Why Valletta

  • good access from home
  • the country my friend's recommended
  • to see cultures and feel history
  • I wanted to enjoy sea food
  • it's still warm in the winter
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Hello, How are you? I hope you are doing well😍 Today I gonna share my experience in Valletta, Malta. I stayed in Barcelona for some days then after I took a flight from Barcelona to Valletta. ( If you are curious about my Barcelona Travel, you can have a look from here💖

In Malta, A bus is very useful, and a good deal. Wherever we go, we take a bus. It costs 2€ if it’s summer(from June to the middle of October) if it’s winter, it costs 1.5€ and the bus ticket is valid for 2h💖💖so, within 2h, you can take a bus as much as you want:) But sometimes it’s not so punctual, so be patient a little bit😂😂

I stayed at Sliema Marina Hotel. (https://sliemamarinahotel.com-malta.com/)  good access to any place, not so expensive, faced to the sea( so we can have ocean view😘), and there is an amazing restaurant:) This photo is just in front of the hotel😘

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The first day, when I arrived I took a bus from the airport to the hotel. I am not sure how can I go and which stop I have do get off, but Malta people are very nice, so they helped me:) It takes around 30 mins by bus from the airport to the center of the city. Even it was the beginning of January, it was very warm and nice weather, so it was perfect for having a gelato🍧🍧 I stayed center of the city for shopping and enjoying a nice view.

Valetta, Malta Travel January 2020

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I found a cute couple at the entrance of the Valletta😍😍

Valetta, Malta Travel January 2020 Valetta, Malta Travel January 2020 Valetta, Malta Travel January 2020

Each avenue has an amazing view. The entire city of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage.

Valetta, Malta Travel January 2020

The sunset view from the avenue was awesome💖

On the second day, I went to Mdina by bus. Mdina was the previous capital of Malta✨✨Up to how you go there, but normally it takes 30 mins~1h to go there from Valletta. There are many cute small shops and chic restaurants and cafes💖 Some cafes and restaurants are very popular and crowded so you should book before going there☺

Valetta, Malta Travel January 2020


(⬆ this is Mdina Cathdral’s photo📸)

I visited the catacomb. I specialized in world history when I was a student, so I am very curious.  But I was alone, and inside it was very dark so I felt not so comfortable there😅( of course it’s kind of a cemetery, and actually I am a coward…lol), and if you wanna visit here DO NOT WEAR high heel. There are many steps to go underground, so if you take it, it’s hard to go down and it’s dangerous.

Valetta, Malta Travel January 2020 Valetta, Malta Travel January 2020

I visited Basilica Kolleggjata u Proto-Parrocca ta San Pawl, Casa Bernard, Mdina Gate, Domvs Romana. I stayed half of the day, then I came back to the Valletta to have dinner but the center of Valletta was quite expensive. ( it’s almost the same price as Switzerland😳😳) I recommend you to go to Is-Suq Tal-Belt Valletta Food Market. https://issuqtalbelt.com/

There are many choices, and high quality but a small budget😍

On the third day, if I had more time, I wish I could go to Blue Grotto, but it was winter, and I didn’t have so much time, so I just stayed center of Valletta. I was so surprised, there were plenty of gold and silver shops there. If you wanna have some accessories made of gold or silver, check out there😘

This tour started from Barcelona to Malta, and I just decided to visit just 2w before, so literally no time😅 I hope I can come back again:)

See you soon, stay safe and keep being positive😍😍

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