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The whole city was cheerful as it was Christmas eve and I was waiting to go to the Vatican to see the pope deliver the mass. Now, this is where I experienced one of the best moments of my life. I reached Vatican city pretty early and parked my scooter close to the church and kept staring at St. Peter’s Basilica. It was so huge and how it felt ironic too since there I was, looking at the world’s largest church in the world’s smallest country. I was not sure and neither was I aware of how to get into the church. I just saw a long line and thought it was the queue for entering the church. Something did not feel right as there were only a handful of people in this line and I was confused. After talking to a police lady in the uniform I understood that you need to have a pass to get in through that queue. I asked her where could I get the pass, she smiled at me and told me to go to the cafe she pointed at. I ran to the cafe and asked for a pass, the lady at the counter just gave it to me. I took out my purse to pay for it and she tells me that it is for free because a couple who had the pass had to leave due to an emergency.

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Now I come and stand in the line thinking to myself, that was easy. It was a long line to the church and I had to kill time, so you strike up a conversation with a random stranger from Norway. We got talking and I told her about how I got my pass. She did seem extremely surprised since it is a process that takes 6 months to get a pass for the mass for Christmas. Well, you need to apply online and to get the reply, it takes a month and this certainly is a lottery. People go crazy all over the world just to be a part of mass within the church and I couldn’t believe my stars when she told that it was one of the most hot-selling tickets in Rome during that period. I felt so happy and was glad I met her as there was no chance I’d have known about this otherwise.

Finally, I entered the church and words would do no justice because it was breathtakingly beautiful and there came Pope Francis. I did manage to capture a video of the grand entry! Watch below (sorry but I somehow lost the sound)!


He delivered the mass as we all basked in the spirit holiness. And then he leaves after spreading glory to the entire world!

After having one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, I walked out of the church with a feeling of accomplishment. The moment hadn’t passed for me as I was so lost. I sat down for a while, bought some souvenirs for myself and took off to return my scooter.

My trip did end there but I did take back a huge chunk of memories. Every time the topic of Rome or The Vatican comes up, it makes me feel nostalgic. I hope to visit Rome again someday. Ciao Ciao Roma!!

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