Why Campodimele

  • Old town
  • Trekking
  • The natural park of the Aurunci Mountains
  • The Old Mill of the "Bad Time"
  • Typical dishes
Campodimele is a small town located on a hill, at 647 meters, in the valley that borders the Ausoni and Aurunci mountains in the south of the province of Latina.
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On a national level, Campodimele is undoubtedly one of the most well-known communities in the Province of Latina. Above all, it is known for having the greatest longevity rate in Italy, with males living an average of 77 years and women living an average of 84 years. This village is an unmissable rural jewel in the province of Latina, nestled in the Regional Natural Park of the Aurunci Mountains and surrounded by a wall of twelve towers. It is also close to Rome and Naples.

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Old Town

The historic center is situated on the ancient Latin city of Apiola, although the official documentation of the actually populated nucleus dates from the arrival of the Lombards in the sixth century AD. Apiola (bees) was replaced by Campus Melis (Campo di Mele), which was then totally unified. The bell tower of the Church of San Michele Arcangelo (the parish church), which includes a marble tabernacle from the school of Tommaso Malvito and a picture by Gabriele da Feltre from 1578, dominates the village’s architectural structure. Sant’Onofrio’s monastery, established in the 11th century, is the town’s patron saint, together with San Michele Archangelo and San Rocco. Last but not least, the medieval walls with the external walkway, which were rebuilt in the 1990s and allow you to admire the village in all of its glory. Campodimele is not only home to urban, if not natural, beauty; in fact, a tranquil beech forest surrounds the town, excellent for fresh and pleasant excursions.

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The Old Mill of the “Bad Time”

The Old Mill of the “Bad Time” can be found in the hamlet of Taverna, in the municipality of Campodimele (1.5 km from the historic center). It was named this way because it was only used in bad weather in ancient times, so that the mountain water could turn the wheel and grind the grain. Ideal for relaxing in the garden while grilling on the stone braziers that have been placed up next to the wooden tables.


The proximity to the mountains makes it an ideal location for hiking and excursions. The most famous is the one on Mount Faggeto, which can be reached by starting from the town cemetery and following the path that passes through the Tasso’s source, then continuing to the refuge near the summit. On the way back, take the gravel road that passes through expanses of beech forest and leads to the Campodimele village entrance.

The natural park of the Aurunci Mountains

The Aurunci Mountains Natural Park is located between Latina and Frosinone and has several paths to follow, including the Redeemer’s Path, which also leads to the hermitage of S. Michele Arcangelo, a nursery, and a nursery to protect the species’ genetic heritage. More interesting are the litter processing and adjoining carpentry, where furnishing components and handicrafts are produced.

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In short, a real must for those who are in Campodimele.

Typical dishes

The cicerchia, a legume growing in the area and utilized in many of the little village’s recipes, is undoubtedly one of the traditional meals to try if you visit Campodimele. Among them are the following: Soup with cicerchia, ham, and garlic Tomato sauce with laina are referred to as cicerchie (a typical pasta of the area) Also famous are the ciammotte, or snails, which are cooked with mint and aromatic herbs in Campodimele.

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