Soak In Style – Our 12 Favorite Commercial Hot Springs In New Mexico

A brief description of New Mexico might include white sand, epic blue skies, snow-capped mountain peaks, incredible vistas, the Wild West meets modern art, forests, lakes, rivers – places to fish, ski, go boating, caving, hiking, rock climbing, camping and backpacking…and when you’re done with that, you can go have a hot springs soak to reclaim your energy! 

The most famous center for commercial hot springs is the town of Truth or Consequences, but there are plenty of other very worthy soaks dotted around the state. We at Traxplorio have picked out our favorite commercial hot springs in New Mexico based on character and quality, and we think we’ve got something for everyone here – whether you prefer a communal soak, a private hot tub, nude or clothed, modern or rustic, alone or with the kids. Check them out below!

1. Jemez Hot Springs

Source: jemezhotsprings

The peaceful retreat of Jemez Hot Springs is truly a desert oasis, offering four shallow, turquoise, easy-to-access hot water pools boasting over 17 healing minerals. Soak up the positive vibes among desert rocks, lush greenery, and bright flowers against a background of rolling hills and a babbling creek.

What To Expect

The Jemez Springs (formerly Giggling Hot Springs) resort offers four 98-105°F therapeutic mineral water pools, on a well-maintained and tranquil site. There is pool-side seating, plenty of space for sunbathing or resting in the shade, and the chance to be served tea, coffee, or a cool juice or smoothie as you soak.

Don’t Miss…

Good To Know

Overnight guests get two hours of complimentary soaking (10am – 5pm).

Admission: 1-hour property pass/soak: $25/person*, 2-hour property pass/soak: $50/person (walk-ins only, they do not take reservations for the pools).

You can rent towels and bathing suits if you’ve come unprepared.

There is no on-site restaurant, but there are several restaurants nearby.

Stay overnight (book in advance here) in a cabin from $195.

Clothing required.

Address: 40 Abousleman Loop, Jemez Springs, NM


2. Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa

Photo by Ancho

Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa is a popular hot-springer destination, boasting nine public mineral soaking pools and a mud pool in a Pueblo-style resort.

What To Expect

The nine beautifully designed and maintained public pools at the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa flow with 100% natural mineral water of temperatures between 98-105°F, and are rich in iron, lithia, arsenic, and soda- great for uplifting your mood and rejuvenating tired muscles. 

The pools here are designated as “Whisper Zones,” guaranteeing a serene and happy soak.

Don’t Miss…

  • Staying in the Ojo Caliente Historic Hotel, charming North Cottages, or in a Vintage Trailer.
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner at the on-site restaurant (reservations recommended).
  • Yoga classes in the Yoga Yurt.
  • Hiking, Biking & Birding in New Mexico’s high desert.
Review by Tom H

Good To Know

Day Soaking: 10am–10pm daily.

Admission: $45 Monday–Thursday, $65 Friday–Sunday and on holidays.

Locker and towel provided. Robe rental: $18 (included in an overnight stay).

Avoid weekends and holidays if you don’t like crowds.

Public pools require clothing, private pools are clothing optional.

Address: 50 Los Banos Dr., Ojo Caliente, NM


3. Riverbend Hot Springs

Riverbend Hot Springs

The Riverbend Hot Springs resort offers stunning soaks among unbeatable New Mexico riverside scenery.

In their words:

“Long considered sacred by the Apache and Mimbres tribes of Southern New Mexico, the natural, mineral-rich water of Riverbend Hot Springs has been relaxing and rejuvenating warriors and peace-seekers alike for centuries. Untouched and odor-free, the world-class mineral water is pumped from deep within the Earth directly to the pools.”

What To Expect

Right on the banks of the Rio Grande, Riverbend Hot Springs offers all those aged 12 and over public and private pools of 95-108°F, decks extending into the river, and loungers and hammocks to laze on among breathtaking surroundings, and in the winter, cozy fire pits for night-time relaxation.

Common hot springs pools are available by the hour (reservation required), or you can opt for a “Whisper Zone” private pool (50 minutes) or full unlimited access to the common pools with an overnight stay.

Don’t Miss…

Good To Know

Admission: $25-35 common soak per hour, $35-50 private soak per hour

Stay in a room from $150/night, or rent an RV space from $65/night.

Clothing is optional in private pools, required in communal soaking areas.

Address: 100 Austin St, Truth or Consequences, NM


4. Hot Springs Glamp Camp


The name says it all – get glamping with this unique Truth or Consequences hot-springing experience that allows you to soak away your worries and spend your evening quietly socializing by the bonfire.

What To Expect

Hot Springs Glamp Camp is a mecca for van lifers and digital nomads looking for some desert camping – with strong Wi-Fi allowing you to soak while you work. While away the evening around the fire or enjoy a night of desert star-gazing.

