Why Ho Chi Minh

  • Heavenly coffee and delicious food
  • Budget friendly destination
  • Rich in history and culture
  • Splendid flora and Flauna
  • Great Massages
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The first time I landed in Vietnam I wanted to leave the country ASAP. The chaotic streets scared me, I was frustrated by being continuously scammed by dishonest taxi drivers and salespersons as well as being nagged by beggars and hawkers. I swore to myself never to step foot in this country again. However, for some unknown reasons, I started missing Saigon as soon as I left the country so 3 months later  I traveled there again, and my trip was awesome. I met the friendly and welcoming locals, I learned how to spot fake taxi drivers and how to bargain as well. You can’t visit Vietnam only once in your life because you will end up falling in love with the country and would go there on every vacation.

1.Vietnamese Coffee.

vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee dripping from a Phin

Daytime or Nighttime, It’s always coffee time in Vietnam(Seriously Vietnamese are still drinking coffee at 9 pm ). Every street is packed with cute, cozy cafes or street vendors. Every local socialize around a cup of coffee and you have it in a myriad of options; Iced, Hot, coconut flavor, and even with egg. The taste is out of this world, not the average western coffee straight from a fancy drip machine. The Vietnamese coffee drips from a simple vessel called a phin and it is served aesthetically. Trust me once you taste this coffee you will end up returning home with a whole big packet in your suitcase.

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2.Great place for both a city person and a Nature lover.

Lan Ha Bay

The beautiful nature of Northern Vietnam

If you like skyscrapers and the hustle-bustle of the city you will love Vietnam and if you are a nature lover you will still love Vietnam. Head to Saigon for the skyscrapers, the nightlife, and city life experience, and if you are more of a laid-back person preferring to lose yourself in nature head to the North, Danang, or Mui Ne. If you want to immerse yourself in nature and have a thrilling motorbike adventure, do the Ha Giang Loop.Want some beach vibes, head to Danang. And you want to experience sand dunes and a hot air balloon ride, Mui Ne is your destination.

3.Vietnam is full of History and is culturally diversified.

Hanoi Hilton Entrance Gate

Hanoi Hilton Entrance Gate

Vietnam has a chilling war story. If you want to learn more about Vietnamese history Visit these places: Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, and Hanoi Hilton (Not a hotel but a prison used during the Vietnamese/American war.Don’t visit if you are a sensitive person). Vietnamese culture differs a lot, the culture in the south is different from the North or the Center. Also, You will see a lot of french influenced cathedrals in the south and a lot of Pagodas in the North and Center. Additionally, the cuisine also varies from location to location.


I think it is equal to a tragedy if you don’t visit Vietnam at least once in your life. Vietnam can be as expensive or as cheap as you want. You can have a luxurious holiday experience as well as a backpack throughout the entire country. Happy travel!

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