activities. We went banana boat and drank from coconuts. At the end of the day, we went to the Island of Hope. I really enjoyed this day.

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At night I was fast asleep and didn’t notice that my friends went out again. All the playing in the sea was very exhausting. Plus snorkeling in the open sea with the waves. It was still a beautiful day and in the evening you could enjoy the great view of the sea on the Island of Hope. A breathtaking sunset that shows you the beauty of Indonesia.

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The next day I went on to Silver Island. I could not visit many other islands, because I had to go home again at 12 noon. Therefore there was no time and impressions for snorkeling in the open sea today. But the landscape on Perak Island is also beautiful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the turtle farm either, because I woke up late. After some time on the island, I went to the round island again. this round island is actually uninhabited and still like a forest. Many richer people come to this island. It has a golf course and is also overgrown with untreated plants. It is also said that there may be more construction there in the future. If so, it will most likely be expensive villas.


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After I came from there, I went straight to Jakarta. I really like sitting in the front… unfortunately I forgot the sunscreen which is why my face got very charred and peeled – but what can I say? That’s the risk of people who like to go to the beach without careful preparation. This trip and the region are definitely beautiful and words cannot describe it. I recommend you to see it yourself with your own eyes!

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3 Replies to “Sunset over the sea”

  1. Tristan Tristan says:

    Wow so many paradise Islands in one place <3 Added it to my Asia/Indonesia Bucketlist 😛

    1. la.ciel la.ciel says:

      if u come here so many place spend maybe 4 years in Indonesia, so many places that I have not mentioned here

    2. la.ciel la.ciel says:

      Indonesia has many islands, which are declared valid and have been checked there are 17,162 islands and there are 229 still to be explored, you can explore 14 major islands or to 34 provinces

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