Best Cliff Jumping Spots In New Jersey: Take The Leap Of Your Life!

Sometimes rejuvenation and regaining your strength after the hustle and bustle of real life simply can’t be achieved by engaging in ‘mundane’ recreational activities such as golfing, visiting hot springs or going on a picnic. Nope, some people simply need to risk their lives in order to destress and for some (utterly bizarre) reason, we totally respect that. 

One will never know if this highly unconventional method of having fun and feeling alive is tied to the basic human urge to escape the routine of daily life or if it’s just a way to be in control of your fears, but the fact remains that those engaging in untraditional and high-risk sports has increased dramatically over the decade. 

Cliff jumping is the one of the most engaging sports out there, seeing as it doesn’t require the hiring or purchase of equipment like other sports do; just the right location and your own free will, together with the wits and flair for such a dangerous adrenaline high. 

Much to local adventurers’ content, the state of New Jersey happens to be a home to some of the best cliff jumping spots in the US. 

There you’ll find plenty of proper vintage points to take a leap and even make it scenic. 

So if you want to take a detour from traditional and conventional sports, let’s have a virtual tour of the best cliff jumping spots in New Jersey and test your adrenaline-level.

Important Safety Precautions

Cliff jumping is one of the most dangerous sports out there. Suffice to say that it’s also one of the deadliest. So before we begin our virtual tour, it is imperative that even adrenaline junkies (or them in particular) are warned about and fully aware of the risks that cliff jumping/diving entails.

  • These destinations may not be available for cliff jumping all-year-round considering that water levels are deceptive and change constantly, so the technical pointers provided in this article will need to be triple-checked by the jumper on their own before they head out. 
  • It’s extremely important to always survey the area in advance before jumping! 
  • In every single instance do individual research and double-check the laws and regulations regarding cliff jumping to make sure that it’s legal.
  • Never go cliff diving in illegal destinations. They’re restricted for a reason or numerous reasons. It may be because the water is too shallow or is lined with lethal rocks, or it has seen a high death rate, etc.

When you jump off a cliff you need to be fully aware that your life or the life of your loved one is at stake. Be smart and prioritize your own limits and safety over your friends’ perception of it if you’re not an adrenaline-seeker by nature. People have been permanently or fatally injured while engaging in this sport so be careful and jump at your own risk.

Canyon Cliff Jump – Mountain Creek Waterpark

Located in Vernon, New Jersey, Mountain Creek Waterpark is one of the most frequented recreation destinations in the area that also happens to boast a cliff jumping spot – known as Canyon Cliff Jump – that consists of two jumping platforms of different heights. One is 18 feet high and another is 23 feet high.

Canyon Cliff Jump captured by @mountaincreek_waterpark on IG.

Once you take a leap you’ll end up in the natural turquoise clear water that pools at the base of the cliff. 

Canyon Cliff Jump is one of the most popular and easy-to-get-to destinations in New Jersey. On top of that, it’s one of the safest ones that even kids can take a leap off of, as long as they’re over 54’’. 

Once you’re done chasing your adrenaline high, you can indulge in numerous water slides and countless additional amenities offered in this beautiful amusement park.

Address: Mountain Creek, 200 Route 94, Vernon, New Jersey 07462

Canyon Cliff Jump captured by @mountaincreek_waterpark on IG.

Terrace Pond – Wawayanda State Park

Located in Wawayanda State Park in West Milford, Terrace Pond is one of the relatively remote cliff diving destinations on this list. Requiring a bit of a hike to get to and offering spectacular views before and during your jump, this cliff jumping destination really takes the cake as one of the best in the state and a favorite among thrill-seekers. 

Terrace Pond is also known to be a place where snapping turtles dwell. There you’ll also find extremely clear blue waters that’ll help you considerably with assessing the spot and deciding whether or not it’s safe to take a leap.

Terrace Pond captured by @mrnaturalnyc on IG.

Don’t forget that the cliff and shorelines are really slippery so if you don’t think that you’re strong enough to pull your body out of the water, then maybe skip this one. 

Before you jump, be sure to survey the area and the water, make sure that it’s deep enough for a dive and then get your long-awaited adrenaline fix. 

Getting there

Exit Route 23 and take Clinton Road and stay on it for 8 miles. That’s where you’ll see a trailhead leading to Terrace Pond. The hike will take approximately 30 minutes.

Terrace Pond from the west shore courtesy of @catrocks_cams on IG.

Kraft’s Bridge – Hainesport (Rancocas State Park)

Located in Rancocas State Park in Hainesport Township and overlooking the Delaware River, Kraft’s Bridge is the most unique destination on this list seeing as it’s a bridge rather than a cliff. However, it’s still popular among cliff divers nonetheless. 

Nestled at a perfect vintage point that gives the jumper a spectacular view of the entire park, Kraft’s Bridge stands at 40 feet high. Jumpers are highly encouraged to always have spotters or rescue divers for this particular jump. 

If leaping off this bridge isn’t your thing, there are plenty of rocks in the area that you can opt for instead.

Location: Rancocas State Park, Hainesport, NJ.

Cliff jumping from Kraft’s Bridge. Screenshot from a YT video courtesy of @Adrenaline Edge 2.

Contrary To Popular Belief:

There are countless unofficial cliff diving spots in New Jersey where it’s not even permitted to visit, let alone jump off of. 

As we mentioned above, cliff jumping is one of the most dangerous sports that exists that can result in repercussions that one can not come back from, so when there’s a clear and definite warning that the area is restricted, then it’s off-limits for a good reason.

Some of the restricted cliff jumping areas are: 

  • Split Rock Reservoir 
  • Long Pond Ironworks State Park
  • Ringwood State Park

The Final Takeaway

There are plenty of other cliff jumping spots in New Jersey that you can visit and take a leap off of. However, it’s important to note that there is no proper information on other destinations, which leads one to believe that they aren’t exactly safe for such endeavors. 

Cliff jumping in New Jersey is one of the most popular activities for battling the unbearable summer heat. It’s exhilarating and gives you the kind of high that you won’t find even in the strongest stimulants on the planet. So as long as you follow safety guidelines, plan ahead and bring a friend along in case of an emergency, trying out the picks on our list are sure to give you the exact thrill that you’re looking for.


We at Traxplorio are only describing the places where people can go cliff jumping. We do not take responsibility for the repercussions that may follow this activity such as injuries, legal issues or fatal incidents. Jumpers need to do research of their own before pursuing it and practice extreme caution.

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