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In this article I will share with you some tips for Budapest!
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Budapest is actually formed of Buda and Pest. The two distinct parts of the city sit on either side of the Danube River and are connected by the Chain Bridge. The majority of tourists will base themselves in Pest because it is the liveliest part of the capital. This is where you’ll find the heart of the city’s nightlife, the best restaurants, and many of the top attractions. Buda, on the other hand, takes you away from the hustle and bustle, offering a tranquil escape, especially around the hills. It’s the residential part of the city and so offers a more local feel.
We decided to go to Budapest in the Christmas holidays, so to tell you the truth it is the best time to visit this city.
Where we chose to stay, you will ask? We chose the Buda side. I’ll explain why!
We found the hotel Hilton and near Hilton was one of the main attractions of the city- Fisherman’s Bastion. It is an incredibly beautiful building. Many people who choose to stay in Pest part forget about this place, but for me, it was very important!
So that’s why is coming tip number one:

1. If you want to feel the real atmosphere of the city then choose the Buda part.

Here you will find amazing views of the whole city, and here the atmosphere is more relaxing and calm. I suggest you the best hotel Hilton and near it, you will find the main attraction- Fisherman’s Bastion!

2. As I mentioned before, the best time to come the first time to Budapest – is on winter holidays, on Christmas!

So here is tip number two🤩👌🏻 While the Christmas holidays all city is bright and all in colors. In the Pest part, there are a lot of Christmas markets, decorations, shows. On one of the main squares of the city are always shown different laser shows with Christmas theme, music is playing everywhere. Moreover, you will find open food courts, so you can buy hot drinks and tasty food. That’s why I loved this city. Furthermore, on Christmas, you will find a rink where you can skate. The atmosphere there is really beautiful and colorful. Around is also playing music. So the atmosphere is amazing!
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3.Budapest has earned the reputation of being a food capital.

Many of the dishes here are rich and warming, reflecting the colder climate.

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Goulash is the most popular and one of the country’s traditional dishes. It is actually a soup but tends to be served as more of a stew that is made with beef.

Another popular sweet is trdelnik. It is a kind of spit cake. It is made from rolled dough that is wrapped around a stick, then grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix. You must try it! It is number one sweet in the city!❤️One of my favorite places was Starbucks near our hotel Hilton next to Fisherman’s Bastion. It is very cozy and you can drink there the best coffee.

4. Budapest is believed to have the best nightlife in Eastern and Central Europe.

It is known for its ruin bars, which are situated in former derelict buildings that have been renovated into a shabby-chic style. The most iconic and the one you won’t want to miss is Szimpla Kert. The conversion of this old factory marked the beginning of ruin bars and completely changed the city’s nightlife and drinking culture. The mismatched décor is full of character and is best-known for the Trabant car.

If you are in Budapest on a Saturday then make sure you go to a SPArty. This is when the historical thermal bath, Széchenyi, becomes a party venue from 10.30 pm until 3 am.


5. Be ready that on Christmas Holidays on the weekends most of the shops and restaurants will be closed

Yes it is sad, but they work so and you cannot do anything(

6. As with most capital cities, Budapest is a great place for a little retail therapy

The best shopping can be found in Pest, especially around Váci Street – the city’s most famous shopping street. On Christmas, it is also all in Christmas decorations.

You won’t want to miss the famous Great Hall Market which is both the oldest and largest in the city. The market which is situated across three floors opened back in 1897. On the lower floors, you’ll find food stalls selling fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat. As well as picking up produce, you can also sample local delicacies here. Then head up to the upper floor where you’ll find souvenirs.

There are also shopping centers including WestEnd City Center, which is the largest mall in Central Europe. Here you can shop till you drop at a number of well-known retail brands.

So choose Budapest to travel to!❤️
thanks for reading me guys!

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