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Best things to do in Vicopisano

The picturesque town of Vicopisano, located at the foot of Monte Pisano, is one of the wonders of Pisa Province and Tuscany in general.
Vicopisano, while not as well-known as Monteriggioni and other Tuscan villages that draw large crowds, can easily compete in terms of charm and beauty with its more well-known relatives.

Vicopisano appears on the horizon as you go down the Vicarese, the route that connects Calcinaia and Pisa, and the SP25, with Monte Pisano behind it and the alluvial plain, flat as a table, in front of you. Among the crimson roofs of the homes leaning against each other, the Rocca stands out imposingly.

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The 12th century Pieve di Santa Maria, located just outside the hamlet, is well worth a visit, especially because it was most likely built by the same workmen that worked on Piazza dei Miracoli.

The Rocca del Brunelleschi and the Palazzo Pretorio are reached by ascending. Both are open to the public (Rocca + palazzo costs 7 euros, Rocca costs 5 euros, and Palazzo Pretorio costs 3 euros). The vicars' apartments, the audience hall, and the jails are all preserved in the Palazzo Pretorio, one of the first public structures in the province of Pisa.

Vicopisano is great for a stroll; its alleyways, stairways, and shortcuts will lead you to unique viewpoints, including vegetable gardens, gardens, and residences that are thoughtfully and harmoniously intertwined. The opulent palaces are composed of verrucana stone and are modeled after those in Pisa. Because of the Arno's closeness, many Vicarese was rich and could buy brick buildings.

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Brunelleschi erected the fortification that dominates the settlement of Vicopisano after Florence conquered it. Given the important location for area control and connections with Florentine city, the goal was to build an impenetrable castle. Following repairs, we can now appreciate this magnificent masterpiece in all of its glory.
Three interior Vicopisano levels in the central tower have been fitted up with some furniture to depict how they were used in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Climb up the steep ladders to the crenelated walkway and enjoy a beautiful panorama that, until 1560, was very different: the Arno actually flowed right through the village, and from the terrace in front of the Palazzo Pretorio, you could see the numerous boats transporting goods of all kinds between Florence, Pisa, and the coast.

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Every first weekend in September, the town's charm is best expressed during the Medieval Festival. The village comes alive with fire-eating displays, dancers, military rides, and theaters on that day. Plaintive lepers, preaching friars, and friendly rioters may all be found on the streets, as craft and food vendors follow one another all over the country. The taverns will thereafter serve spiced wine, mead, traditional desserts, and traditional cuisine.

Other interesting events that take place there are: Vicopisano castello in fiore and Vico Halloween.
Castello in Fiore is a 10-year-old fair in Vicopisano's historic center: two days of free entry under the banner of horticulture, which transforms the historic center into an open-air garden!

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