The Best Ice Skating In Boise: Start Planning For The Best Winter Recreation

Ice skating can be one of the most liberating winter activities. It’s an amazing mix of adrenaline and excitement that can be extremely family-friendly without requiring any hard physical skills (but maybe brush up on your reflexes a bit will ya?) This is why spending time ice skating is the choice of many – both professionals and novices alike.

Seeing that summer’s long gone, winter will be on our doorstep in the blink of an eye so it’s never too early to start preparing for some cold winter fun and recreation. 

Boise, one of the most metropolitan cities of Idaho, happens to be an awfully convenient location for anyone interested in this sport. Obviously, locals don’t need to be told twice but if you happen to be traveling there for the first time and don’t know where to start, taking a look at our guide of the best ice skating options in (and near) Boise will come in handy.

So here’s a comprehensive guide to all the ice skating arenas in Boise where you can have fun, spend some quality time with your loved ones and let all your worries glide away one skate at a time.

Idaho IceWorld

Idaho IceWorld really is a world of entertainment. From actual event facilities and arcades to fitness centers and two NHL-regulation-size ice rinks. There’s also a restaurant to quench your thirst and sort out an empty stomach after an energy-consuming skating session. 

Unlike many other ice arenas in the nearby areas, this one operates all-year-round and offers ice skating classes, ice skating competitions, and recreational skating opportunities for anyone that’s interested. 

Hockey players are in for a treat too. There you’ll find youth and adult hockey leagues as well as hockey classes where people of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

Idaho IceWorld. Photo Source: Idaho IceWorld on FB.

With that said, you’re guaranteed to have a good time whether you’re a skater, hockey player or just a visitor who likes to enjoy the show, which is pretty neat considering that not many ice arenas can boast a selection of amenities as vast as that of IceWorld. You can even rent the rink for private sessions. This is precisely why it is one of the premier skating facilities in all of Idaho.

Professional or not, Idaho IceWorld will definitely grant you an extremely memorable experience.

Standard admission for public skating ranges between $8-12. For more information on additional rates, you can contact the facility. 

Address: 7072 S. Eisenman Road, Boise, ID 83716

One of the rinks at Idaho IceWorld. Photo source: Idaho IceWorld on FB.

Ice Ribbon – Indian Creek Plaza

This combination of names probably confuses you. What does ice ribbon even mean? What’s Indian Plaza and what does it have to do with ice skating? 

We’re here to tell you all about it.

You will find Indian Creek Plaza in downtown Caldwell, a city located only 25 miles from Boise. Indian Creek Plaza is a newly constructed public space in the heart of the city that organizes around 200 seasonal events every year. 

Enter Ice Ribbon – a public skating area that encircles the Plaza, creating a curved ice path for visitors to skate around. The construction for this year’s ice ribbon will begin on October 26.

Ice Ribbon at Indian Creek Plaza. Photo Source: @indiancreekplaza on IG.

Despite not being located strictly in Boise, hitting up the ice ribbon at Indian Creek Plaza is the ideal option for anyone who just wants to have fun and socialize with people in an extremely welcoming community. Apart from public ice skating, Indian Creek Plaza is also a space for music, festivals, farmer’s markets, flea markets, delicious food and drink and overall, a space for joy. At the time of writing, farmer’s market events are coming up but once winter arrives, be sure to check out their ice ribbon and skate to your heart’s content.

Ice Ribbon at Indian Creek Plaza. Photo Source: @indiancreekplaza on IG.

Address: 120 S. Kimball, Caldwell, Idaho 83605

Honorable Mentions

True, there aren’t many ice skating options in Boise. However, there are still a few places that you can try out if you just want to get more ice skating experience and have a good time.

Hailey Ice at Champion Ice House

What makes Hailey Ice an honorable mention is the fact that it’s located over two-hours-drive from Boise, which means that technically, it has nothing to do with the city. However, it’s the perfect place for anyone who doesn’t mind taking a little drive for winter recreational activities.

Hailey Ice. Photo source: @campionicehouse on IG.

Hailey Ice is a nonprofit organization whose mission has always been to create an affordable ice skating area for the Hailey community and promote ice skating sports as a key for mental and physical health. The organization was founded in 2000 and has been expanding its facilities for decades. At the moment, Hailey Ice has a one-sheet arena for public skating and a couple of indoor ice rinks for hockey, curling and ice skating programs at Champion Ice House. These programs are educational – such as their learn to skate program – as well as competitional that welcome people of all ages. 

It’s also home to a senior amateur hockey team known as The Sun Valley Suns. 

This nonprofit organization consists of utmost professionals who are extremely passionate about ice skating sports, so it means that you’re in good hands whether you’re a participant, learner or just a visitor. 

Address: 771 Main St S. Hailey, Idaho 83333

Hailey Ice. Photo source: @campionicehouse on IG.

Idaho Central Arena

Now, if you’re a Boise local you do not need to be told what’s what, but if you’re a first-timer and a hockey fan at that, then Idaho Central Arena (previously known as CenturyLink Arena) is a must-visit destination for you because this is where all the fun is at. Despite not being a strictly figure skating rink, it’s still one of the prime spots in Boise. Not only is it a place for skating events and home to The Idaho Steelheads (ECHL champions of 2004 and 2007), but also a host of a variety of other sports games such as gymnastics, football, soccer, basketball etc. Not to mention the fact that it’s a hotshot spot for music festivals.

Idaho Central Arena can accommodate up to 5,000 people which contributes to the popularity of this place. Along with the almost-endless list of additional amenities that includes numerous dining options, fitness club, swimming pool, spa and an AAA-rated hotel known as The Grove Hotel. 

Despite not being a spot for casual skating, it’s still a place for fun, joy and immaculate winter vibes. However, they still offer some skating opportunities here and there so keep a lookout on that. 

Address: 233 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702

Idaho Central Arena. Photo source: @jaclynbrandt on IG.

To Wrap Up

Ice skating is a classic. It’s one of the most sought-out activities to get into the upcoming winter holiday spirit. As you can see, there are quite a few ice skating spots in Boise and in close proximity. So if you happen to be visiting Boise in the next few months, be sure to prepare, get into the winter holiday spirit with style and use this article as your starting point; and if you’re looking for a way to soothe your muscles after the energy consuming skating session, it wouldn’t be right not to recommend some of the best hot springs in Idaho to make your time in Boise all the more memorable. So enjoy your skate and possibly your soak too.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the most up-to-date information, we always recommend you do your own research before you travel to a particular area or visit a specific destination, and check conditions with relevant official authorities. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your adventure!

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