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  • To stay in contact with nature
  • To admire wonderful views
  • To experience new sensations
  • To explore uncontaminated territories
  • To walk in contact with nature
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A small alpine lake located at 1750 meters above sea level, which can be reached with intense trekking through woods, mountains, and wonderful views. It is the Bordaglia lake in the municipality of Forni Avoltri, in the province of Udine.

This small body of water of glacial origin is nestled between the mountains and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Friuli Carnia. Its clear waters are found in the midst of larch and pine woods and flora including rare gentians and a precious variety of orchids, which if you are lucky you can come across on the way. We are also in an area where several birds nest, including the black woodpecker and the collared blackbird. Several animals populate this area that with a little luck we will be able to admire during our walk.

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We reached Lake Bordaglia with an easy trek, suitable for everyone, which begins in the area of ​​the Goccia di Carnia mineral water plants (where you can park your car) in Forni Avoltri, we are in the province of Udine, in Friuli’s Carnia. .
The real route, however, begins a little further on, following the road that reaches the bridge over the Degano stream. From here we must follow the CAI 141 signpost or the signs for Casera Bordaglia and walk on the mule track that runs along the Rio Bordaglia. It is ups and downs that will take us to the crossroads with the dirt road marked with CAI 142.
We should not be scared if the journey in some points will appear long, physically tiring, but once we have reached the goal it is worth it.

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Fleons’ squeeze

Along the path we cross the narrow of Fleons, it is a gorge carved by the stream and its waterfall. We cannot fail to stop and admire this spectacle of nature. A balustrade was created to better observe the Fleons hold. On the rocky walls of the right side, you will notice some defensive positions dating back to the First World War.


We continue on our path

After the Fleons narrow pass, the climb towards the Bordaglia lake takes the CAI path 142. We are at the crossing point with the Traversata Carnica. In several places, the dirt road sometimes runs alongside the Rio di Sissanis, but it’s not over. The route now offers us long hairpin bends that can be cut if desired, but this takes us away from the path and is dangerous if you do not know the area. We are about to reach an altitude of 1410m and Casera Bordaglia di Sotto.

The last effort

Reached the small but interesting chapel of S. Giovanni Bosco, the path goes up again and takes us back to the woods. In a short time, we will reach a pool with drinking water. Our goal is getting closer and closer. A few more steps and, out of the woods, Casera Bordaglia di Sopra materializes, which we pass. The lake is located a little further downstream.
Just enough time to admire this spectacle of nature, the green of its water, and the reflected mountains, it is already time to go back to our car, retracing the same journey backward. Anyone who wants to can continue, climbing in altitude can photograph the Bordaglia lake from above.

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Lago di Bordaglia, view of the mountains

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