The resort boasts three outdoor tubs of around 107-111°F, and one indoor jetted jacuzzi, to which all guests have 24/7 unlimited access. The pools have continually flowing waters, guaranteeing top level mineral content and cleanliness, and contain trace elements of 38 different minerals, including magnesium, lithium, and silica for smooth skin and a positive mood.

Don’t Miss…

Review by Debbie W

Good To Know

Stay in a vintage RV, yurt, or “the Dome.”

Admission: $50 dry camping, $75 full hookups.

The pool water contains chloride. The tubs are cleaned and sanitized by staff daily and in between each use. 

Private tubs are clothing optional; public tubs require guests to be clothed.

Address: W675 S Foch St., Truth or Consequences, NM


5. Fire Water Lodge

Source: firewaterlodge

Bathe where Geronimo bathed; heal as the Apaches healed; relax as you deserve to relax – this is a cute spa-motel called Fire Water Lodge in downtown Truth or Consequences!

What To Expect

Each room at Fire Water Lodge boasts its own private 2-4 person geothermal hot mineral tub, either tiled, metal or plastic, with water running at around 104 – 108°F. The decor is a warm reflection of the Chihuahuan Desert, with hand-crafted furnishings and original artwork. Book a session with a healing arts professional for a massage or reflexology treatment.

Stay in one of their many beautiful rooms, each with its own style that exuberates warmth and positivity. See the options here.

Don’t Miss…

Good To Know

The artisan rooms boast handcrafted art and ceramics.

There is a fully-equipped communal kitchen.

Admission: From $115/night

Clothing is optional in private soaking areas.

Address: 311 N Broadway St, Truth or Consequences, NM


6. La Paloma Hot Springs

Source: tripadvisor

Historic cabin rooms and suites surrounding a quiet courtyard in Truth or Consequences make La Paloma a very popular soaking destination. Stay the night or drop in during the day. Either way, the peaceful soak will do you a world of good!

What To Expect

A little New Mexico oasis, La Paloma has both indoor and outdoor hot mineral, gravel-bottomed pools of varying size and temperature (98 to 116°F), and you can order a deep-tissue or reflexology massage to extend the rejuvenating experience. Go with friends, rent a suite, cook together, then hang out in the courtyard and play games.

Don’t Miss…

  • The ghost towns of Cuchillo and Chloride.
  • Boating and kayaking at the 40,000 acre Elephant Butte Lake.
  • Hiking and climbing at Gila National Forest.

Good To Know

Admission: 30 minute sessions from $7/person; One hour from $12/person. 

Towels, water, coconut water and snacks available for an additional fee. 

Reserve The LongHouse outdoor pool as a private pool for $20/person/hour.

Open to the public for walk-in soaking:10am – 10pm, 7 days per week.

Each room has a kitchenette or full kitchen and 24/7 access to the private natural flowing (no pipes!) artesian hot spring pools.

Clothing optional indoors; outdoors clothing is required.

Address: 311 Marr St., Truth or Consequences, NM


7. Sierra Grande Lodge

Source: tedturnerreserves

Truth or Consequences offers a 17-room hotel and private house built right over a mineral-enriched geothermal hot springs. The healing here is so great, you’ll be guaranteed to want to extend your stay!

What To Expect

Sierra Grande Lodge is a rejuvenating spa retreat that offers holistic wellness services (including facials and skincare treatment), and private indoor and outdoor 104°F geothermal hot springs for its overnight guests. 

Each lodge room is tastefully decorated with typical warm, south-western accents to aid in your positive rejuvenation.

Don’t Miss…

Review by Shannon B

Good To Know

You get a 30-minute complimentary hot spring soak per day.

Continental breakfast is included in the price of your stay.

Admission: From $240/night.

Clothing-optional in private bathing areas.

Address: 501 McAdoo Street, Truth or Consequences, NM


8. Gila Hot Springs Ranch

Photo by Christine D

The Gila Hot Springs RV Ranch is a popular destination for explorers who seek a base they can come back to and soak at after a day’s adventuring in the wilderness. The Ranch offers guided backpacking trips and horseback riding, alongside its hot springs pools, jacuzzi and mineral showers.

What To Expect

In the soaking areas, you’ll find both pay-for, shaded, rock-edged tubs, and riverside, gravel-bottomed primitive pools, all shallow and all fed by the 168°F hot springs source, which cools as it flows. 

The self-catered, fully furnished apartments at Gila Hot Springs RV Ranch are TV and phone-free, encouraging you to take the break you need from the daily grind. Also available is a 1940s cabin and a tree-lined RV Park. RVs are supplied with geothermal water on-site.

Don’t Miss…

Good To Know

Admission: Lodges from $100/ night, RV full hookups from $35/night.

