Bungee Jumping At Royal Gorge Colorado – Adrenaline Junkies Get Ready!

If you’re a natural thrill-seeker and a lover of history too, then you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a look at Royal Gorge Bridge near Canyon City in Colorado, and the bungee jumping opportunities offered there.

Only a small number of people have dared to bungee jump off the Royal Gorge Bridge itself, and to date they have only been afforded the opportunity to do so by signing up for the Go Fast Games or by obtaining special, hard-to-get permits. And while that kind of experience can’t be beat, it is limited to the few.

Bungee jumping off the Royal Gorge Bridge during the Go Fast Games. Source: Go Fast Energy

Yet there is a nearby alternative to bungee jumping off the Royal Gorge Bridge – the Royal Rush SkyCoaster. Find out more about it here, some history of the bridge itself, what else there is to do at the Royal Gorge Park, and what makes bungee jumping at Royal Gorge so special!

Address4218 County Rd. 3A, Cañon City, Colorado
LocationCañon City, Colorado, a 2-hour drive from Denver
Open9am – 7pm (rides open at 10am)
Open for Bungee/Base JumpingOnly during special events, but the nearby controlled bungee swing Royal Rush SkyCoaster is available year-round, weather permitting.
General Admission to the Gorge (not including rides)From $27
Admission to SkyCoaster bungee swingFrom $38

About The Royal Gorge Bridge

Royal Gorge Bridge. Source: Management

The iconic and regularly maintained Royal Gorge suspension bridge spans a canyon 956 feet above the Arkansas River. Constructed in 1929 by 80 brave men under Chief Engineer George Cole, it held the record of “highest bridge in the world” from 1929 until 2001, when it was surpassed by the Duge Bridge in China, and “highest suspension bridge in the world” until the Beipan River Guanxing Highway Bridge was completed in 2003, also in China. It is still the highest bridge in the United States, though! Even at its inception, while most bridges at the time were built to be transportation routes, the Royal Gorge Bridge was always meant to be a tourist attraction.

The Royal Gorge Bridge. Photo by Julie H

Interesting Facts

  • The Royal Gorge Bridge cost $350,000 to build at the time (equivalent to over $4 million in today’s dollars). 
  • The span of the bridge between the towers is 880 feet.
  • The total length is 1,260 feet.
  • The width is 18 feet.
  • The towers are 150 feet high. 
  • The steel base structure is covered with 1257 wooden planks.
  • There are 4100 steel cables.
  • During the summer, all 50 state flags are raised along the Royal Gorge Bridge. 
  • Royal Gorge Bridge averages 340,000 visitors annually, and sadly also averages one suicide jumper a year, despite trained security guards on constant patrol.
The Royal Gorge Bridge. Photo by Dough4872

The bridge has been used for both bungee and base jumping by adrenaline junkies and thrill-seekers (only allowed during special events, like the Go Fast Games), many of whom have sought to break world records.

For general visitors, the bridge gives a birds-eye view of the canyon and beautiful surrounding landscape as you cross.

What Is Bungee Jumping?

Bungee Jumping, (also spelled bungy) is a sport that sees people jumping from a tall structure, such as a bridge, crane or building, while connected to an elastic cord (the “bungee”). Some daredevils even bungee jump from helicopters and hot air balloons!

As the person jumps from the structure, the cord stretches, recoiling when the jumper reaches the full length of the cord. 

Bungee jumping is a definite adrenaline rush for its free-fall and rebound, and some claim their life flashes before their eyes on the way down with the “will-I, won’t I survive this?” question in their minds! It’s often over far too quickly, though, and leaves most hungry for more! 

There are only about a dozen professional bungee jumping companies across the U.S., and we recommend you only bungee jump with them. Deaths and serious injuries have occurred when people bungee jump with amateurs – life is too good to risk losing over a bad jumping choice, right?!

Is Bungee Jumping Dangerous?

People love bungee jumping for the feeling they are defying death.

It is extremely unusual for someone to die from a bungee jumping accident. Over the last 20 years, in the US, 23 people have died from bungee-related injuries (an average of 1.15 deaths per year).

Only bungee jump with a professional, reputable company.

So, How Can I Bungee Jump At The Royal Gorge Bridge?

