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  • Serenity and essence of nature
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Hey everyone, we are hoomies. Hopefully you all are doing good and in better state. We are back with a certainty new destination and one of the most visited destinations in Himachal. 
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Hey everyone, we are hoomies. Hopefully, you all are doing good and in a better state. We are back with a certainty new destination and one of the most visited destinations in Himachal.

After a really hot summer in Delhi, we definitely wanted a way out and a nice staycation to enjoy our summer vacations. So, we decided to visit of the most attractive destinations of Himachal’s which is none other than Dharamshala.

Though the name suggests or states it to be a place that seems to be about religion and temples on the contrary the place is all about nature and breath-taking views.

How to reach Dharamshala? 

We started our journey from New Delhi. There are quite a lot of ways to reach Dharamshala.

You can reach here via:

  • By flight ✈️
  • By car  🚙 or by bus 🚌
  • By Train 🚂

Since it’s a long journey by road and is quite a journey we decided to reach here by Flight ✈️.

By Car: 

Dharamshala is around 467 km away from Delhi and it takes around 9 and half hours to reach here. This is when you drive nonstop ✋🏻. It’s actually an 11-hour road trip. If you are planning to take a road route, it is a straight drive on NH 1.

Dharamshala is very well connected by all means. A lot of Volvo, luxury, and AC sleeper buses run both ways on a regular basis from New Delhi to Dharamshala and vice versa. The place is even well connected to other bigger cities of India.

By Train 🚂

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The nearest station being Pathankot. From here you need to take a cab 🚕/ taxi to reach the city. It is an overnight journey to Pathankot from New Delhi. From Pathankot, it is again an 85 km drive which takes around 2 and half hours to reach the city. This is the only nearest station. The road ride is just amazing and soo beautiful 🤩. It is a nice scenic ride. You will easily get lots of taxis outside the station.

By Flight: 

As far as we were concerned we are short in time and had just a few days for the trip, so decided on taking the easiest way to travel. We took a flight to Dharamshala. It was a really short journey in a cute little plane ✈️. It is a 1 hour 40 minutes flight to the Gaggal Airport, Dharamshala. From here we took a cab as the city is around a 15 km drive from the Airport. This is the main domestic airport here.

Our arrival

As we stepped out of the airport, the building is just so beautiful. Beautifully crafted in the middle of nowhere. I personally love hill stations and amazingly cute little airports.

We reached here in the afternoon and took a cab to reach the main city where we had booked ourselves in a nice beautiful hotel. Our hotel was located in the middle of the city through the view from the balcony was just amazing.

We were greeted nicely at the hotel and were taken to our rooms. Aa we reached our rooms, we were left stunned. The view was just breathtaking. It was so nice, fresh. Even the air was soo fresh. Loved the view and its location.


About Dharamshala

This beautiful, scenic, and one of the very famous hill stations is located in Himachal Pradesh, India. Also considered to be known as the winter capital city of the Himachal. This is amazingly surrounded by dense coniferous forest with lots of cedar trees all around the place and is located in the upper regions of the Kangra Valley.


This is also home to the Dalai Lama. It was in April 1959 when the 14th Dalai Lama established their Tibetan exile administration in the Mussoorie and then they eventually moved their headquarters to Dharamshala. A beautiful town known as The McLeod Ganj lies in the upper reaches of Dharamshala and is the home to the Tibetan monastery.


Apart from this place is famous for the famous Cricket stadium and also for the dense tea gardens in the Kangra district. These tea gardens are widely distributed throughout the district and also in and around Palampur.

Due to this, Dharamshala serves the very famous and their special Kangra green tea. This is worldwide famous. Traditionally being famous for its green tea production, Dharamshala now produces all varieties of tea which includes – green tea, black tea, white tea, and even oolong tea. The chai here is also known as “KAHWA”. If you happen to be in the place do try out their Kashmiri special kahwa and the masala tea.

This is the home to the largest Tibetan temple outside of Tibet. Apart from being known for its religious iconography and the monastery of the Dalai Lama, this place is also home to various Hindu temples. The energy here is just breathtaking and so peaceful. The view of the valley is so astonishing.

Where to stay?

You have plenty of options for the stay and it completely depends on your budget. As this place is one of the most visited hill stations in the Himachal and attracts a lot of tourists round the year, so it is always better to book yourself a resort or a hotel to avoid the last-minute rush.


Food in Dharamshala

  • Anonymous café
  • Peace café
  • Sunset point
  • Tibet quality bakery
  • Hope café
  • Dominos

And many more


Thank you for reading our blog. We will be back with the next part about this amazing scenic beauty very soon. Keep checking and do read.

With lots of love

Hoomiesclub !!

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