The Colourful Copenhagen

The Colourful Copenhagen
Copenhagen is a very tiny town in Denmark

The first day we arrived Copenhagen is almost mid-night. We booked an Air-BnB for our 3 days trip. We took a train from the airport to the city centre, took around 25 minutes to go. However, we got trouble in buying train tickets. It drove us crazy because the owner of Air-BnB told us to get there faster. We finally took a taxi as we really couldn’t handle the ticket machine, it took us a lot of time.

Transportation In Copenhagen

I would like to talk about the transports in Copenhagen. it may take time for visitors who don’t know anything. The main transportation in Copenhagen will be metro, bus and train, or you may simply rent a share bike which is very hit nowadays. Always buy a ticket before boarding the train or metro. You can also buy your ticket in ticket machines, which only accept Danish cash and the credit cards, or 7-Eleven kiosks at the train and metro stations.

For Danish Cash, you need to be aware that some of the metro and train stations only accept coins which is annoying. I tried a few times and need to go back to a supermarket or convenience store to trace the money into coins.

For Credit Card, I tried once at the airport ticket machine, you need to know the PIN Number of your card before using it. As we checked Copenhagen is a city that can mostly use a credit card instead of cash so we didn’t exchange our money before flying there. However, we got it wrong. Cash is really needed if your credit card is a malfunction or you can simply pay cash on the bus, they only accept cash!!

The most I recommend you to use will be the *Copenhagen card. This is a card, especially for tourists. Do not hesitate to get a Copenhagen Card. This card includes public transport and various attractions and museums in Copenhagen. Choose a card depending on how many days you stay in Copenhagen. Some attractions are included in the card with free entry. For public transport, no need to worry about traffic zones and ticket prices. You get unlimited travel on trains, buses and metro throughout the entire city region.

Check it out and you can simply order a card online here.👇

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One of the tourist’s spots you can’t be missed, Nyhavn. It is an iconic attraction in Copenhagen. Previously, Nyhavn was a busy commercial port for ships parking from all over the world. Today, several beautiful old houses along the river have been renovated. Restaurants settled along with the old port. Nyhavn is now for people to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere by the canal with jazz music and great food. Our hostel located near this port. The first day we arrived Nyhavn was a cloudy day and windy which we don’t want to stay for a long time. We took a photo with the “Nyhavn” sign then leave.

The Colourful Copenhagen

I can say there was countless change in the weather. The second day we reached the port, that blue sky I could never forget. My travel feeling was backed and we were surrounded by the joyful atmosphere. Many people were seating outdoor to enjoy the sunshine. We grabbed a GELATO under this cold nice weather!!

The Little Mermaid is also a signature attraction in Copenhagen. The sculpture is made of bronze and granite and was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about a mermaid who gives up everything to be with a young, handsome prince on land. It was located at Langelinie which needs to take a train to get to this wide space ground. Just be patient, there will be a long queue to wait for photo taking. Should a famous Mermaid.

Another famous tourists sport, Kastellet. It is one of the best-preserved fortresses in Northern Europe. There are several historical buildings and refreshable space in the Kastellet area. The Citadel has two gates, King’s Gate was on the south side, facing the city. The Norway Gate on the north side. They are both built in the Dutch Baroque style and are on their interior side flanked by guardhouses. You should walk across this gate before getting in. The Citadel was presented in a star-shaped fortress, a wide green space area. It looks wonderful and you can’t imagine it is for military use.

The Colourful Copenhagen

The Commander’s House is a must that you need to visit. It served as the residence of the commander of Kastellet. It was sharped building in yellow with white detailing and it consists of two floors under a red tile roof. You will easily reach this by walking across The Row. These are a six two-storey terraces as barracks for the soldiers based at the Citadel. These buildings inside the Citadel and now use as military barracks and offices. However, the green area is opened to the public for jogging and sightseeing. We jogged here for half day as it was so wide.

The next day, we discovered this fascinating city centre. The most recommended spot in Copenhagen, Christiania. Freetown Christiania looks different from the other neighbourhoods around Copenhagen. A group of hippies form their own space with written and unwritten rules.

What is Freetown?

An amazing Freetown in Denmark. It is not controlled by Europe law. The moment you stepped into Freetown, you are not a European citizen or visiting Europe, just Freetown. Everyone inside was free, drinking alcohol from dusk till dawn. You may think, will it be so dangerous to going in as there is no law and rules. As you see, I can come back to write this blog to share this for you. Just be relaxed and admire this beautiful ART.

Freetown Christiania is located in the Christianshavn area and you can get there by metro, bus or bike. Cars are not allowed in this area, so don’t drive here. Christiania was well-known for many years as there are some stores along Pusher Street selling all types of cannabis — The Green Light District.

The Colourful Copenhagen

Something you need to know before getting in Freetown

Do not take photos in Pusher Street — There is a sign that standing at Christiania’s entrance. Warning people that, ‘Taking photos is forbidden because buying and selling hash is still illegal.” Remember to keep your camera down or put in your bag while you are passing through.

Do not take photos of locals without their permission — Just respect each other

Do not run — there is a sign at the entrance, ‘running causes panic’. Freetown Christiania is a peaceful place and you have nothing to worry about while you walking. Just keep you pace slow.

Do not buy — Due to the shot in Christiania in August 2016, residents tried to stop the cannabis trade and Pusher street was almost empty for few months. Buying Cannabis is still illegal now in Freetown.

-Get in the "Freetown", Enjoy your "FreeTime"-

The Colourful Copenhagen

The next station I would like to recommend to you, The Tivoli Garden. This is an amusement park in Copenhagen and is a must for all visitors to go. Tivoli is located just a few minutes walk from City Hall and the Copenhagen Central Station. Convenient and easy to go.

Halloween and Christmas are both big festival for them. As we were travelled during Halloween, Tivoli Gardens was transformed into an enchanted Halloween universe full of witches, pumpkins, and lanterns. It upgraded the atmosphere for the entire park. I bought a ticket which included playing all the games while my friend bought an entry ticket (without playing any games). We walked around the park and she watched me playing those roller coasters. The games are not that exciting as I thought, that’s why this is a park for all ages. I also made a friend with a German girl while playing games as we were in the same car. It was fate.

-Come and feel the atmosphere, enjoy the kid garden-

The Colourful Copenhagen

The Round Tower is a must attraction spot for visitors. It is part of the Trinity Church and the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. It was built as a platform for the university observatory. Walking halfway up to this tower, you will find the old Library Hall. It previously kept the entire book collection of the university and now becomes a hall which serves the framework for exhibitions of art, culture, history and science. There is a platform of the tower on the top which has a great 360 degrees city view centred by the observatory. Don’t forget to walk to the top!!

-Buy your ticket when you arrived or use Copenhagen Card here for free-

Near the Round Tower, you should also go visit the King’s Garden. It is the oldest and most visited park in central Copenhagen. The park also has several historical buildings, including Rosenborg Barracks, home to the Royal Guards, as well as some statues and monuments. The park is free opened for public. You can just seat and spend a half-day here. Of course, there are several museums you can visit, just noted that some of them need to buy a ticket for visiting.
The Colourful Copenhagen
Tips – Grab a HOTDOG at Booths on the Street. Surprise there`

Looking forward to the next trip…

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