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CALLING ALL FOODIES!! This is a MUST-READ for any and all visiting the state of Rhode Island in the U.S.
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Welcome to Rhode Island – the Ocean State!!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to some of the BEST places to eat at during your stay in America’s smallest state!! All of these recommendations ARE budget-friendly, which means you can use the extra money to do a wine tasting at a local vineyard…anyone fancies a glass of Bordeaux here?

Rhode Island, otherwise known as the Ocean State or Little Rhody, is home to many beautiful beaches, spectacular mansions, and internationally renowned universities. During autumn, there’s no better place to go apple picking and during the winter, sledding is a MUST.

However as much as there is to do and see in this tiny state, there’s even MORE to eat! With a population of just over one million, you might be thinking the food options are limited – but fear not! I’m here to tell you that this part of New England is PACKED with local spots bringing you authentic fare. So if you’re a foodie like me who likes good deals and even better food, be sure to stop at these five spots the next time you find yourself in this part of the U.S.

Alright, so without further ado, let’s dive in.


1) DUNE BROTHERS: Let’s talk seafood. Clam cakes, clam chowder, and fish & chips are NOT TO BE MISSED by any means when visiting New England! And this place knows exactly what it’s doing when it comes to all three. The clams cakes and chowder are both loaded with fresh clams that are locally sourced. The clam cakes are huge, crisp, soft and everything you could ever ask for. The chowder is creamy, unctuous, and actually tastes homemade!

Quick tip: Order a combo meal to try both at a low price.

But wait, there’s more! Dune Brothers even have a crispy potato chip crusted fried fish sandwich…YES, you heard that right – POTATO CHIP CRUSTED. This sandwich is topped with fresh coleslaw, homemade bread & butter pickles, and creamy tartar sauce; is your mouth watering yet?

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Portion sizes are massive and service is quick! Plus, this place is located in the city of Providence, so you can easily grab a bite of the sea in the state’s capital.

2) NORTHSIDE POCKETS: Have you ever had underwhelming falafel? You know, the one with no fresh herbs or spices in it? Well, I certainly have and fortunately, Northside Pockets serves anything but that! This place offers fresh and unbelievably flavorful Middle Eastern food. They have it all! Anything from homemade crispy pita chips to unbeatable fattoush salad. Personally, my taste buds are always so impressed with the quality that I end up just buying their tahini and hummus in bulk, taking home a pound of each to snack on later.

This place is family run and the folks working here are super kind and welcoming. Service is fast and prices are inexpensive. The shop also has a small grocery section, where you can find all sorts of scrumptious goodies imported from Lebanon. When you go, I definitely recommend picking up a few Ma’amoul cookies at the counter – perfectly soft and sweet.

This amazing spread cost around 30 USD.

3) NOT JUST SNACKS: Craving an Indian samosa since like, yesterday? Me too. Well, at Not Just Snacks you can find meat and veggie samosas, thalis, biryanis, curries, and more. They’ve also got snacks! Like sweets and so forth…but not JUST snacks haha, get it??

Anyway, I definitely recommend going here for lunch as you can find some great deals and specials during this time. And guess what? If you’re still craving for more after your meal, you can always head over to Not Just Spices, their grocery store located right across the street.

4) JO’S AMERICAN BISTRO: Let’s move on to Newport now, because it’s certain you’ll be making your way over here to check out those mansions I mentioned before. At some point, dinnertime’s going to roll around and you might find yourself not prepared to splurge at a fancy restaurant. This area IS expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dine like a classy lady (or man hehe) without spending a pretty penny. So let’s talk about Jo’s.

This restaurant, found near Newport’s famous Cliff Walk, offers a fine dining experience that’s both casual and elegant. Sometimes, in the evenings, they even have a live band playing. The restaurant is family-owned and offers a prix fixe menu most days of the week. The portions are generous, well-balanced and cooked to perfection! Just look at this salmon I had.

Warm bread and creamy butter are brought to your table upon arrival and service is always friendly and prompt. Their inviting interior with cozy lighting is everything you need to end your day the right way.

Prix fixe is about 20 USD (includes a glass of wine, starter, AND a main course).

5) BENJAMIN’S RAW BAR: Who loves HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS? You do, I do, we ALL DO! So trust me when I say Benjamin’s is THE place to go for fresh seafood right next to the water. While in Newport, head over to Benjamin’s to take advantage of their daily specials on the catch of the day. Everything here is reasonably priced considering the area and location of this place – seriously, you’ve got views of the harbor!

However, if you go on Tuesdays, you WILL see that you can get $1 oysters….

Sorry, should I repeat that? YES, $1 OYSTERS!! Not only that, but they offer clams casino, clams “rock-a-fella” and shrimp for about 25 cents more.

Order about twenty of these with a bottle of wine and you ARE grooving. Cheers to that!

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