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I like living in Indonesia, especially since Indonesia has many islands. Now I want to tell my story when you are in the Bandung area to be precise in Ranca Upas where there is a deer breeding ground and also you can stay there. I mean not staying in a luxury hotel but you can camp there with a beautiful view. This is also a great destination if you love to take photos. You will get great pictures here.

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This is my vacation with my friends and we are only 3 women and 2 men, we built a tent and the heart is a shame for ya Even though it was helped by my friends but it didn’t matter to me

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I did this trip with friends, we departed from Jakarta to Ranca Upas in the morning and arrived at Ranca Upas around the afternoon

When we arrived we were also building tents. We feel hungry so we prepare food, don’t forget to bring a portable stove when camping, because it will help you make food. Relax for Indonesians, this is the easiest way to eat Indomie.

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Day 1

Anyway, 1 day was a tiring day because after we had tidied everything we were confused about where to go. Because of this confusion, we went to the front shop to drink a cup of coffee, drink tea, and eat a snack. We noticed that some other people were preparing a campfire. I and friends had an idea to make a bonfire tonight and got very excited about it… but damn it rained at night so only a little campfire for us 🙁

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Day 2

The next day my friends and I woke up early because we wanted to see the sunrise (we heard it should be amazing), we did a lot of photo sessions and it turned out that there were also lots of photos for prawedding there. I wasn’t for prawedding but to improve photos in my gallery with my friends. It turns out that if you go deeper into the tents there and I also see that a family is camping so it’s recommended to camp there why not

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Since we were only one day, I’m not sure if I took a shower at that time but after finishing the photo, we went to the deer farm there. You can make great photos here too. If you ask me if they are tame or not I don’t know. I just tried to use my hands to get away from the deer antlers

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After I finished camping, I went down to the base camp and put all the equipment in our car to the white crater. Yes, in the white crater we also took special photos, not because I had been to the white crater often but it was a long time ago and the white crater changed for me

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After coming back from Kawah Putih we decided to go straight home. It was the best day for me, because I slept in the grass where I was camping for the first time and I woke up in a tent.

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