Hot springs: $5.50/person.

Clothing required.

Address: 3778 Highway 15, Mimbres, NM


10. Blackstone Hot Springs

Source: blackstonehotsprings

Blackstone offers a unique “Truth or Consequences” charm, with carefully chosen decor in film-themed rooms (see the video below!), and clean, luxury baths that are open for both overnight guests and walk-ins.

What To Expect

Every room on Blackstone’s main property features private in-room hot springs, and both walk-ins and overnight guests can book any of the three outdoor luxury baths for a 45-minute session.

They say:

“Each of our rooms contains a unique collection of original artworks, studio photos, and retro furnishings and include a private in-room hot spring feature”

The 4-8-person outdoor but covered private pools are 98-115°F, crystal-clear, odor-free, and offer perfect privacy and style in their own fenced-off areas with showers and in-pool and poolside seating.

The property’s wet room gives you a geothermal sauna experience – and you can enjoy a waterfall massage as you soak!

Don’t Miss…

Good To Know

There is a strict no cell phone rule to keep the atmosphere as peaceful as the surrounding nature.

Admission (45-minute soak): Walk-ins $45/1-2 people, Hotel guests $25/1-2 people.

Clothing optional in private areas.

Address: 410 Austin, Truth or Consequences, NM


11. Faywood Hot Springs

Source: Faywood Hot Springs

Go nude or go clothed- the rustic, natural geothermal overnight resort of Faywood Hot Springs respects both naturists and those more comfortable keeping their clothes on while they soak!

What To Expect

There are tent sites for camping (both clothing optional and clothing required), pull-through and back-in RV sites with full hookups, and private cabins. See here for more details.

There are four private pools/tubs for 4-10 people ranging from 102 – 107°F, available to rent by the hour. The fenced-off group pool holds up to 25 people and has its own bathroom, showers, changing rooms, tables and chairs. There are also three 24/7 access pools for overnight guests. All pools are surrounded by soothing greenery and seating, to allow for a maximally relaxing experience.

Don’t Miss…

Good To Know

Peacocks are loose on the property.

All pools are routinely drained and cleaned.  

Admission: Private pools –  Adult $20/hour, Child (<12) $10/hour; Group pool $108 covering first 6 people, thereafter Adult $20, Child (<12) $10 

Cabins are from $45/person/night and there are monthly and weekly rates on RV sites.

The Visitor’s Center offers a hot beverages bar, a convenience store and a gift shop.  

Some areas are clothing-optional, others not. Check before you go.

Address: 165 Highway 61, Faywood, NM


12. Ten Thousand Waves Spa

Source: thesnowboardersjournal

We’ve saved a real treat for the last hot springs on our New Mexico commercial list! Imagine koi ponds in a calm and clean Zen garden; Japanese food served in a smart on-site restaurant, and private hot mineral baths in natural stone and wood surroundings. The Ten Thousand Waves Spa is a luxury you deserve – a real Japanese atmosphere of serenity and relaxation.

What To Expect

The bathing experience at Ten Thousand Waves is modeled on the great hot spring onsen of Japan, with natural accents and an emphasis on clean and calm.

They say:

“Each of our bathing environments is totally self-contained with a hot tub, sauna, and your own private changing room and showers. We allow time between each session to disinfect surfaces and to assure that the entire volume of water in the hot tub and cold plunge has gone through a complete filtration/sanitation cycle.”

There are eight pools in all. The largest is the outdoor communal pool, with a waterfall, decking, showers and saunas. Others count indoor and outdoor soaking areas, some with private bathrooms and cold plunges. See the full (and incredibly inspiring!) list here (click each individual hot spring name listed on the left for details and photos).

Hot tub mineral water is kept at 104-106°F, cold plunges (if you dare!) are around 55°F, and the saunas average 180°F.

Don’t Miss…

  • The Ichiban room – with an amazing Japanese toilet that “does almost everything for you!”
  • Exploring Santa Fe.

Good To Know

Admission: $78/person/90 minutes in a private tub. By reservation only.

There is a Japanese-themed gift store on-site.

The restaurant offers upscale izakaya dishes and an extensive selection of premium Japanese sake.

All private areas are clothing optional. Bathing suits are required in communal areas.

Address: 21 Ten Thousand Waves Way, Santa Fe


The Takeaway

New Mexico has a lot to offer those desert explorers looking for a relaxing hot mineral soak with character and quality. These resorts offer private and communal soaking options and cover all bases of tastes – from luxury hot springs pools and jacuzzis to simple soak-in-a-tubs with the family. Some offer day-use, while others are for overnighters only. Whichever you choose, be sure to read the details of the sites both on Traxplorio (where we compile reviews, photos reports and personal experience) and on the official sites themselves.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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