6 Great Traxplorio Blogger Benefits

Updated: June 22, 2021 by Traxplorio
How to Become a Travel Blogger

Become a Blogger today!

Join the world’s most honest traveling-community.

Do what you love & earn some extra bucks for your next adventure!

Share your experiences with other people all over the world!

Make new friends across the globe!

Below you will find our 6 great Traxplorio Blogger Benefits 🙂

Our Jackpot

This Month


Start sharing your Travel Experiences and earn some extra Bucks for your next Trip

Your Benefits!

With your first post you will automatically have the chance to win some cash from the JACKPOT!!

After your first post you can win great Travel Gadgets (e.g. Backpacks, Credit Cards, Camping equipment, …) ! 

And on top of that, you can decide which gadget you want most!

You can be the next great Blogger!

Collect Followers, maybe even promote your own Blog , Instagram & Facebook integration and much more!

You will receive many points for creating your own posts and level up even faster! 

Furthermore, there will be exclusive Badges for Bloggers in the future.

You can easily create your own profile and posts!

Publish your post in a few minutes and start sharing your experiences with the world! 🙂

We will continuously improve this site and add new features for you! And the best part – You can decide, which features you want!

Check out this page to receive more information about future updates and let us know what you want!

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Blogging Tipps

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Blogging Guidelines

We want to ensure the best possible benefit for all travel enthusiasts. That's why we've set up a few guidelines for all bloggers to follow 🙂

How to start a travel blog

Did you decide to start your own travel blog? Don’t worry, we are going to take a closer look at all the questions that are gathering in your head.

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Want to earn money by just sharing your Travel Experiences?

What other Bloggers say!

Simple, fast & beautiful - posting is fun! I can finally share my wonderful travel experiences and be inspired at the same time 🙂
Here is the place where I can share my travel stories easily and also find some awesome beautiful destinations!
It is an incredible platform to share all the info of our travel history plus receive lots in return through other blogs! Thoroughly enjoy being a part of it 🙂

Blogger FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

You can customize many features of your profile.

The “Travel Factors” and “spoken language” options create a personal homepage for you.

Furthermore, you can set up a profile picture!

There are many more options.

The best thing to do is taking a look around your profile! 🙂

It is super easy to add a post! 

You can use our Post-Creator. Just click on “Add A Trip

You will be redirected to the Post-Creator, where you can specify some features of the trip and write about your latest amazing adventure!

If you still have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask! 

You just need two things:

  1. Travel to any destination on this beautiful planet!
  2. Be honest about your experiences 

Of course, we also added some advice for you to feel comfortable when starting to write your first post. 

Check out our : Basic Blogging Tipps

First of all – Thanks a lot for writing a new post! 

We will check your post and get back to you as soon as possible!

It may take up to 3 business days but we are doing our best to answer your request within 24 hours!

You will receive an email and get notified when we are done


Just click the EDIT POST button above your post

After clicking the button, wait a few seconds and your content will be added to the form.

Now you can edit your content and submit your changes.

After we have verified your changes, these will automatically be online.

Of course!

Even though we are very sad about it 🙁

Just click the DELETE button below your post

Be aware that the deletion is permanent, and we cannot recover your post afterwards.

The Travel Factors can help you to decide where to go next 🙂 

As a Blogger you assign them to your posts to help others to get a good first impression.

But you can also set your own Travel Factors in your profile!


Because you will get an individual landing page & personalized content! 

For example:

You select Medium Budget.

Now you will receive information about all posts that have a medium or low budget.

Of course, you can still discover all other posts as well! 

As an active member of our community you will have many benefits! 

Win Travel Gadgets!

Earn extra cash for your next trip!

And many more!

Check out the Blogger Benefits for more information.

It is very easy to turn your subscriber account into a blogger account!

Go to “Travel Role” in your profile settings.

There you can use the dropdown to upgrade your account.

But be aware that a blogger account cannot be reversed to Subscriber status!

We take this topic very seriously!

Thank you very much for reporting!

To report abuse, please click on the REPORT ABUSE button beside the post.

Afterwards you will be redirected to another page. 

There you can contact us via the form at the bottom of the page. 

Need some Inspiration

Enjoy the Traxplorio Benefits!

Register TODAY and earn some cash for your next adventure! 💰😍 We are excited to read all about your latest experience 😊 Traxplorio will never cost a single penny, but it will give you a chance to get the advantage of several promotions and offers 🙌


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