Why Iceland

  • Amazing Landscape in the World
  • Completely different between Winter and Summer
  • Learn to be Downshifting
  • Get Refresh
  • Love Nature
You should have a trip in Iceland at least once during your life.
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Intro Background

This is our first time stepped into Europe, an 5 days trip to Iceland. Before landing in Iceland, we had been to Berlin, Copenhagen, and Finland. The landscape in Iceland such a masterpiece. We were blown by this amazing city.

The Most Impressive Europe

Landing to Iceland

We were excited since on the flight from Finland to Iceland. This is the highlight of our whole trip. If I have a longer annual leave, I swear I will stay here as long as I can. Base on the fact that we both do not have an international driving license, we can just book the local tour for sightseeing. If you can do it, lend a car for an Iceland trip. This is more convenient for you to visit the whole city. Plan your own trip!!

At the first stop, we follow the tour guide to Seljalandsfoss which is one of the famous waterfalls in Iceland. We walked behind the falls into a small cave. The water from the falls will make you wet. Your body will become cold and wet but you won’t regret it after walking through the falls. It is spectacular.

The Most Impressive Europe

The tour guide kept driving us to the south, Reynisfjara Beach⁩, ⁨Mýrdalshreppur⁩. This is a famous black sand beach. One of the most beautiful non-tropical beaches in the world. This is our first time to see a black sand beach. We jumped, we run, we climbed just like a 6 years old child. This is the nature we love. We grab a simple lunch with hot soup in the visitor center. You can enjoy the 180 views of the black sand beach inside the restaurant.

As local Hong Kong people, we are fast and working day by day. Living in a concrete jungle. Most of us are already forgot what is fresh air and rest.

The Most Impressive Europe The Most Impressive Europe

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The next day we were going to move east, ‎⁨Jökulsárlón⁩, ⁨Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður⁩ which is a Glacier Lagoon.  We took a boat to the center of the lagoon. it was so exciting to watch the glacier that close. Unfortunately, Nov is not the perfect season to visit glaciers. They are not growing much in Nov. If you are strong enough to visit Iceland in winter, this lagoon is a must to visit. It should be incredible. The tour guide talked much about the glacier and the history of this lagoon. However, I was attracted by the awesome view, cannot focus on what he is talking about. I just remembered he had given a piece of ice to us and he told us to eat it. This is insane to eat ice in the weather of 4-degree Celsius and rain. What an unforgettable experience.

The Most Impressive EuropeThe Most Impressive Europe

In Eastern Iceland, ‎⁨there is a Skeioara broken Bridge at Skeioarasandur. It was the most important obstacle in the construction of Iceland. It is broken down by volcanic heat and glacial floods. Now become an Icelandic art, Monument. Our tour guide said that this is one of his favorite. I fully understand what he feels. This art told you the power of nature.

At the same place, grass and ice can appear together. Warning us, step into the grass is not allowed. It took a long time to grow by repeating volcanic eruptions.

The Most Impressive EuropeThe Most Impressive Europe

Remember to visit an ice cave in Iceland. you will understand why Iceland also named ‘Fire and Ice’. At the same site, took a car from land to ice. That was a magic time. However, the ice cave that I have visited is smaller than I thought. If you are interested to visit an ice cave in Iceland, Blue Ice Cave is your choice!!

The Most Impressive Europe

Golden Circle is one of the famous tourist places in Iceland you should go to. The three stops on the route are the Pingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss waterfall, and the geothermal area. The Geysir geothermal continues to erupt every 5–10 minutes. It was awesome!!


I and my friend standing beside the geothermal area wait for the eruption. I remember the hard time that we waiting for it. For the sake of capturing the explosive time. Kept holding my hands in the air without the gloves, ready for shooting the moment. BUT WORTH IT!!!

At the top of the Gullfoss waterfall, we were almost freezing. I think it was the first time to exist in an area with 4 degrees celsius. I can’t really feel my hands when I was taking pictures. In Nov, the waterfall is still flowing with water. I can’t imagine how cold is it in the real winter.

The Most Impressive EuropeThe Most Impressive Europe

We visited Blue Lagoon on the last day. This is a famous artificial hot spring in Iceland. It was really big and comfortable. It provides a bar in the spa for you, one free drink is included in the entrance fee. SO CHILL to drink a beer while enjoying the hot spring. You can also try a free Silica mud mask. It was so funny to see everyone wearing white color face in the hot spring.

By the way, if you are more prefer a natural hot spring, there is another one called Secret lagoon. It is located in the small village of Flúði, also situated on the Golden Circle route.

The Most Impressive Europe


We love this place so much. If there is a chance, I would like to visit Iceland in the summer. Another magic is waiting for me to explore.

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