Why Rome

  • Colosseum
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Spanish Steps
  • Trastevere
  • Piazza del Popolo
I was in Rome in summer. It was a girls trip. Summer is the most hot season for Rome, so I suggest you to choose another season.
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When I was visiting Italy first must be visited the city on my list was Rome. I always wanted to see this amazing historical city. As we were staying in Florence we bought tickets for the train and went there for two days on the weekends.
Rome is amazing from all sides. It is historic and beautiful. It is all crowded and full of tourists. It is big and interesting. But to tell you the truth I would not live in this city, because it’s full of tourists. I love more silent cities.
Rome is so big that all well-known places are located far from each other, so make a list before coming to the city.
Moreover, the summer season is not for Rome. It is too much hot there you will not be able to walk. So choose another season for this city.
Before coming to Rome, we also made a little plan with interesting places. So let’s make a little journey together!❤️

1. The first and important place in Rome is of course Colosseum.

It is an old amphitheater. It is so big and beautiful that you want always to admire it. Before there were always gladiator tournaments and other entertainments that were attendant by Roman people. It is located in the city center and easily reachable. Near it is also located a metro station, so it’s very comfortable for tourists. To enter it you must buy tickets, but there is always a very big queue there, so it will be better to book tickets online the day before. Inside you will admire the ruins of an old amphitheater. You walk along in the queue and can sit around. But there was one negative side, as it was in summer it was too much hot and we couldn’t walk too much, we were too tired. So don’t travel in July!

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2. Another interesting and famous place in Rome is  Trevi Fountain.

It is the most famous fountain all over the world! It is all made from white stone and is consisted of big columns. It has become a little tradition here to throw a coin into the water for good luck and for a possibility to come here again next time! So I also threw a coin and made a wish to come to Rome again but in another season😜 It’s too much crowded, as every place in Rome. People hang out here taking snacks and drinks and spend time here. It is also in the city center and is easily reachable.

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3. Next we have famous Spanish Steps!

They consist of 135 steps and they are all made from white stone. At the top of it is located an obelisk with many inscriptions that are carved into the stone. Furthermore, at the top there is a little church that is very beautiful, so you can enter it also. From the top, there is a beautiful view of Piazza di Spagna- the square where Spanish steps are located. In the square, there are a lot of restaurants and shops so you can eat the most delicious pizza in Rome and do good shopping. A lot of people spend here time taking snacks and sitting on the steps or walking along the square and do shopping. The atmosphere is very good.

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4. Another interesting ancient part of Rome is Trastevere.

Here you can feel the real atmosphere of Rome city and see local houses and how local people live here. Trastevere consists of numerous narrow streets. Here you will find nice buildings of ancient houses, bars, local shops. Here you will also listen and see how local people wash their clothes and shout from the balconies. This is Rome and only here you will feel the real atmosphere of the city. This place is also famous for its nightlife. Here are a lot of bars and in the evening music is playing and people chill and have fun. So it is a cultural and crowded street in Rome and absolutely must be visited!


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5. And the last place that I want to suggest you visit is Piazza del Popolo.

It is the famous square in the world and it is translated as the square of people. At the square are located some famous historical places: Chiesa di Santa Maria, the Porta del Popolo. In the center of the square is a huge Popolo Obelisk. Here you will find some fountains also. Here people just walk around both enjoying the historical places and just relax. The square is big and people can walk free and enjoy their time. Moreover, there is located a Pincio hill from which there is an amazing view of Rome city.

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So being in Italy Rome must be visited! This is the first part of my trip to Rome, wait for the second.

Thanks for reading me!❤️

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