Yoga On The Most Beautiful Seas In The World

The philosophical teaching of yoga originated in India and can be practiced almost anywhere – even by the sea. There is something special about sitting on a rock by the sea and watching the sun go down. This is also the image that many have in their minds of pure relaxation and recreation, which is the background to why yoga is practiced by many people as a sport in the form of mental and physical exercises. The practices such as Yama, Niyama, Asanas, Pranayama, Pratyahara, the Kriyas, and meditation and asceticism can be done – as already mentioned – in any place and therefore also on vacation in a foreign country by the sea. Here are some examples of countries and their particularities or special places in these countries where yoga can be enjoyed or performed in front of dreamlike sea scenery.

Yoga by the sea

Spots That Are Particularly Suitable For Yoga By The Sea

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, or Canary Islands for short, are a popular tourist destination. The archipelago belongs politically to Spain but is closer to the North African coast than to a European coast or the coast of Spain. The main source of income for the inhabitants and the island government is tourism. There are numerous hotels and retreats in the Canary Islands, which offer more or less direct access to the sea. Yoga on the beach of the Canary Islands has its own personal charm. However, you have to find a quiet place on the beach. This is not so easy with the mass tourism that prevails in the Canary Islands. Nevertheless, especially in the evening hours on public beaches, you can find one or the other possibility to do yoga exercises on the sand on the beach. Quite a few hotels in the Canary Islands have a private beach. There it is also possible to find a quiet place for yoga exercises during the day. Often yoga classes are offered on the beach – organized by the hotels. The corresponding beach section is then closed off for this time.


Portugal also has a very good reputation among vacation countries for having a quiet beach section for yoga exercises. It is also the case here that many hotels have private beach sections and offer yoga lessons. The best way to do yoga exercises in Portugal – undisturbed and in a legal place – is by checking into a sports hotel where yoga is also offered. Appropriate classes are also held in Portugal directly on the beach.


Exotic and close to the home of the philosophical teaching of yoga, which originated in India, is the island of Bali. Here there are also numerous wellness hotels that have yoga in their portfolio and offer these exercises at sunset in front of a dreamlike backdrop. In Bali, even yoga teacher training takes place in the context of seminars in front of dreamlike beach scenery.


The Maldives are also known for offering sports activities such as yoga in the resorts on the private islands with only a few guest quarters. The luxury accommodations on the small islands, which can only be reached by boat, usually have their own fitness trainers and yoga specialists who can also animate the vacationers.


Yoga is a sport that can be done anywhere, even on the beach and thus by the sea – preferably at sunset to balance body and soul.

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