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The Staycation Collection

Hi, I’m Emily, a British travel writer and the founder of The Staycation Collection, currently based in Berlin. Lovely to meet you all virtually! Question 1: Why do you support a travel community? Travel is such a powerful thing for so many reasons: it helps people unwind, gives joy, supports many people’s livelihoods, is a […]

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Auto Draft

Why do you support a travel community? Traveling is much more fun in a group and sharing beautiful moments in a community creates new wonderful experiences and friendships. Mostly our crews meet each other at the yacht for the first time and it is always amazing to see how quickly strangers become a dream team […]

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Why do you support a travel community? Well, that’s an easy question because for us at Fairbnb.coop communities are EVERYTHING! Many people and also companies have forgotten about the power that lays within the joint effort of people and the beauty of creating something together. When scrolling through the Traxplorio platform it is amazing to see what […]

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Tell Your Trail

  Question 1: Why do you support a travel community? For as long as we remember we have been attracted to traveling and exploring as many different Countries & cultures as possible. As we are both so passionate about traveling it is an amazing opportunity to connect with and support those who want to travel as well.   […]

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Rent and Travel

Question 1: Why do you support a travel community? We think it’s great to be a partner of a platform that presents the most diverse forms of vacation, which supports and enriches one’s own travel planning through the personal experiences of the bloggers. Authentic reports with useful tips offer real added value for readers. In […]

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EF Education First

    Question 1: Why do you support a travel community? Every trip is a unique and personal experience that stays vivid when shared. As a tour operator, we know particularly well how customers gather information before a trip, and that reading or listening to authentic experiences is very important. They often are crucial for […]

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Question 1: Why do you support a travel community? Travel broadens our horizons and breaks down prejudices. No matter how a country is politically inclined or what attitudes are conveyed in the media, in the end, it is always about the local people. This is what makes the experience of a journey. And the people […]

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Traxplorio Team

Question 1: Why do you support a travel community? Because it is only through you that our travels will become unforgettable experiences! Of course, there are breathtaking landscapes and amazing architectural masterpieces in this world … But let’s be honest, the real adventure only begins when something doesn’t go as planned! 😀 And that’s mostly […]

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