Why Mostar

  • I just fell in love with the overwhelming hospitality!
  • Great destination for traveling on a budget.
  • Kravice Waterfall!
  • Mostar, one of my favorite cities!
  • The amazing food!
We only stayed here for one night. It was a very good idea to stop in Mostar during our road-trip! The only mistake was not to stay here any longer :(
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Road to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The stopover in Bosnia and Herzegovina was planned relatively spontaneously and was not associated with any expectations. But I wouldn’t miss this stop for the world.

You can find a few tips and hints for our road trip planning at the beginning of my Croatia post.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tip 1: If you want to visit several countries as we did. When booking a rental car, you should make sure that you can cross the border for an extra charge (we had a one-time fee of 60€). You will also need an insurance policy when crossing the border. Both are possible with many providers. πŸ™‚

We were attracted mainly by the Kravice Waterfall and the beautiful old town of Mostar! On Instagram, we got some great tips that we added to our route.

The unexpected love! The unexpected love!

Our first border crossing should remain in our memory πŸ˜€ In Croatia there are several toll roads. To avoid paying unnecessary fees, I used maps.me (a free offline navigation app) to find a route to a border crossing – this app, by the way, should remain in our memory as well and generate some (so-called) typical maps.me moments in the future. πŸ˜€ Arriving at a small border crossing with an open barrier in both directions, we slowly approached and wanted to show our IDs and papers. The friendly officer initially showed no interest in us and indicated with his hand that we should just drive through. When we looked at each other quite confused and started speaking in German, the barrier closed relatively fast. Now we were referred to another border crossing with the help of sign language πŸ˜€ After we had to drive on relatively narrow paths (on which no car should have come towards us :P), we found it and finally arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Hooray!

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tip 2: Be sure to inform yourself in advance if you are traveling with offline maps! πŸ˜€ The indicated routes are not always passable with all cars and can lead to adventurous situations (small spoiler for Montenegro πŸ˜€)! It’s best to stay on the larger main roads.

Kravice Waterfall

Our first stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina πŸ™‚ After the overcrowded parks in Croatia, this was a welcome change. Altogether we saw maybe 20-30 other people during our stay. The Kravice Waterfall is ideal for a short walk in beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can schedule about 1-2 hours for this stop. If the weather permits, you can swim here again! πŸ™‚

The unexpected love!


The entry into Mostar was (again thanks to maps.me :D) a little adventure. We were guided through a small residential area where a man had to close his front door, otherwise, the road would not have been wide enough for us (and we were driving a VW Up!) to pass. πŸ˜› But the Bosnians were very friendly to us and everything went very smoothly πŸ™‚ When we arrived in Mostar we were welcomed by an incredibly friendly young lady who gave us some tips for our stay. We stayed in the Pansion Oscar Summer Garden, which I would like to recommend to you warmly because the location and the staff are simply unbeatable! Downstairs there is a very nice sitting area. Here we got a welcome cocktail and later we ended the day with a Shisha.

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The unexpected love! The unexpected love!

Before that, of course, we took a look at the city and strengthened ourselves! We had a sensationally good meal at Tima Irma. The hostess was incredibly friendly and cordially! We could also observe how great she was with children at the neighboring tables. It was simply wonderful how familiar everything is here!

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tip3: Don’t be misled by the prices… the portions are huge! πŸ˜€ rather order a little less and tip more afterwards πŸ™‚ From our point of view, these great people really deserve it πŸ™‚

The unexpected love!

At some point, Vanessa drew my attention to a video that was playing on a TV all the time. First, it was about the reconstruction of the city… and then you saw a lot of people jumping off a bridge. And it wasn’t just a few single people – no, it almost looked like a small event with lots of spectators. After we ate a bit too much πŸ˜€ we continued our exploration. After a few steps, we actually stood in front of the bridge from the video…. and as in the video, several people were jumping down one after the other πŸ˜€ At that time I didn’t dare to jump – I am very annoyed about that today! πŸ˜›

The unexpected love!


Bosnia and Herzegovina Tip 4: Jump off the bridge in Mostar! (Of course, you jump directly into the river below πŸ˜› )

The many souvenir shops here have a slightly oriental touch. There are very nice lamps and dishes here! For space reasons, we decided against both πŸ˜‰

A great day in Mostar has come to an end too fast πŸ™


Tvrdos, Trebinje & the infinite tank πŸ˜€

Before we continued our trip to the next country, we added 2 beautiful monasteries to our route (Instagram recommendations πŸ˜› )! These two stops are perfectly situated on the route and are ideal for stretching your legs a bit and seeing some more of the great Bosnian landscape & architecture! Our first stop was at the Tvrdos Monastery. I especially liked this monastery. It was just a very special atmosphere at this place.

The unexpected love! The unexpected love!

In Trebinje we had a breathtaking view! Unfortunately, we didn’t have any more time to look around in Trebinje. I heard that you can eat very well there πŸ˜‰

The unexpected love! The unexpected love!

But we fueled up in Trebinje πŸ˜‰ And this tank should be enough for the next 4 days πŸ˜€ I still don’t know how the gas station attendant managed to do that… The fuel gauge only started to move again after 3 days πŸ˜› In the meantime, I was afraid that the gauge would be defective and we would stop any moment. πŸ˜€ But everything went well and so we only had to fill up at the airport until the end of our road trip πŸ˜€

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tip 5: Fill up your car to the brim here! πŸ˜€

The unexpected love!

Bosnia and Herzegovina summary

Ideal for a short detour! But I could also imagine a longer stay in this beautiful country πŸ™‚ Great people – delicious food – beautiful nature & everything at low prices!

The unexpected love!

The unexpected love!

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