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You have always wondered why you should travel to Africa and what the continent has to offer? Well, Africa is regarded as the cradle of the world and fascinates travelers especially because of its cultural richness and extreme diversity with which hardly any other continent can compete, be it in nature or wildlife. Read our travel guides & travel blogs about Africa and experience a unique travel to Africa.

Why you should travel to Africa

First of all, the most important question in our Travel Guides and blogs about Africa - what characterizes the so-called dark continent? Why should you travel to Africa at all?
Africa has an area of over 30 million square kilometers. Therefore the distances between North and South Africa are gigantic and the many countries are absolutely diverse and colorful! The fauna and flora of Africa has unbelievably much to offer and a single travel will not be enough for you. So think carefully about where you want to travel first in Africa - into the dense jungle of Cameroon, the dry Kalahari Desert, to a paradisiacal coast in Mozambique or to a pulsating metropolis like Cape Town? You can find all this and much more during your travel in Africa! Even more inspiration can be found in our travel blogs about Africa.

What makes Africa special?

Africa has the greatest variety of languages in the world! 25% of all languages used worldwide are spoken in Africa, that is about 2000 languages. In addition to well-known languages such as French, English, German and Portuguese, Africa has many fascinating click languages and the well-known Afrikaans, a mixture of Dutch, English and native languages. On the one hand, you can almost be sure that people will understand you when you travel to Africa, on the other hand, why not learn a new special language on your next trip?

Natural spectacle Africa

Africa is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor junkies. The continent offers breathtaking landscapes! You might ask yourself: what can I expect of the African nature? All right, we want to give you an impression in our Travel Guides and blogs about Africa:
The endlessly wide horizons shine in intense red, orange and yellow. The rivers transform the dry plains into green oases. You will find dreamlike beaches, mighty waterfalls and snow-covered peaks - all this in only one continent! Africa is perfect for safaris where you can watch the starry sky around the campfire and listen to the wild animals in your tent. This is not enough adventure for you during your travel to Africa? No problem at all, you'll get an adrenaline rush at bungee jumping, paragliding and sky diving in the middle of Africa's beautiful nature.

Unique Wild Life

Who can ever say that he/she has seen zebras, lions, elephants & co. outside a zoo? Africa makes it possible! There are many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries where you can observe all kinds of animals at close range and in the wild during your travel. But please always make sure that you choose a company that gives top priority to animals and nature. We want to live in harmony on this wonderful planet for a long time to come :) Each region has its own charm. So don't forget your binoculars and a camera.

Locals & Lifestyle

What we absolutely must mention about Africa: Africa's natives are known for their incredible hospitality, cosmopolitanism and warmheartedness - it is the perfect travel destination! It feels like a vacation among friends.
Africa is the birthplace of mankind. There are still many old African tribes and traditional villages to be discovered on your travel to Africa. Some of the more famous tribes are the Himbas in Namibia, the Massai in Kenya and the Zulu tribe in South Africa. This is where the real African life still takes place today.They have amazing hunting strategies, immense knowledge of medicinal plants and a spiritual connection to nature. And what is absolutely enviable: they radiate peace and unlimited freedom. So if you travel to Africa you can be sure to have a lot of new friends and information for your next travel blog or travel guide.

African Food

African cuisine is as diverse as the different countries of Africa. South Africa is characterized by the most varied cuisine due to the former presence of Asians and Europeans. It is also often called rainbow cuisine because South Africans are known for their love of mixing and combining food.
In the north, the cuisine is partly similar to the Arabic, especially with regard to the hot spices. Typical for the cuisine are dishes with fish, couscous, dates, sheep or lamb meat, almonds, olives and various vegetables. In the central regions you will find the typical African cooking techniques and ingredients. A main ingredient in many dishes is the starchy yam root and the plantain.
One thing is for sure: during your travel through Africa you will certainly make some culinary experiments. We would love to read about those in your next travel blog 😊

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