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  • Shopaholic’s paradise.
  • Amazing and unique restaurants.
  • Fun to drive.
  • Cute cafes.
  • To spot your favorite actor.
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Los Angeles also known as the “City of Angels” requires no introduction, I am sure it’s on everyone’s bucket list. Since my college days it was my dream to go see this magical place and good thing is that I lived my dream this year just before the lockdown❤️. If you’re a movie freak, this place is heaven for you. I watched so many classic movies in last couple of years, especially 80s and 90s and this has inspired me more to visit LA. My husband is also a big fan of movies, so we were having a common interests about this place😍. Los Angeles which is nestled in the state of California is blessed with sunny weather, beautiful beaches which is very accessible from the city, amazing houses, beautiful roads, shopping streets and a ton of attractions which requires at least seven days if you want to cover every part of the city. We were there for just three days, so didn’t get a chance to cover everything. We did some main attractions though. Each attraction in LA offers a ton of things and gives you so much knowledge about the city. In this blog, I will be covering about Beverly Hills as it is difficult to cover every attraction that we did in one blog.
A day at Beverly Hills🥰🥰Firstly, 
we decided to explore one of the most popular shopping destination in the world called Rodeo Drive. I have seen this place in a movie named “Pretty Woman“, so this was an absolute do for me. It is located in Beverly Hills area, California. You will find some of the most upscale fashion shops, restaurants and cafes over here. It’s a paradise for those who loves to shop and even for those who loves to walk and explore the area👍. The best part of Rodeo drive is Two Rodeo Drive, it is a beautiful cobbled street which has some of the  most popular and luxury shops such as Jimmy choo, Versace, Lanvin and Tiffany and Co.. You can even see some wonderful floral displays and street lamps on this street which will give you an European feel🥰. If you’re lucky you can even spot your favorite actor in this area. Apart from these luxury brands, there are so many other famous shops in Beverly Hills where you can shop at reasonable prices. There are also some cute cafes and amazing restaurants to try out. You can find some amazing photo worthy spots in this area to click some good pictures of you👍. There is this Beverly Hills sign which is quite famous to click pictures. There are countless shopping destinations in LA, but the ones I know and which are popular and reasonable too are The Grove and Third Street Promenade.

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A day at Beverly Hills🥰🥰 A day at Beverly Hills🥰🥰 A day at Beverly Hills🥰🥰I would recommend you to explore the streets which are parallel to Rodeo Drive to find some good cafes and restaurants. When you’re done with shopping, be sure to explore the other parts of Beverly Hills area. We drove on the streets of Beverly Hills and witnessed some of the most beautiful and upscale houses or I would rather say mansions surrounded by lushness. We had a great fun driving and was truly mesmerized by the beauty of this place💕. There are some tours which takes you on the streets of Beverly Hills, but we preferred driving our own car as we didn’t want to book ourselves for a specific time. Sunset Boulevard is another best place to drive. On Sunset Boulevard, we stopped at this famous place called Amoeba Music which has been shown in some movies. If you’re interested in buying Records, DVDs and Books, this is the best place to be. If you’re looking for good food, I cannot point out one as there are ton of restaurants which are unique in its own way. I heard that Tacos are best in LA, do checkout their famous tacos trucks if you’re a big fan of tacos.


A day at Beverly Hills🥰🥰 A day at Beverly Hills🥰🥰 A day at Beverly Hills🥰🥰

I will cover in my next blog about what we explored on the second day of our trip and how was experience.

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