Why Verona

  • Casa di Giulietta
  • Amazing churches
  • Arena di Verona
  • Delicious food
  • River Adige and Castello di San Pietro
I was in Verona with my friend in July. It was my dream to visit this amazing city of Italy. And dreams come true!
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After reading “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakspeare I started to read more about it. And I discovered that there is a house of Juliet in Italy. Since that day it was my dream to travel to Verona and visit this awesome place. So my dream has come true. In July when we were planning to travel to Italy one of the cities that we chose was Verona! And I learned that besides the house of Juliet, there are a lot of other beautiful and interesting places in this amazing city. So let’s make a little journey together🥰

Coming to Verona we decided to stay in a flat that we booked at booking.com. The flat was very nice and cozy and not so far away from the city center. Then our next step was taking a guide, because Verona is such an amazing and interesting city, that without a guide we wouldn’t understand many things. We planned to meet in the city center on the main street. So now I’ll tell you about all places that we’ve visited:

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1. The first place is, of course, the House of Juliet.

The House of Juliet is a stone building with a little garden and museum inside. In the entrance to the garden on the walls you can find a lot of letters that thousand of girls, women write to Juliet and then put them on the wall. So did I❤️ Then you come into the little garden where stands a monument of Juliet. By a legend, if you touch her chest and make a wish, your wish will come true. So all people come and touch it for their wish. So did we also. Then there is a museum. To enter it you buy a ticket. In the museum, you can see the expositions of furniture and clothes from Shakespeare’s tragedy. In one room there are some computers and you can also write your letter to Juliet there.
And of course a balcony. It’s very little and from it, there is a view of the garden. But it was my dream to stay there and take a picture. So I was happy. But to tell you the truth I expected more from this place, but it was also enough for me❤️Two days in Verona Two days in Verona Two days in Verona Two days in Verona

2. Verona is famous for its amazing churches😍

You can buy a museum Verona card and visit all of them by it. But we chose the most interesting ones. Duomo of Verona and Basilica di St. Stefano. Inside these churches, you can see all beauty of the architecture of that period. Wall paintings are really beautiful. I want to tell you one interesting story that I learned from Basilica di St. Stefano. Our guide told us a story, that Verona is famous not only by Romeo and Juliet. Before they were also a couple that loved each other. But then a girl killed herself. And she was buried in Basilica di St. Stefano. Local people know about this story, but from other countries don’t. So others think that the only famous couple was Romeo and Juliet.
Two days in Verona Two days in Verona Two days in VeronaTwo days in Verona


3. Next part of Verona- is a historical place – Arena di Verona.

It’s a big roman amphitheater. To tell you the truth I didn’t enter it, because I was in Rome at Colosseum. But we walked around. There is a big square around where you can walk and find a lot of restaurants. As we were in summer, it was too hot so we sat in the restaraunt and enjoyed our view. Two days in Verona

4. The most interesting place in Verona is also – Piazza Delle Erbe.

It is the main street in Verona, where you can find a lot of shops, restaurants. There is a big fountain in the center of Neptun. Italian food is perfect so you can enjoy your day eating tasty pasta or pizza. Verona is famous for its sweets: cookies and chocolate that are called: Baci di Giulietta. You can find them in every restaraunt and souvenir shops. Two days in Verona Two days in Verona Two days in Verona Two days in Verona

5. Verona is also famous for its amazing river- Adige.

You can walk along the river and enjoy the view. There is a big bridge of Pietro along which you can walk and see all the beauty of the river Adige. To see all the beauty of the river and all city you can by visiting the amazing palace of San Pietro. There are stairs, and you can go up for about 10 minutes. Or you can take a funicular and go up also. We chose to go by stairs. Because going by a walk you can see many interesting things and take pictures. When we reached the palace we were able to enjoy the amazing view from the top. All city in your hand. It’s an amazing chance.
Two days in Verona Two days in Verona Two days in Verona
So being in Italy visit this amazing romantic city🥰 Thanks for reading me!

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  1. Verona is truly the city of lovers! Gorgeous!

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