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If you are around the north of England, it's a beautiful city to visit in only one day! Also, it is extra special for Harry Potter fans because you can see the connection of J.K Rowling books in the streets and stores of the city. Take a look :)
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York is one of the smallest and most beautiful cities in the north of England, considered the second richest city in Great Britain.

The central and tourist area of ​​the city could be visited in a single day, and even more in one morning you can walk the main streets and see the most important attractions of York.

What to see and do in York in one day

Historical Centre of York

Strolling through the narrow streets of the historic center will transport you to a medieval city, and you cannot miss a visit to the most famous street in York, The Shambles, which is known as the oldest street in England and the best preserved in Europe. In this street, you will be able to observe and feel how almost the buildings can be touched between them. You will also see the many clothing and food stores. It is unmistakable!

In the historic central square, you will find The Shambles Market, the market of the city. It contains more than 70 stands about food, gifts, flowers, pieces of vinyl, crafts, bags, clothing, and much more. A wide range of fresh products can be found, and it also has its courtyard with street food stands and lives music.

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York Minster, the cathedral

It is the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. Inside, you will be struck by its majestic stained-glass windows and the complex known as the Five Sisters, very tall and narrow windows dating back to 1,250. To complete the visit, it is worth climbing the towers of the cathedral where you can see an incredible view of the city of York. Although it is a cathedral, the visit costs £ 11.50 for adults, and children under 16 can enter for free with an adult. If you are a student, you have a discount, and your ticket will be £ 9. The official website with prices can be found here: https://yorkminster.org/

York City Walls

The city walls run through the entire city and the walk lasts approximately 1 hour to go around the entire city. If you do not want to go all over it, you can choose the area next to the cathedral, this will only take you 15 minutes. Prepare the camera because you will get beautiful views of the city.


Ruins of St. Mary’s Abbey

The ruins of the Abbey of St. Mary are a perfect place to rest and enjoy a space of nature in the middle of the city, with beautiful gardens where you can have a picnic. Apart from the gardens, some part of the abbey ruins is also still preserved. And best of all, access is free!


Clifford’s Tower

This tower represents what was the medieval castle of York, located in the center of the city. It is located on top of a green hill, where on sunny days you will see many children throwing themselves and rolling on the grass of the hill. Try it, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised! Currently, the tower is under renovation, therefore, visits are suspended until summer 2021.

York Castle Museum

It is located next to Clifford’s Tower. This museum has been awarded for its exhibits of objects from everyday life throughout history. You can see from costumes to toys from different times. It has been built in a part of what was the medieval prison, so within the tour, you can take a walk through the cells.

Yorkshire Museum

It is a very interesting place, especially if you travel with children. Here you will find objects from the Roman, Viking, and medieval ages. The entrance is free. It is around ​​the Cathedral.


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