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  • Spiaggia del Prigioniero
  • Spiaggia La Rinascente
  • Spiaggia Le Batterie
  • Spiaggia del Porto
  • Spiaggia il Carrubo
What are the most beautiful beaches in San Felice Circeo, as well as the most comfortable and least crowded coves and cliffs for swimming in Circeo?
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Spiaggia del Prigioniero

The only way to get to the Prigioniero beach is by boat. It’s a wider cove with stunning water and a lovely two-story cave than the others. The cave is equipped with a small table, as well as installations constructed of wood and other materials brought in by storm surges. It can be reached by paddling with your own canoes. The cove is not very far from the dock on Lake Paola and even less experienced kayakers can reach it.


Spiaggia La Rinascente

La Rinascente is a prominent diving reef with a nice esplanade where you can stretch out your beach towel and quickly get wet. The water is clear, like if it were in a swimming pool. On summertime weekends, it can get a little crowded (but never too packed).


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Spiaggia Le Batterie

The Batteries are quite similar to the Rinascente, except that there are two natural coves instead of a concrete esplanade. The pebbles are huge, and locals build a wooden hut to protect themselves from the sun in the summer. Park on Via del Faro near the Hotel Punta Rossa. Continue on foot for a few meters on the private road and go down to the first descent on the left. Going straight on you arrive at the Batterie and at the end on the right to the cove.


Spiaggia del Porto

On weekends in July and August, Porto beach is modest and generally busy. The water is pure and emerald in hue, despite its proximity to the harbor. With the mountain and Torre Fico on the spur, the scene is captivating. Due to fallen boulders, a section of the beach was recently closed, however, there is still a free stretch of sand. It is rumored that due to the Coronavirus emergency, given the small size of this beach, it will probably be closed to the public. In reality, everything has yet to be established, depending on the trend of infections and decisions at a national and regional level.

Spiaggia il Carrubo

Il Carrubo is a private bathing facility located on the Domenico Maiolati stretch of coastline, where the water is clearer than on Viale Europa and the backdrop is the most attractive. There are mostly beaches in this area, but there are also some nice free beach lengths that are suitable for youngsters. There are fees associated with parking.



Spiaggia di Torre Paola

The beach at Torre Paola is in the Sabaudia municipality, while the nearest section to Monte Circeo is a few kilometers away in San Felice Circeo. The coastal dunes separate the sea from the lake, making it the area’s wildest beach.

Spiaggia di Torre Olevola

Torre Olevola is the final of San Felice Circeo’s seaside towers on its way to Terracina. The beach is narrow and surrounded by breakers. The advantage is that there is a large paid parking lot not far from the coast and that even on weekends in August, walking towards Terracina, you will meet beaches with few people.


Spiaggia La Bussola

The sea near Torre Vittoria is one of the clearest, and the frame, as seen from the water, is breathtaking. There are small swaths of free beach and lidos. La Bussola is a historic beach that dates back to the 1960s and was one of the earliest in the area. We like Lisa’s, which is a little further down the road and is more peaceful and outdated.

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