Why Cape Town

  • Beautiful location
  • Mesmerising beauty and landscape
  • Endless tranquility
  • knysna
  • Bungee jumping
Hey everyone, we are Hoomiesclub. Hope everyone is doing great and is in good health. In this very blog, we want to take you all the way to the most scenic and ionic, the very famous attraction of South Africa and that is none other than the ‘GARDEN ROUTE”.
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Hey everyone, we are Hoomiesclub. Hope everyone is doing great and is in good health. In this very blog, we want to take you all the way to the most scenic and iconic, the very famous attraction of South Africa and that is none other than the ‘GARDEN ROUTE”.



We started our journey all the way from Kwantu, passed through Port Elizabeth to reach Cape Town via Oudtshoorn.

Since, we started our journey from Kwantu towards Cape Town, as we discussed in the previous blog we had to take this beautiful route. This stretches along the coastlines of the western and eastern cape and is around 200 km long. One of the iconic routes to visit and discover for a nice, fulfilled, relaxing road trip.

This route is considered to be Africa’s most visited route for self-drive and even for thousands of travelers/tourists. It attracts people from all over the place. What’s so fascinating about the place is its iconic landscape with mountains lying close to the shoreline with stretches of beautiful flowers, plantations, and forests. It’s so pretty in here that the entire journey is covered with diverse vegetation, forests, mountain ranges, wildlife, lakes, lagoons, caves, adventurous activities, beaches, and what more. One of the must-visits in South Africa.

Through the Garden Route

It’s just a delight to our heart and to the soul. As you pass through you get to get lots of attractions along the way where you can spend your day and even some places offer night stay. You can relax at the leisure of the beauty. It’s just a picturesque backdrop.

Officially, it starts in Mossel Bay in the west to Storms River in the east. Apart from this, lies Knysna, which is just in the middle of the journey. You can even spend some quality days here. This place is again one of the very common tourist attractions and is famous for ostrich farms. As you pass through the route, runs the coastline where you get to watch and enjoy marine life like whales, dolphins, and great white sharks.

The weather remains pleasant throughout the year. The climate and the beauty are just spectacular. Even the flora and fauna are just a delight to our eyes. One of the very amazing places here is George also known as “The gateway to the garden route”. It lies at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains with a lush green fertile area.

Through the Garden Route



Every time you pass through this route, you will have all altogether different experiences and will learn something new. To be frank the entire journey is actually a 7-day self-drive. This can be cut down to 3-4 days or can even be extended to as many days as you like and depending on your budget. You can even start the trip from Port Elizabeth as the way we did it or can even be started from Cape Town.

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Through the Garden Route


You can actually plan a stay around various tourist destinations here. You will get budget-friendly hotels and options for camping at the main stops along the Garden Route.

For camping, 6 people are allowed per camp. It is always better to book accommodations in advance.


OCTOBER TO APRIL is considered to be the best time to travel here. Rains are very common here so better to be prepared for the same.

Through the Garden Route


  • Hermanus is a beautiful town from Cape Town. Famous for whale watching.
  • Cango caves: we will be talking about this in our upcoming blog.
  • Ostrich farm
  • Kynsna
  • Tsitsikamma National Park
  • Mossel Bay – offers to the museum complexes.
  • Great Brak River
  • Plettenberg Bay
  • George: this is one of the biggest towns here.

As we passed by, we decided to stop by the Storms river suspension bridge. This beautiful river mouth merges with the Indian ocean. Even you can plan to do a hike along the bridge. The view is just spectacular with stunning beauty, sea, waterfalls, and lush green forests.

You can even plan a stay in here as they have huts alongside the route for an overnight stay. The prices are reasonable.

This amazing route has also been added to UNESCO’S world network of Biosphere Reserves.

We took a stop after traveling for around 3 hours and decided to head over to a road stop to have a meal and take some rest. We even wanted to enjoy and breathe in the atmosphere and soak into the beauty of nature. Plenty of food options are available roadside with a pretty decent price range.

Through the Garden Route


We were left stunned to watch people jump from one side of the mountain top to the other. It was like an adrenaline rush. One of the very famous adventurous activities which are done just here. We personally didn’t have guts enough to do such an activity. But it was definitely mind-blowing and out of the world.


Bloukrans Bungy is one of the world’s highest jump which lies around 40 kilometers outside Plettenberg Bay. It operated from the world’s highest bungee bridge. When we watched from the distance, we got goosebumps watching them literally fly around. It’s actually so sporty and dangerous at the same time.

It is so gutsy and takes courage to take such a leap and dive down to 216 meters into the deep gorge below. If you such a person who loves to live life and experience such things, this is just the right thing for you. It is a thrilling lifetime experience.

Through the Garden Route


The prices for the Jump range from 150 Rand to around 740 Rand.


  • The minimum age to perform a jump is 14 years.
  • While the minimum weight required being 35 kgs.

In case you don’t want to take a deep leap, you can have a thrilling experience by walking across the bridge.

After a beautiful experience, we headed again towards Oudtshoorn. We had booked ourselves a hotel in the city. We reached here by the evening and the sun had already set in. We were greeted by the hotel staff and were taken to our rooms.

Later in the evening, we headed for dinner towards an Indian restaurant which was located at a distance of 10 mins from our staycation. After a nice meal, we headed back to our hotel and had a nice stay. The next morning, we had to head towards Cape Town and continued our journey.

We will be talking about this in our next blog which will be out soon. Keep reading us and supporting us.

Thank you,

With love and lots of strength


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