Explore Some Of The Best Commercial Hot Springs In Oregon

Sometimes all we need is just to let all of our worries slip away and de-stress to the core so we can face the next day with a newfound strength. Even though hot springs have always been extremely successful distractors from our mundane responsibilities, enjoying our favorite destressors with some extra amenities never hurts matters. We’re only human after all. There are instances where we’re not up for a miles-long hike and want to access hot springs without any complications. That’s when commercial hot springs come in. 

Truth be told, you won’t find many commercial hot springs in the state of Oregon, but you will find diversity in that small number. 

Let this article be your guide to the best commercial springs in Oregon.

The picks on this list are fit for all types of budgets and preferences because, for a lot of people, the soaking experience isn’t about the luxury but about health and the abundance of minerals that can do wonders for body, mind and soul.

Lithia Springs Resort

First up we have Lithia Hot Springs located 3 miles from Ashland, Oregon – a spa and retreat consisting of countless amenities, top-tier service, and gorgeous and serene infrastructure composed of light and tranquil colors. With that said, Lithia Springs really borders on being a luxury retreat center. 

Here you’ll find numerous soaking options including private hot spring tubs in every room, as well as public springs with the water temperature hovering around 100°F-104°F. A fitness center and Waterstone Spa services are also available for your enjoyment. Unfortunately, day-use is not available. You’ll have to make advanced reservations and stay overnight, which of course will include the use of the hot springs. Accommodation options are plentiful and vary from rooms to suites and bungalows.

Learn details here.

Gorgeous Lithia Hot Springs Resort. Source: lithiaspringsresort.com

Breitenbush Hot Springs

This back-country-style, eco-friendly hot springs facility is located only 10 miles from Detroit, OR and consists of all amenities fit for a comfortable and spiritually recharging stay. At Breitenbush Hot Springs, stretching over a ginormous piece of indigenous land, you will find spa services, a tranquil environment, friendly community and soaking options aplenty (temperature ranges between 100°F-110°F). However, as an-eco friendly establishment you will also be served vegetarian meals, have limited utility sources and a full digital detox for however long you decide to stay. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, then Breitenbush Hot Springs is not the place for you. 

Overnight accommodation is also available as well as day-use, with an average price of $35.

One of the Meadow Pools at Breitenbush Hot Springs. Screencap from Breitenbush promo videos.

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs Resort is a commercial facility with non-commercial vibes. As we said, sometimes one just wants an all-natural experience without any natural inconveniences (such as mud, washed away hiking trails, algae, amoeba etc.) and we respect that. Summer Lake Hot Springs is exactly that. 

Located in Paisley, OR and nestled in all things green and surrounded by a mountainous landscape, Summer Lake HS boasts indoor (98°F) and outdoor (104°F) hot spring pools, RV hookups, a campground, cabins and guest houses. Don’t let its unassuming appearance fool you, because it’s one of the most frequented commercial hot springs facilities in the state. 

Note that there’s no Wi-Fi or cell service so be prepared in case of an emergency. 

No day-use available. Advanced reservations are required.

Full look at Summer Lake Hot Springs resort captured by @fedbarr on IG.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Family retreats, group getaways and romantic dates – you can get it all here in Crystal Crane Hot Springs, AKA Crane Hot Springs. 

This semi-natural spring, located in Burns, OR and tucked into the heart of open wide valleys, contains 300,000 gallons of water (101°F) and is wide enough to accommodate multiple large groups of people. This is what makes Crystal Crane a place favored by families, but worry not because Crystal Crane Hot Springs provides many opportunities to have some alone-time with your loved ones far from the bustle of enthusiastic children. There are adult-only accommodation options equipped with hot tubs for your rejuvenation. Cedarwood bath houses are also available for rental for more privacy.

The hot spring is open 24/7 making it one of the best destinations for stargazing.

Day use fees are $10-$15.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs at dusk captured by @cranehotsprings on IG.

Alvord Hot Springs

Go to Alvord Hot Springs when you’re done adventuring and exploring the outdoors and just want to sit back and admire nature in peace. Alvord Hot Springs is tucked only a mile below the Steens Mountain peak and above – drum roll, please – the Alvord Desert, making it a perfect apres-exploration destination. 

There you’ll find a rectangular metal pool that’s divided into two, and a couple of metal tubs with the water temperature hovering around a toasty 110°F. You’ll get access to the pools for just $20.

Campgrounds are also available for those looking to get the full outdoor experience.

Alvord Hot Springs. Photo source: @idahoexplored on IG. 

Belknap Hot Springs

Belknap Hot Springs is one of the gems of central Oregon situated along the McKenzie River. This is one of the best hot spring spots out there that comes with the extremely great bonus of top-tier vacation amenities such as lodges, cabins, RV sites, tent sites and quite a decent number of extremely picturesque gardens.  

There you’ll also find 2 thermal pools of 102°F-104°F, where wearing swimsuits is a must. 

A 1-hour-pass is only $10. Contrary to popular belief, all-day passes are no longer available. 

With Belknap’s beautiful infrastructure, scenic views courtesy of the MacKenzie River and strict policies to ensure the comfort of its guests, you’re in for a very memorable stay.

Belknap Hot Springs photographed by @kristen.nicol3 on IG.

Etiquette Guidelines

Every hot spring has its own quirks.They all have a set of rules that visitors need to follow regardless of what kind of spring you’re visiting. For more general and very important “hot springs etiquette,” we highly recommend you take a moment to check out our carefully compiled easy-to-read list of “dos and don’ts” here. And always, always respect our nature – pack out what you pack in and LEAVE NO TRACE.

The Final Takeaway

It’s true that the selection of the best commercial hot springs in Oregon isn’t exactly vast. However, it’s flexible enough to appeal to all kinds visitors with all kinds of preferences

If you think that you’d enjoy any of these destinations, then all you need to do is sit back, start planning and use this article as your starting guideline. Don’t forget to check weather and road conditions during your prep, seeing as a lot of these springs are located in extremely remote areas. 

Pay a visit, follow the etiquette guidelines and let your worries fall away in a steamy, thermal void.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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