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Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. We are Hoomies back again with the next part of Life in Boston. In the last post, we spoke about our life in Boston. in this we will be telling you about our short trip to Illinois.
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Hey everyone, hope you all are doing great. We are Hoomies back again with the next part of Life in Boston. In the last post, we spoke about our life in Boston. in this, we will be telling you about our short trip to Illinois.

After spending few days in Boston. We took a short trip to Charleston, Illinois to visit some of our friends. We had already booked our tickets and were really excited to visit this amazing place. This was our second trip to Illinois. The previous time we had taken a flight to Chicago. But Chicago seems to be quite far away from Charleston. So, this time we took a flight to Illinois as it bit nearby.


We got up in the morning and got ready to take a flight to Indianapolis.

The flight takes around 4-hour to reach here. You can either book a cab to reach the airport or can take a subway to reach the Boston Airport. The airport is quite a busy one, so better to reach here early to avoid missing your flight.

The flight was a nice, pleasant one. If you are a frequent flyer you would know that you hardly get stuff to eat on the flights. So better to pack your stuff or book yourself a meal. You can even have a take-way from the airport itself. We reached Charleston by evening. I guess it was the last flight at the Indianapolis Airport.

The airport here was such a small, beautifully made one. It’s so nice to have such airports.


Charleston is a very small beautiful city in Illinois, United States. To reach here we took a flight till Indianapolis and then it’s a car journey to Charleston. It is around a 2-hour drive from here. Around 38 miles from the airport.

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It is home to Eastern Illinois University. The place offers world-class arts and culture. It is a very calm, quiet place. Such a relaxing place.

This city lies near the Embarras river which is around 45 miles from Champaign. Charleston’s economy is based on educational services and health care, and it has some manufacturing (chiefly truck trailers) and agriculture (corn [maize] and soybeans).

Lake Charleston is just southeast of the city, and Fox Ridge State Park and Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site (reconstructed on the site where Lincoln’s father’s house originally stood) are to the south.

With an amazing friendly historic setting. It is a vibrant town.

There is quite a bit of option available and must-visits in this town. We stayed at our home here. Since we love India, we are always amazed by such kind of beautiful homes with huts.

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Things to do in Charleston

  • Lake Charleston
  • Pemberton hall
  • Wood yard Conservation Area
  • Fox Ridge State Park
  • Lincoln Douglas Debate Museum
  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Historic Downtown Square

During our stay in Charleston, we decide to visit one of the nearby towns. We took a drive towards Bloomington.

We were keen on visiting the medical universities here. Apart from that, there’s a very famous Indian temple here known as the Hindu Temple of Bloomington. If you are looking for a temple here, this is the place.



  • Monday- Friday: 6 pm – 7 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday:  11 am – 12:30 pm & 6pm – 7 pm

After the visit to the temple, we headed towards a very famous place here for some time. We headed towards Mattoon for shopping.

For shopping, we headed over to the mall here. You will find most of the shops here. They have an amazing set up for everyone to enjoy. We spend our entire evening here. You will get almost all kinds of brands. They have everything. Even you will find various factory outlets in Mattoon. This was the second time we had been to this place and really, we love shopping here.


This is a city located in Coles County, Illinois. The place is home to Lake Land College and is very close to its neighbors mainly Charleston. It is just 12 miles from Charleston and it takes around 20 minutes to reach. It is very well connected to all means of transport. It also lies near the Little Wabash River around 45 miles from Champaign.


May, June, and September are the most pleasant months to visit here.


Following our evening in here we headed back to our home. We were really tired and just enjoyed amazing home-cooked Indian food. Following which we got into beds for a good night’s sleep. The next morning, we had actually nothing planned and decided to just enjoy our time out here. Walking around the beautiful city and enjoying some local cuisines and meeting new people and friends here.


  • Lincoln Garden Family restaurant
  • Pagliai’s Pizza
  • South side café
  • Garden Thai
  • Smoky’s House BBQ
  • Brick House Bar and Grill


  • March to May
  • September to November

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. We will be back with new adventures.

Thank you for your precious time.


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