Things to do in Peccioli


Peccioli is a little village nestled in the Valdera countryside, surrounded by hills, olive orchards, and vineyards, and has been given the Orange Flag by the Italian Touring Club for its high-quality tourist and environmental vocation.


A must-see stop on any slow tourism itinerary in the province of Pisa, a haven of solitude and tranquility, peace and relaxation, where you can unplug from the stresses of everyday life while appreciating the charm of the old town and the authenticity of the surrounding agricultural countryside.

What to do and what to see in Peccioli

The Town Hall, the Praetorian Palace, and the Church of San Verano, with its lofty Bell Tower, are the three principal buildings that characterize Peccioli’s characteristic historical center, which has a notably medieval appearance.Peccioli

It is worthwhile to read it slowly and carefully, devoting sufficient time to each element. I recall it as a series of small streets and brick arches, staircases, rainbow windows, and stunning views of the countryside: a hidden jewel to be explored slowly and without haste in a community that appears to be frozen in time, balanced between past and present.

Don’t miss Vittorio Corsini’s amazing painting “The Look of Peccioli” behind the cathedral. It’s like a gigantic collage, with 300 pairs of eyes photographed and put on the wall, all pointing in the direction of the viewer. An uncomplicated concept with a strong visual effect, including the residents of the town as undeniable protagonists of those shots, of those looks, immortalized to become a work of art.


Not far away, you should also pay a visit to the newly opened Archaeological Museum, which will take you on a journey through the village’s history through ancient finds and artifacts of various kinds.


The museum is free to enter, and inside you may learn about the history of Peccioli and its surroundings while enjoying tools, jewelry, cutlery, and other artifacts from the Greek and Etruscan eras.

The Green Triangle, an area that winks at the ecology, sustainability, and protection of the territory, is an odd but very iconic destination for Peccioli.


In simple terms, it is a landfill that, according to the management of Belvedere S.p.A, has evolved into a true multipurpose area, a site of gathering and discussion, where meetings, concerts, fashion exhibits, and conventions are conducted to this day. Furthermore, trash disposal generates renewable energy.

Two massive pieces of art built by the group Naturaliter in 2011 are located at the top of the landfill: candid human sculptures depicting giants intent on rising and re-emerging from the rubbish.

At Peccioli modernity is also in the table

Peccioli differentiates itself even at the table by bringing forward a blend of modernity and creativity!

The village’s activities, restaurants, and small producers all come together to establish an almost circular economy. An obsessive focus on organic and high-quality items, which I had never seen in such a concentrated manner in a small town before.

In addition to Pasticceria Ferretti, if you’re going to Peccioli, make a note of the Congusto Restaurant, which blends ethical and social goals. Not only are km0 and seasonal items being rediscovered, but real traditional flavors are also being rediscovered.

Cold cuts and cheeses are served alongside puffs prepared with local mushrooms, organic pasta, and meat dishes. So, among the bottles of wine and numerous literature, the setting is quite warm and inviting.

I Tartufi di Teo is the ideal restaurant for a memorable night based on white and black truffles in a warm and welcoming environment. Traditional flavors reinvented in a modern key, delicious white truffle honey (produced in-house) to pair with traditional cheeses, organic pasta, and unexpected sweets.

Tagliolini with butter and grated white truffles is an outstanding option. Exquisite. And, because shopping should never be overlooked, don’t forget to stop by the farm’s exhibit of organic items.

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