From Luxury Spa To A Splash In The Park – These Are The 6 Best Hot Springs To Visit In New York State

In the 1800s, the state of New York was globally renowned for its hot springs, and hotels and resorts sprung up like mushrooms to host the guests flocking there for the healing properties of a mineral soak. Many of these mineral water resorts closed down after the second world war, despite heavy endorsement from President Roosevelt himself. One of his favorite mineral water destinations was Saratoga, known as the “Queen of Spas”. The city of Saratoga has the only naturally carbonated springs east of the Rocky Mountains and, interestingly, even before the Europeans descended on the land, the Mohawks considered the place sacred, calling it “Serachtague,” – “place of rushing water.” 

The water is still believed to treat various diseases, and at the very least to improve some medical conditions, and even today, people come from all over to drink and bathe in one of the area’s many springs, or to treat themselves or loved ones to a spa day. Be one of those people. Let’s check out New York State’s best spas below.

1. Gideon Putnam Resort / The Roosevelt Baths And Spa

Roosevelt Baths and Spa. Source: discoversaratoga

Gideon Putnam Resort is a charming old hotel that offers both top-notch lodgings and luxurious mineral hot spring experiences. 

Established in 1935, the on-site Roosevelt Baths and Spa has 42 treatment rooms offering massages, facials, body treatments, and even yoga!

What guests coming here love most is a soak in one of the spa’s 97 – 100°F private mineral baths.

What To Expect

The Gideon Putnam Resort, in the beautiful surrounds of the Saratoga Spa State Park, is the epitome of old world grandeur, ideal for both those with exquisite taste and high demands, and those looking for a really special mineral soaking treat.

An integral part of Gideon Putnam Resort is the Roosevelt Baths & Spa. 

The owners say:

“It begins with a private soak in Saratoga’s naturally effervescent water. Guests will discover a delightfully buoyant quality to the mineral water, and revel in Saratoga’s signature brand of aquatic bliss. The mineral water is captured cold from underground springs, then mixed with warm fresh water to a neutral temperature for maximum benefits.”

Interestingly, Roosevelt Baths & Spa takes COLD mineral water from underground springs, and mixes it with warm FRESH water to make a neutral temperature that is comfortable to soak in. Even diluted, these waters are historically renowned for their healing properties, and were even bottled and sold until 1970. In fact, it was tradition in the past for guests to stay a prescribed “3 weeks and take 21 mineral baths” so as to experience the full healing benefits of the waters.


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Don’t Miss…

  • The hotel’s salon, gym and on-site restaurant with its outdoor terrace.
  • A chance to enhance your experience at Roosevelt Baths and Spa with some aromatherapy.
  • A walk around the Saratoga Spa State Park.
  • Drinking the mineral water to boost your health.

Good To Know

Over 18s only at the Roosevelt Baths and Spa.

Guests get a complimentary steam room, locker area, and relaxation lounge with their Roosevelt Baths and Spa treatment.

Rooms at Gideon Putnam Resort come with WiFi, private verandas, TVs and in-room coffee machines. 

Hotel guests can get a free shuttle over to the Roosevelt Baths and Spa.

Soaking rates: $35 for a 20-minute soak, $50 for 40 minutes.

Spa hours: Open daily from 9am to 5pm.

Where: 24 Gideon Putnam Rd, Saratoga Springs, New York


2. Medbery Inn & Spa

Medbery Inn and Spa. Source: medberyinnandspa

Medbery Inn & Spa is a historic hot spring hotel whose personal spring, the San Souci, pumps out water that has been renowned for its healing properties for a century.

What To Expect

The renowned hotel reopened after some remodeling in 2003, having kept its traditional style and vintage ambiance in parallel with the introduction of additional modern amenities for guest comfort.

Overnight guests at Medbery Inn & Spa can expect luxurious hotel rooms to complement their spa and soak time. There are also day-spa services for those planning to stay elsewhere but wanting to experience the grandeur of this resort. 

It is said that water from the historic hot springs of San Souci can improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and help heal skin problems.

Don’t Miss…

  • A rose petal or aromatherapy bath. 
  • A foot bath, facial or massage.

Good To Know

Rates: Classic mineral water bath – $35, Couples bath – $65, Rose petal and aromatherapy baths are also available. 

Each bathroom comes with a glass of wine and a small chocolate to ease you into the idea that you really deserve this treat!

Open: Daily from 9am to 7pm.

Where: 48 Front Street, Ballston Spa, New York


3. The Springs Integrative Medicine Center & Spa

A bathtub at The Springs Integrative Medicine Center & Spa. Source: gvhealthnews

The Springs Integrative Medicine Center & Spa (known to most as simply “The Springs”) is based on and inspired by the historic Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, which was treating patients through mineral water therapy as far back as the 1850s. The Springs prides itself on skilfully combining conventional Western medicine with Eastern traditions, among them massage and acupuncture, as well as mineral water therapy.

