Why Dharamshala

  • Beautiful location
  • Pictureque Cascade
  • local market
  • beautiful handicraft
Hey everyone, we are hoomies. Hopefully you all are doing good and in better state. We are back as we promised with a second part of our one of the favourite destination
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Hey everyone, we are hoomies. Hopefully, you all are doing good and in a better state. We are back as we promised with the second part of our one of the favorite destinations.

In the last blog, we spoke all about how we reached Dharamshala and vary many other means that you guys can choose from.


Day 1 in Dharamshala

After a really nice and short flight, we took a cab 🚕 outside the Gaggal airport and started our journey to our destination. The journey was beautiful and lovely ☺️. A really nice ride all the way to the hotel. As we told before our hotel was booked just in the middle of the market area, it was kind of a busy road. The place and its vibe were just beautiful 🤩.

After the check-in, we headed to our rooms. The room and the view were just serene. The tranquility and the scenic view took our breath away 🌴🌴. The entire valley was covered by lush green trees 🌲 and a beautiful landscape. Even the weather was really good.

That evening we just relaxed 😌 in the comfort of our room and spend a nice evening. We had no plans for the day and decided to head out and take a walk around the place. It was a really good walk down the lanes, the lanes were a bit crowded and narrow.

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You actually love such narrow paths covered with hills, beautiful landscapes. As we walked through, we got to visit various local shops. You get such nice stuff at such hill stations. The best thing to buy out here is the locally made handcrafted items and souvenirs.

It was a really good, peaceful walk down the lane. Loved the weather out here. Sometimes you don’t get lucky 🍀 to actually find nice weather. We were lucky enough to have such a lovely climate.


The weather is usually a bit on the hotter side in the afternoons and the mornings and evenings are usually on the colder side. So, it is always advisable to carry some of the woolens, just in case, it gets cold 🥶 at night.

We tried the very famous local chai/tea ☕️ at a small cute cafe just down the road. After a nice walk, we headed back to our hotel and by the time we were back, it was time for dinner. The hotel is attached to the Dominos pizza 🍕 restaurant. So, what would have been a better option other than enjoying pizza at a hill station with such a pleasant chilly night?

We headed back to our rooms post-dinner and had a great sleep. The next morning, we got up quite early just to enjoy the view. We were here for around 3 days and 4 nights. The next day, we had decided to roam around the city and visit some of the unknown and some of the touristy places.


Things to do in Dharamshala


Things to pack for Dharamshala

  • Umbrella
  • Woollen clothes
  • A pair of comfy shoes
  • Comfy clothes
  • Comfy slippers for the evening walk
  • Mosquito repellents
  • Cameras 📸

Things to buy in Dharamshala

  • Handicrafts
  • Shawls
  • Tea ☕️
  • Woollens
  • Souvenirs
  • Colourful bags
  • Local Tibetan handicrafts
  • Buddha statues
  • Rugs and carpets


Best time to visit

Summers are considered to be the best time

Usually, around March to June, the temperature remains pleasant and is considered to be the best months to visit here.

Thank you for reading our blog. We will be back with the next part about this amazing scenic beauty very soon. Keep checking and do read.

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