3 Positive effects for travel that Covid-19 has provided us

Updated: June 22, 2021 by Traxplorio

Of course, Covid-19 has hit the travel industry very hard. In some countries and areas, it will take a very long time to recover from this. And part of the unpleasant truth is that some of them will not make it…
But Covid-19 has also provided us positive effects. 3 of these we would like to share with you in the next few paragraphs and thereby also encourage ourselves that better times await us soon.

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1. Travel has the potential to become greener and more sustainable


Covid-19 has especially affected air traffic, making it more difficult for us to travel to more distant destinations. But is that really a bad thing?

Many people (myself included) were surprised what wonderful places there are in their own country to explore. You don’t have to drive far at all, but you can easily plan a camping weekend or a bicycle tour. But treat your newly found treasures with the necessary respect so that others can enjoy them too πŸ™‚

All in all, we enjoy travelling and the short break through Covid-19 more and learn to appreciate it even more. Also, we may have traveled to other destinations due to Covid-19. Personally, I have e.g. made a road trip to Austria and discovered hiking in the mountains as a new passion for me. But also activities like paragliding, which you might never have tried otherwise, became real highlights! All in all the motto by Covid-19 is in general – Be more outside and get some fresh air. This is also good for our health πŸ™‚

Due to the new awareness of our environment and the changed perception, we may also notice that we don’t all have to gather in the tourist hotspots, but there is much more to discover in every country. So maybe we should consider taking a little more time in general when we travel to more distant destinations.

It would be wonderful if we treat each other and nature with respect as soon as traveling is possible again. Covid-19 may have separated us physically, but overall, it has made us aware of what is really important and strengthened our cohesion.

2. There are more home office possibilities and remote workplaces than ever before


A huge advantage of Covid-19 is the change in professional life. The new home office and remote workplaces not only make everyday life easier for you, but also allow you to travel even more in the future. And of course it can also become more sustainable because you don’t have to fly as much anymore πŸ˜‰ Imagine you are in the Caribbean for 2 weeks and you really like it but next week you have to go back to work. But if you could work remotely, you could just stay there and work for a month and then maybe take the next week off and travel on πŸ™‚

But how do you find such a dream job? πŸ˜‰

What you need is a contact point that operates globally. Flexjobs is a job search engine created for a single purpose: To help you find the job of your dreams and stay as flexible as possible!

Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time job or want to freelance. The collection of their job listings is always designed to be as open as possible in how you plan and spend your time. It’s an ideal entry point in your search for the perfect work-life balance. When you perform a search, you’ll get links to job postings that are the most relevant to your search terms. It enables you to your desired job from a single query. Even for “gourmets,” for instance, there are a variety of tools such as Advanced Search and a lot of filters.

Compared to perusing the newspaper or using a regular job board, job-hunting with Flexjobs may seem unusual, initially. Although if you fully learn how to master it – you are guaranteed to find the job of your dream. The only condition, in this case, is the existence of your dream job.

Do you dream of finding a job related to travel? Or do you want to find a remote job so you can travel at any time?

These and thousands of other jobs are gathered in one place!

3. Covid-19 has forced us to become even more creative and resulted in many great ideas and companies


Many areas are affected by distance rules and hygiene concepts. Queues in front of sights or a crowd in a restaurant are not acceptable in Covid-19 times. There are many approaches that have dealt with these and other problems and found great solutions. This also improves the quality of future trips. By good concepts, for example overcrowded sights or museums can be relieved and thus be enjoyed more.

In addition, people get more used to reserving certain activities in advance, which not only gives companies more planning security, but also makes the experience more enjoyable for us customers.

Furthermore, however, completely new and creative ideas, such as virtual sightseeing tours, are developed. These can of course never replace a real trip, but certainly serve as an innovative and great opportunity to be inspired in a completely different way.

We, ourselves here at Traxplorio, hope that you will share your experiences with Covid-19 and that together we can quickly and safely return to our passion of travel!

With this in mind, stay healthy and safe travels! 😊

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