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You will agree my word after watching my blog. What is foodie paradise and those amazing architectures in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
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2019 of July. We are in Russia.

This is our very first couple trip. Maybe you will ask, why Russia.

We don’t really think that there is something special before we reached there. I think the most famous thing in Russia is Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. This is a masterpiece of Russian architecture. It was built in the middle of the 12th century. What an eye-catching building. The color use in Russian architects is bright and impressive, just like candies. Russian believe in their religions. That’s why Russia is full of churches and museums. Religion in Russia is diverse with Christianity, especially Russian Orthodoxy being the most widely professed. Other than Christianity,  Islam is the second-largest religion in Russia. Funny that if u go travel to Russia, most of the schedule will be visiting Churches. But I promise you won’t be bored about that. Different styles of the church will give you a ‘wow’.

I remembered the day I went to Saint Basil’s Cathedral. This Church is located near the Red Square, a World Heritage Site. People everywhere and you will capture each of the visitors on your camera. This is the city’s major street together with a shopping mall, Gum Shopping Centre. You can find some luxury brands and coffee shops there. We walked around and grabbed an ice cream here. Lenin’s Mausoleum, Ivan Square  Ivan The Great Bell Toper, Kremlin Palaces. These are also some major viewpoints for you to go through near Red Square. A day passed for photo taking.

Very First Couple Trip — Russia


Special things we found while traveling in Russia

First of all, language is the biggest problem in Russia. Most of them only speak in Russian. It is difficult to communicate with local people. Everyday, We tried our best to talk. The restaurant waiters, the staff at the train stations, even the staffs working at the main sights are talking Russian. Sometimes you will feel helpless. Body language is needed.

Secondly, Russia is a northern country. In Summer, the mean local temperature will always be around 20 degrees celsius and even cooler at night. We brought all the short sleeves and shorts for the trip and finally, new clothes were bought essentially. Warning!!! Even in the Summer, the temperature can be lower than 10 degrees celsius. Small tips for you.

As I told Russia is a northern country, sunset time is extremely late. We are surprised, the sky is still being bright after we finished dinner and walked out of the restaurant. Supermarkets, Bars, and stores are still opening. Honestly, the sunset time of Russia is around 9-10 pm. This makes me feel that I have a longer time to play, to walk around. But to be aware, most of the viewpoints are close very early, like 5-6 pm.

You should book a hotel near the train station as this is the main transportation in the city. You can simply visit all the viewpoint just by taking a train. Walking slowly in the train station to see this historic underground building. Different styles in different stations. Take it as fun!!

Visiting Spots in Moscow

Another place in Moscow I want to share with you is a place called Sergiev Posad. Take the railway from Moscow to Yaroslavl. This is a small town but is really worth to visit with heart. Blue-and-gold cupolas offset by snow-white walls. In my opinion, the outlook of this church is the most beautiful, comparing with others. The smaller town, the smaller amount of visitors here. I could felt the quiet, the simple of this pleasant place, even I am not religious. Highly recommend this place to you!!Very First Couple Trip — Russia

Very First Couple Trip — Russia

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Sparrow Hill is another place that we recommend you to visit, especially for people who really love football. There is an observation platform on the top of Sparrow Hill, you can enjoy the view of the central and north part of Moscow. This is a hill on the right bank of the Moskva River and one of the highest points in Moscow. You can take a cable car to travel from Sparrow Hills across the river to the Luzhniki Stadium which is the national stadium of Russia. It is the largest football stadium in Russia. It was also the main stadium of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Eric is a big fan of football. He was very excited to be here. Besides sightseeing, Sparrow Hills is a popular site for outdoor activities in all seasons, including cycling, winter sports, or even picnic. You can rent a bike here. A day for outdoor lovers!!

Very First Couple Trip — Russia

The circus is a bucket list you must be finished in Moscow. It is so famous and you will know what is the real Professional. There are two main circus buildings in Moscow, the “Circus Nikulin” which is the old circus, and the “Bolshoi Circus” the new one. We went to the “Bolshoi Circus” which is near Moscow State University. The last time we came, it was amazingly full-house. It is better to buy tickets online instead of a walk-in. Russian Circus traditions include clowning, juggling, acrobatics, contortion, and animal acts. Although we don’t understand Russian, we still felt interesting in the Circus. Remember there are two sections for the whole Circus!!! We almost left the building at half loll  

If you are interested in Ballet, you can watch ballet shows instead of a Circus. As ballet shows in Russia are more famous.

Ticket: https://www.greatcircus.ru/

Very First Couple Trip — RussiaVery First Couple Trip — Russia




What food we recommended in Russia

  1. Tepemok — this is a common fast food restaurant in Russia, the most traditional dishes such as Russian Pancake, Dumpling of Russian and Sour Soup. You should go try once during your trip!!Very First Couple Trip — Russia
  2. Cafe Pushkin — is located at the very center of Moscow. The historical interior design with that delicious food is fabulous. It separated into a few sections to provide different themes in one restaurant. Just enjoy a traditional Russian dinner here!!   Don’t forget to reserve a table here  https://cafe-pushkin.ru/Very First Couple Trip — Russia
  3. If you like Sushi, try it out in Russia. They are different from the Japanese. We don’t really remember the name of the restaurant but it was unforgettably delicious!! Try the restaurant we captured below. You will be surprised.Very First Couple Trip — Russia

Visiting Spots in St. Petersburg

Peter and Paul Fortress are originally located in St. Petersburg. We so in love with this historical place. It lets us breathe and refresh. The Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral is the most famous building here. This cathedral is a bell tower that buried all Russian tsars from Peter I to Alexander III. This is also the tallest Orthodox bell tower in the world. You can also enjoy the view across the Neva. A tip for you, this place is opening from 10 am to 4 pm. Plan your trip!!

There is a Midday Cannon Shot. The cannon will fire each noon from the Naryshkin Bastion. We were lucky to see the shot at that time. That felt amazing. At that moment, the world quieted.

The most unforgettable moment we had in this place. We kissed under the bell tower and the bell ringed at the same time.

Enjoy the downshifting here with the one you care for and love.

Very First Couple Trip — Russia

If you want to get a great photo-taking, spend a day to explore two of St. Petersburg’s most beautiful structures, the Summer and Winter palaces.

Winter palace now becomes a Hermitage Museum. It is one of the greatest royal residences of the world, the home of the Romanov Emperors for two hundred years. The building is grand designed and huge. We recommend you plan a half-day trip here as there will be many visitors and need to wait for a long queue to buy tickets and get in. You should go to Winter Palace first then the Summer one.

Very First Couple Trip — Russia

If you think that the Winter Palace is grand enough to visit then you will be startled by the Summer Palace. The first Russian Emperor will spend the summer months here. It keeps the luxury design here just like the Winter Palace but feeling different. A large garden and the wide sea line here make you feel refresh. Be a one-day emperor here. You will never regret being here.

In my opinion, the Summer Palace is more attractive than The Winter one. As the Winter is just like a luxury museum but the Summer palace is a nice spot to enjoy your photo taking. However, it is not a good idea to choose one of them. Just go and visit them both.

Tell us which spots you love the most in Russia.

Very First Couple Trip — Russia

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