The Devil’s Spine


In this post I will share the only photographs I could recover wishing you serve and generate desire to know, definitely a place to which every fearless must have respect.

miles behind…

that occasion there was rain and we almost suffered an accident we must thank the good reflexes.


is located just at kilometre 168, It is difficult to find gas stations and places to eat or buy. In the village of Palmito you can find gasoline, but at a higher price.

I recommend you to visit between November and April. At this time, both the rains and the intense summer heat are avoided.

The Devil’s Spine


reason for its name…😯

The inhabitants and some tourists assure that among the silhouettes of the mountain range can be located the shadows of three friars and in the evening the figure of the devil.

(I dont see anything👀).

The Devil’s Spine


Do you find yourself reading this little post? , then you are a daring, passionate nature and above all adrenaline!…

The Devil’s Spine

Who could imagine this place, full of emotion from the beginning of the road, full of ravines, abysses, precipices, incredible mountains.

The Devil’s Spine


one of the most dangerous roads in Latin America

road Matamoros Mazatlan

That’s how it is… You’ll find your worst car nightmare because you’ll be right on a mountain road full of scary curves, out of nowhere, on a hanging base (its not true)😆.

Just to remember I want to go back!




Just mind blowing!!!!

In winter, the roads are only full of fog and you can not appreciate the landscapes, but it is impressive to be so close to the clouds, this environment can generate stress… You really don’t know if there are huge rocks about to fall… there are many collapses in this period, be careful!.


This exciting and narrow stretch is in the most important mountain range in the country, Sierra Madre, and runs entirely at more than 2,000 meters high.

it is recommended to drive with special caution. And if you cross the road, do not forget the viewpoint of Buenos Aires, about 5 kilometers on the west side, before reaching El Espinazo del Diablo, is the highest point of the route and the views of Sierra Madre are spectacular.


set of vertical and spiked rocks

This whole stretch is the devil’s backbone, it’s called that because the rocks look like an animal’s back

is the final stage of the Pan-American Race, and is considered the most difficult part. adventurers motorcyclists frequent this route.

The Devil’s Spine

The legend is:

In the beginning of time, the world was covered by darkness, the water of the seas covered everything, there was no life and evil dominated the land.

God decided to cleanse the earth to put man, animals and plants. But the devil resisted eviction, so for 52 years the Devil and the Archangel Michael fought for possession of the land…the archangel Michael plunged his sword into the heart of the Devil, who mortally wounded bald his head in the mud and left his back uncovered to become stone over the centuries.

In the place where Miguel leaned his foot to give the mortal stole, a friar found the print of his sandal and filled it with crosses to sanctify it and give it the name that currently has, San Miguel de Cruces (Durango).

I don’t know what to say about it with this legend😅


The view from a distance: I was only joking in reality the road is on solid ground and you will not find yourself under a sheet of glass or wood.

The Devil’s Spine



it is inevitable to feel your legs tremble when you pass by the stretch near these rocks that appear to be too fragile.

The times I have visited upset me to say me that at any moment some piece of rock can fall and crush us.

The Devil’s Spine


amazing photographs you can take in each section and everything you see by the heights, have fun!

The Devil’s Spine

Did you know you’d find owls?

It’s hard to capture owls in photographs, but you’ll be lucky to find some lurking around the area, they’re beautiful.


You can find snakes, coyotes, different types of birds, the mountain lion, squirrels, skunks, bats, armadillos, and the rarest to see are pumas, white-tailed deer among many more, but you can rarely see all kinds of wildlife.

The Devil’s Spine


the Sierra Madre Occidental had more than seven thousand species of plants: has large mixed forests of pine-oak, pines and oaks and oyamel but the immoderate logging of the last 120 years has significantly deteriorated the ecosystem.

The Devil’s Spine


Don’t forget to share your experience if you visit this extreme and wonderful place🙂🤗

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