While you can’t jump off the bridge itself unless it’s during a special event like the Go Fast Games, you should definitely try out the Royal Rush SkyCoaster.

The Royal Rush SkyCoaster is a 100-foot tower built on the south rim of the Royal Gorge and 1200 feet above the Arkansas River. Daring riders of one to three at a time are fastened into a modified bungee suit, then slowly pulled up from the harnessing platform. On the count of three, their bungee swing is released so they swing out over the canyon. On the swing, you’ll reach speeds of 50 km per hour. Make sure you keep your eyes open, because you will not want to miss the views!

Good To Know

  • 1-3 people can be harnessed per ride.
  • The Royal Rush SkyCoaster is weather dependent and can close temporarily for safety.
  • Go-Pro Cameras are not allowed.
  • Riders must be 46”-82” tall.
  • There is no weight or age requirement- if the flight suit fits, you can fly.
  • A waiver must be signed before riding. A parent/legal guardian must sign the waiver for under 18s.
  • 2023 fees: $38 for 1 rider, $65 for 2 riders, $85 for 3 riders.
  • You can buy the video of your experience for an extra charge.

Here’s a POV video of the Royal Rush SkyCoaster bungee jump:

Go Fast Games Bungee Jumping At Royal Gorge

The Go Fast Games bungee jump. Source: thirstforadrenaline

A three-day event named the Go Fast Games was hosted every September and offered legal base and bungee jumping at Royal Gorge. Participation in the event was by invitation only. We’re not clear when or if such an event will be held there again in the future.

What Else Can I Do At Royal Gorge?

The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park, spread over 360 acres, offer more than 20 attractions for guests to enjoy. It is a well-known tourist destination in Colorado, about 2.5 hours from Denver. 

The Royal Gorge Via Ferrata gives you the chance to go on a climbing adventure via a safe, guided course up and across the granite canyon walls. Choose from one of eight 2.5-hour to 5-hour guided tours that mix hiking and vertical hiking using a harness and carabiners, and which promise a unique perspective of Colorado’s impressive nature. Guests must be 10 years or older and can be beginners or experienced rock climbers. 2023 fee: from $150.

Climbing at Royal Gorge. Source: Management

A bucket list experience, the Cloudscraper Zipline is America’s highest zipline and lets you soar, hands-free, 1200 feet above the Arkansas River, across the gorge parallel to the Royal Gorge Bridge. Guests must be 10 or older. Weight requirement: 100-245 lbs. Height requirement: 4’0″ to 6’8″. 2023 fee: $48.

One of the longest-single span gondolas in America, the Aerial Gondolas offer unlimited gentle rides across the gorge and a 360-degree view of the surrounding colorful Colorado landscape. The 6 cars (8 guests per car) are wheelchair accessible (max 30″ wide) but for immediate return journeys only – there is no ramp on the south platform. Fee: Included in general admission.

The Aerial Gondolas at Royal Gorge. Photo by SneakinDeacon

Tommy Knocker Playland offers the park’s younger guests a chance to ride the carousel, explore a wooden three-story playland of ropes, slides and tunnels, pan for “gold,” and shoot at Musket Mine. Fee: Included in general admission.

Also be sure to check out the Water Clock and the Plaza Theater, which shows a 20-minute, fun-facts documentary of the founding of the park and bridge (four shows daily, 1pm – 4pm), and which often hosts other events, such as wildlife programs introducing you to birds of prey.

Note: Until 2013, guests could also go down to the river on the Incline Railway. Sadly, this ride was destroyed in the 2013 wildfire.

How To Get There

Royal Gorge is 10 minutes (3 miles) out of Cañon City center on the US-50 W. Turn left off the US-50 W (Royal Gorge Blvd) onto Tunnel Drive, turn right at the trailhead to stay on Tunnel Drive. Royal Gorge Bridge is less than half a mile away on the left.

Can I Stay There?

There is no accommodation on site, but you’ll find plenty of lodging options, restaurants, shopping and other tourist activities nearby in Cañon City as well as in Colorado Springs.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the most up-to-date information, we always recommend you do your own research before you travel to a particular area, and check conditions with official sites. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your adventure!

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