Why Cape Town

  • Beautiful location
  • Nature walk
  • Breath taking views
  • penguins
Today we wanted to take you all the way towards the end point of Cape Town but just before that let’s go all the way to See penguins 🐧. Yes you heard it right. 
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Hey guys, hope you all are doing good. We are back to continue our trip to South Africa together with you all. This blog is gonna be about some of the other hotshot destinations in Cape Town. 

In the previous blog, we spoke about the very beautiful Chapman’s peak and a really fun ride to seal watching. Post Creator

There is one beautiful location kind of a beach famous for penguins. We definitely can’t go and touch them or disturb them, but watching them running around, taking bath in the sea 🌊 and enjoying is worth your experience. 

The next morning we had our breakfast at a local restaurant nearby and then headed over to Boulder’s Beach. This beautiful beach is located at a distance of around 42 kilometers from the city of Cape Town. It took us around an hour to reach the beach. 

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In order to reach The Boulders beach 🏖, you can take a:

Train 🚂 : take a train from Cape Town station to Simon’s Town and enjoy a beautiful ride. After you get down you can either choose to take a walk from the Town or can simply take a cab 🚕 to the beach.

Bus: these buses are basically tourist buses which are kind of hop on and hop off. So they take you around Cape Town and take you directly to the beach 🏝 where you get to spend time and then get back at a fix time.

By Car 🚗: take a cab directly from your stay home or hotel and they drop you off directly at the Beach.

We decided to visit the beach and then head back to our hotel. Either way, you can choose to stay close to the beach as they have various beautiful beach houses, restaurants and lodges. 

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  • Boulders beach lodge and Restaurant.
  • Aha Simon’s Town Quayside Hotel
  • Beach house 🏡


You can actually have a really great 😊 time at this beautiful beach. The ride is also soo amazing 🤩. With such beautiful scenery and beach 🏖, it’s just gorgeous.  You can plan a nice holiday and enjoy some family time here. 

Enjoy watersports 😇

You can get to enjoy nice water sports activities like surfing 🏄🏻‍♀️, swimming 🏊‍♂️ if you reach here at early hours. Lots of providers are available at the beach to take you through the entire process and let you relax and have amazing memories. 

Enjoy a lovely Sunbath 🌞 

If you plan to not have any sports activities, just take a timeout and sit back relax and enjoy some nice time with the sun and water. Have a nice sunbath and soak into the sun lying down at the beach. 

Scuba diving 🤿 

They have a lot of spots and service providers to help you learn scuba and then after the learning experience they take you down the water 💦 and have a nice tour of the aqua life. 

Enjoy with the penguins 🐧 

Just go and enjoy a very close view of the penguins 🐧. You can even swim at the beach but the only thing is any harm to the penguins is not permitted. You are not allowed to touch them, feed them or disturb them. 

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A bit about Boulder’s Beach 🏖 

This is a very private kind of sheltered beach 🏖 located near Simon’s Town. You can take a walk down the town to reach the beach. This is also known as Boulder’s Bay. Located in the Cape peninsula in the Western Cape province of South Africa. 

One of the most visited places here to enjoy a sunkissed day and have a quality time with the penguins 🐧. A colony of African penguins came here and got settled in around 1982. Since then, are being taken care of here and are left disturbed. As these penguins are at an extent of extinction, they are now under the control of Cape Nature Conversation. 


  • sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Umbrella: as it rains sometimes unexpectedly
  • Comfy clothes
  • Do carry some winter wears


  • Alcohol is not served at the beach
  • Smoking 🚬 not permitted
  • Feeding the penguins is not permitted
  • Only limited parking slots are available
  • No take away zone: so can’t carry anything off the beach

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It was a really nice beautiful day. We thoroughly enjoyed the sunkissed day at the beach. Watching the penguins 🐧 run through the beach, swim 🏊‍♂️ and play was so beautiful. We played with them from a faraway distance. 

After a beautiful day, we headed over to our hotel in the evening. In the evening we headed over to a nearby local market to walk through and even enjoyed some street shopping. 

If you happen to be in Cape Town, do visit these penguins 🐧. 

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Thank you for reading us. We will be back soon. 

With lots of love 


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