What To Expect

The Springs has a plethora of mineral hot spring baths for you to choose from according to your needs and fancy on the day, among them a Himalayan mineral bath, “lavender relaxation” bath, “Frankincense reflection” bath, “moor peat” bath, sinus relief bath and of course, a simple classic soak!

Don’t Miss…

  • A body wrap– choose from moor peat, chocolate or herbal depending on what ails you!
  • A deliciously oily Ayurvedic Bodywork treatment.
  • An acupuncture session, as developed by Chinese masters over 4000 years ago.
  • A 15 – 90 minute massage.

Good To Know

Soaking in a bath ranges in cost from $25 to $40/session.

The mineral water here is packed with magnesium and calcium, great for pain and inflammation relief. 

Specially tailored mineral baths and treatments are also available for kids!

Open: Monday through Friday (by appointment only).

Rates: From $25/person for a 20-minute soak.Where: 1300 Wing 2, Coulter Rd, Clifton Springs, New York


4. The Peerless Mineral Water Pool Complex

Peerless Mineral Water Pool. Source: saratoga

Not so much of a hot spring soak as a cool mineral water playground – The Peerless Mineral Water Pool Complex in Saratoga Spa State Park offers three swimming areas for soaking and splashing fun in the sun.

What To Expect

The biggest of the three pools in the complex is about the size of a football field, has a sloped entrance, rubber non-slip flooring, and is shallow enough that kids can sit comfortably in the pool while they play and cool off. 

The kiddie pool is one-foot deep and boasts a cute mushroom fountain to entertain the little ones. 

And if that’s not enough to add on to a super day out in nature, go check out the exciting 19-foot double water slide for older kids and adults, with a “landing” in around three feet of that same natural mineral water.

Don’t Miss…

  • Biking, walking, fishing, hiking and ice skating in Saratoga State Park.
  • The geyser.
  • Drinking the mineral water.

Good To Know

Open late June – early September, 10am – 6pm.

Lifeguards are on duty at each pool/soaking/sliding area.

You can get food and drink nearby.

There is a locker room, bathroom, and showers on-site.

Free to swim, but per-vehicle fees apply for parking ($10 at time of writing).

Clothing required.

Where: 19 Roosevelt Drive Saratoga Springs, New York


5. Victoria Mineral Water Pool

Victoria Mineral Water Pool. Source: ultimatehotspringsguide

Victoria Mineral Water Pool is a popular local outdoor, cool mineral water pool surrounded by historic arched promenades which really take you back to when it first opened nearly a century ago (1935). While it was once America’s first heated pool, it no longer gets heated and is only available for soaking in during the warm summer months.

What To Expect

For your $8 entrance fee, you get a clean, natural mineral water pool – which will be warm if the weather allows (though the spring itself is not hot), access to a lounger, changing facilities and a bathroom, and the chance to grab a tasty lunch at a poolside table.


Don’t Miss…

  • Biking, walking, fishing, hiking and ice skating in Saratoga State Park.
  • The geyser.
  • Drinking the mineral water.

Good To Know

Open late June – early September, 10am – 6pm.

You can get food and drink nearby.

There is a locker room, bathroom, and showers on-site.

Adults, seniors, and children over five must pay an entry fee ($4-8 at time of writing), and per-vehicle fees apply for parking (at time of writing – $10).

Clothing required.

Where: 19 Roosevelt Drive Saratoga Springs, New York


6. Saratoga Turf And Spa Motel

Saratoga Turf and Spa Motel via saratogaturfandspa

We’re adding Saratoga’s Turf & Spa Motel to this list in hopes that the owners will have cleaned up their resort by the time you get there- because it is a cute destination, one with a sense of history, and, most importantly, it boasts a hot springs jacuzzi and a large outdoor pool to enjoy in summer. Be sure to check on their website about the availability of the mineral spa before you go!

What To Expect

First opened in 1955, this motel in Saratoga Springs offers 43 rooms with king/double queen beds, and an outdoor swimming pool. We’re waiting on news about the reopening of their indoor mineral water spa tubs and mineral water jacuzzi.

Good To Know

All of the hotel’s rooms include refrigerators, flat screen TVs, air conditioning and heating, Wi-Fi, and full baths. 

Rates: From $89/night, including swimming/soaking.

A free continental breakfast is included within the price of your stay.

The outdoor swimming pool is open mid-May to mid-October.

Reviews over the past few years have criticized the cleanliness and state of repair of this motel. We have written it up here in hopes that it will be renovated and worthy of better reviews soon!

Where: 176 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY


For some useful advice on “hot springs etiquette,” have a read of our list of “dos and don’ts at hot springs” here.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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