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An amazing journey trough Tuscany Val d'Orcia. You will discover small pearls that will enrich your life. LET'S START...
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This is not a fairy tale for teetotal or dietitians.

The story starts from Pienza, known all over the world for the famous “Pecorino di Pienza”.

A sheep’s cheese of which traces can be found already at the time of the Etruscans and Romans.

* Melissa’s Advice *

Before you get to this citadel, set the tom tom on the “CASEIFICIO CUGUSI”, a famous dairy. Say you want to do the PIC NIC and they will give you a basket with fork, chopping board, and bread. You will only have to choose which cold cuts, cheeses and wine to combine and you can sit at one of the many tables with a view just out there. You will appreciate it and thank me!

Wine, Cheese and Villages

You can get lost in those narrow streets and still feel at home. To make it more romantic think about

the street names (Via del Bacio, Via dell’Amore) which lead you to unique views.

Wine, Cheese and Villages


Just outside the center there are two must-see things.

At first the ” Quercia delle Checche”, a 370-year-old oak tree that inspired poets and singers,

Sit under its branches and breathe in the fresh and clean Tuscan air.

But be very careful, because the tree is also known as the witches’ oak, as according to an ancient

legend it was the place where witches met on the occasion of the sabbat😨😨😨

Wine, Cheese and Villages

The second MUST-SEE thing is the ” Cappella di Vitaleta”, a tiny church scattered in the Tuscan hills.

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to get there you will have to drive a piece of dirt road. you will get to a point where you will have to

abandon the car and continue on foot. Trust me, it will be worth it!

Wine, Cheese and Villages

Near Pienza there is Montepulciano, famous for “Nobile di Montepulciano”, a red wine with an

unmistakable flavour.

You absolutely have to stop at one of the many wineries that will make you

discover this masterpiece, and even if you don’t appreciate the wine, come in anyway because the

Montepulciano wineries have unique architectural characteristics in the world.

Wine, Cheese and Villages Wine, Cheese and Villages Wine, Cheese and Villages Wine, Cheese and Villages

This town is also known for being the place where some scenes of New

Moon were filmed (the Twilight saga).

Get out of here heading north and stop at Volterra, where time seems to have stopped.

A maze of narrow alleys and pretty shops will accompany you in “Piazza dei Priori”.

where you’ll feel part of that magic.

However, do not lower your guard, as in this town were present the strongest witches in Italy.

The first witch whose historical memory was born in Volterra, whose name was Aradia!


Wine, Cheese and Villages Wine, Cheese and Villages Wine, Cheese and Villages

If you still weren’t drunk enough or if you haven’t been cursed by a witch😁 , drive to San Gimignano , the city of towers.

A long time ago there where 72, but now you can only see 13. The most famous of these is the

devil’s tower, which became recently famous thanks to the video game Assasin’s Creed.

Wine, Cheese and Villages Wine, Cheese and Villages Wine, Cheese and Villages

Stop until the evening and sit down in one of the old inns, eat the “Pici all’aglione” (a very tasty

pasta with garlic) with a glass of  “Vernaccia” a very fruity white wine and look how your cultural

baggage has been filled.

Now you can smile, because you have achieved the goal of this adventure!

Hoping to have conveyed the emotions I felt, I wish you to do as soon as possible this fabulous tour.

Melissa G.






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