Ethics Policy

Traxplorio is simply a travel blog site that aims to share travel experience from across the world. Our writers have the sole aim of sharing their experiences on specific destinations, together with the places you are able to stay there, the activities you can do, methods of transport in which you can get there and so forth. We have never and will never publish any personal attacks against individuals or companies in the industries that we write about. Nor will we personally attack any other writers in the travel industry or put any local companies or services into disrepute. 

Whilst not directly related to our material, should we mention any additional products or services that you are able to take advantage of on your trip should you so choose, we always make sure we stick to the guidelines issued by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). We will always state whether a specific company has provided any of our team with accommodation or transport as part of the destination write up. Even if this is the case, our writers are expected to adhere to our editorial rules and standards. 

Should we ever use other articles or publications in our articles, we will always make sure we have provided the link credit to the original piece.  We will also always include the source of a photo, should it not be a Traxplorio original.

For corrections or update requests, please contact [email protected]