Highlights of this trip

  • Riparbella's historic core
  • Church of San Giovanni Evangelista
  • The walking mural "Universo Riparbella"
  • Products made in the area
  • Scornabecchi garden
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Best things to do in Ripalbella

The little and charming town of Riparbella is located just a few kilometers from the Etruscan Coast, surrounded by vineyards and olive orchards of the Pisa hills. The town clearly feels the power of the sea, with its aromas of Mediterranean scrub and its temperature, but it also breathes the fresh air of the hills, which have been the safe haven of ancient populations that have chosen the ideal site to settle in this region since time immemorial.

The Etruscan civilization's remnants, unearthed in the region, inform us of a people who had discovered the pleasures of the true products of this country as early as 600 BC. The wine amphorae, a testament to the area's rural vocation, have passed down to us more than anything else in these historic occupants' villages.

Riparbella has a lot to offer

Riparbella's historic core is a must-see: narrow medieval lanes wind through ancient buildings, lovely churches, and beautiful residences constructed around the castle.

The Church of San Giovanni Evangelista, erected in the nineteenth century on the ruins of a former church whose bell tower can still be seen today, is probably one of the most beautiful structures.

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The Oratory of the Madonna delle Grazie, which dates from the first part of the sixteenth century and houses magnificent works from the past, is even older.



The hamlet is surrounded by lush vegetation and is an ideal starting place for visiting the Etruscan Coast.

The Scornabecchi garden, a few kilometers outside of town, is one of the most magnificent woodland locations in the area. The park is full of well-marked routes that snake across the plains of the southern part and climb the hills that rise up in the northernmost section and is characterized by the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub. A region with several natural trails ideal for walking or horseback riding; for mountain bikers, we offer a route that passes through Riparbella and ends in the town of Miemo in Val di Cecina.


Products made in the area

The Riparbella farms still produce some of the greatest wines in the area, as well as a superfine olive oil, demonstrating their commitment to the land. There are plenty of dishes on the tables that speak of this part of Tuscany, which unquestionably favors game tastes.

The walking mural "Universo Riparbella" is a riot of hues that breathes fresh life into the neighborhood

Perspective and color games, messages of inclusivity, and a pollution-free world The new mural at Riparbella, which was unveiled yesterday, Sunday, November 21, 2021, talks of many things. According to the mayor, Salvatore Neri, the massive horizontal sculpture, made by the artist Vincenzo Marano Esposito, rejuvenated the community by redeveloping a "dark" region of the town. Behind the painter's brush, the studied design of the school's young students, who contributed to the new vitality of via della Noce with their own ideas.

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A rainbow of colors creates an environment of excitement, joy, and good times. During and leading up to the inauguration, this is how the artist Esposito alias Vinci explains the work. The author expresses his gratitude for the atmosphere he found in Riparbella on social media, thanking the municipality "for giving me confidence and the opportunity to express myself," the school for their "very close collaboration," and most importantly, the town's boys, who "even invited me to play football more times," according to the artist. "For me, replicating their pictures was a mind-blowing intellectual and personal experience. I took a breath and paused, hoping to get their true thoughts via painting ".

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