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You are an adventurer and a lover of extraordinary flora and fauna? Travel to Australia will be your absolute dream trip! The so-called red continent is full of secrets, peculiarities, and wonders. See the kangaroos, wombats, and platypuses in the wild, hike through the vast eucalyptus forests, discover the exciting underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy the sight of the world-famous red deserts with its Ayers Rock! A trip to Australia is an unforgettable adventure and you can get a taste of it in our travel guides & travel blogs about Australia.

What makes Australia special?

Australia is the continent of endless possibilities: there is simply so much to discover! The enchanting continent already conveys an incredible feeling of vastness and longing from afar. It offers you an incredibly diverse nature with mysterious rainforests, dreamlike beaches and the famous outback, a breathtaking animal world with sugar-sweet koalas and kangaroos, pulsating metropolises like Perth and Sydney and in addition a lot of adventure and adrenaline. Once in his life, everyone should travel to Australia and get to know the unique diversity of this continent! In our travel blogs about Australia, you will find the top highlights, insider tips, and must-sees to plan your next travel to Australia.

Why you should travel to Australia

Hardly any continent is as exciting and fascinating as Australia! Backpacker or luxury lover? Solo traveler or traveling with the family? City fan or hiking freak? In Australia there are countless ways to explore the continent and each of them has its own charm. The continent offers a wide variety of travel options, plenty of safety, and a whole culture of individual travelers. Even though working vacations have been taxed since 2016, nowhere else will you be welcomed with such open arms and with such a distinctive infrastructure for work and travel and camping vacations. You can hardly experience Australia more authentically and the good thing is that you can travel to Australia on a budget. Tell us about your great experiences in your next travel blog about Australia.

Natural wonder Australia

Australia's nature: impressive, inspiring, and sometimes a bit surreal. Hardly any other continent attracts so many visitors because of its diverse and breathtaking nature as Australia. Wondering where to travel to Australia and what to discover? Well, just minutes away from a big city, you can discover the rainforests and the red desert. You'll have the opportunity to swim in the mysterious blue sea, lined with white dream beaches, and read the ancient Aboriginal rock paintings. For a change of pace, you can also climb a snow-covered mountain. Yes, you read correctly, in Australia there is not only bright sunshine but also snow, isn't that amazing? There are countless natural spectacles that you can experience during your trip through Australia. Famous sights like the huge coral reef Great Barrier Reef, the Pink Lake Hillier, the bubbling Champagne Pools in Queensland, the glowing plankton of Jervis Bay, the Aurora Australis (the counterpart of the Northern Lights) in Tasmania, and much more are waiting for you! That's not enough for you? Then check out our travel blogs & guides about Australia and get inspired for your next trip to Australia.

Fascinating wildlife

Australia is not only scenically stunning but also has unique wildlife that can only be found on this continent. For example, 83% of all mammals and 93% of all amphibians live exclusively on the Australian continent. In addition, due to the different climatic zones of Australia, you can observe a wide variety of animal species. Among them, you will find cute but also extremely poisonous animals. Probably the most famous animals in Australia are the kangaroos and cuddly koalas, which you will find during your travel through Australia primarily in the eucalyptus trees in Victoria and Queensland. Since the little marsupials need 20 hours of sleep a day, you will most likely find them sleeping. No less cute are the wombats and short-tailed kangaroos quokkas on Rottest Island. Unfortunately, these cute little animals are threatened with extinction, which is why it is especially important to protect this species.

Ever heard of the redback spider or the Sydney funnel-web spider? These two spider species are among the most poisonous spiders in Australia and a bite can be fatal. But we can reassure you a bit. There is now an antidote for the venom of the Sydney funnel-web spider. Australia also has dangerous animals such as snakes, crocodiles, sharks, and the stingray, which gained its fame through the death of "Crocodile Hunter". As you can see, the fauna of Australia is quite adventurous! As a matter of principle, during your trip through Australia, please make sure to take tours that focus on animal conservation. After all, the fascinating Australian wildlife should be preserved for a long time.

First class food

During your trip through Australia, you'll quickly notice that the cuisine is all about quality ingredients that are best enjoyed together in the incredible landscapes. You'll find traditional dishes with plenty of international influences from the many immigrants. Let's have a barbie - a hearty barbecue! Australians take every opportunity to fire up the barbecue. They serve kangaroo steak, a crocodile on a spit, grilled oysters, and much more. For dessert, you can enjoy juicy mangoes, pineapple, and a slice of lamingtons, Australia's national cake.

In addition to the delicious food, you'll also find an incredible beverage selection, such as unique craft beer and outstanding red wines. People gather in their backyards, in parks, and on the beach and simply enjoy the delicious food, drinks, and happy get-togethers. Whether it's a barbecue in the outback or a fine restaurant in Sydney, Australia's gastronomy offers something for every taste. We are curious which dish you liked best during your travel through Australia and look forward to reading about your culinary experiences in your next travel blog about Australia here on Traxplorio.

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