Why Loreto

  • The Holy Stairs
  • The Walkways of Ronda
  • The Holy House of Nazareth
  • The Treasure Room
  • The "Madonnari"
Loreto is the spiritual heart of the Marches and one of Europe's and the world's most prominent Marian pilgrimage destinations. Loreto is a pearl to be discovered in the midst of the Conero Riviera, a treasure trove of art and a location of culture that has remnants of centuries of spiritual and temporal history.
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Loreto, the city where the Holy House of Mary of Nazareth, the original house of Mary, has stood for over seven centuries and is visited annually by 4 million Marian pilgrims from all over the world. Discover what to see and do in Loreto…

The Church of the Weather Vane 💒

The Church of the Weather Vane is a place of worship dedicated to the weather vane.

Make a brief stop before continuing on to Loreto at the Weather Vane Church, a unique and little-known location. Nearby, the cycle path that leads to the city has the name of this modest church. What makes this location unique? Consider that this was the first church in Nazareth to house the dwelling of Jesus.

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The Holy Stairs

To repeat the powerful spiritual experience of pilgrims who have climbed the Holy Stairs for centuries to reach the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto, we recommend climbing the 330 stairs to purify the soul and re-energize the body before entering the magnificent Basilica through Porta Marina. one of the Basilica of the Holy House of Loreto’s entrance doors La Scala has lately undergone a major renovation effort that has reopened it to pilgrims at all hours of the day and night.

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The Walkways of Ronda

The Basilica’s majesty stems from its vast walls, which were built to defend the Sanctuary against Turkish naval invasions in the Adriatic over the years. The patrol walkways, which were once used to sweep the horizon and secure the safety of the “citadel of faith,” are particularly stunning. We recommend that you visit it and take a walk inside the walls, pausing to take in the wonderful scenery.

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The Holy House of Nazareth 🏡

The Holy House of Nazareth, where the Virgin Mary was born, grew up, and received the announcement of her divine motherhood, is housed within the Basilica and is one of the world’s greatest treasures of Catholic spirituality. The simple stone walls that make up the house’s original nucleus are lavishly decorated on the outside with valuable sixteenth-century bas-reliefs created by the best artists of the time to a design by Bramante, who was specifically commissioned to provide worthy cover for such a significant location. spiritual. In stillness, enter the house and feel the intensity of the ideas and feelings that have occupied it for centuries.

The Treasure Room ✨

Many artists have contributed to the Basilica’s decoration over the years. Stop and observe the so-called Sala del Pomarancio, the Sala del Tesoro, where the priceless presents received from the Sanctuary are housed in big display cases, among the various chapels, paintings, and statues that make this place of worship special. Allow yourself to be enchanted by this artwork of enormous impact and beauty by looking up.

The “Madonnari”🤲

Art in all its forms, including those associated to the old tradition of the “Madonnari,” can be admired in Loreto. The grand Piazza della Madonna, in front of the Basilica, is always home to some street painters who, using simple colored chalk, faithfully recreate some of the most beautiful and significant religious paintings of all time. Take a moment to observe its craftsmanship and appreciate the beauty of a transitory piece of art.

The ancient tradition of the fires of the Coming 🔥

Some call them “fires,” others “focheracci,” and still others “faoni,” “fogar,” or “foghère.” But perhaps the most perplexing is the “faori” (favors) designation, which appears to invoke God’s assistance to his loyal. Have you ever heard of these “coming fires”? It is believed in Christian history that the people of Loreto, out of great thankfulness to God, began to kindle joy fires to light up the night between December 9 and 10.

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