Chinati Hot Springs: Relax And Unwind In Desert Serenity

Deep in the Chihuahuan Desert, you will find the thermal oasis known as Chinati Hot Springs, a place that has been favored by visitors from both sides of the border for decades. This homey and rustic establishment, with its several soaking options, is the perfect place for it all: solitude, socializing, and even celebration.

All You Need To Know

This place is as remote as it gets, yet is nestled in the kind of location that you’d think is taken straight out of a movie. It’s just rustic scenery, wide-open desert valleys, and canyons all around. Its appearance oozes an indie-movie type of vibe. The outdoor pools are built into the round rock wall. The extremely aesthetically pleasing overnight lodgings are a bundle of colors and coziness, with palm trees decorating the 640-acre premises.

Address1 Hot Springs Rd, Presidio, TX 79845
Location2 hours from Marfa, TX.
Open All-year-round
ClothingRequired in public pools. Optional in private tubs.
Temperature104°F and 109°F.
Road AccessModerate
The scenery at Chinati Hot Springs.

If you’re looking to hike, then you’re in luck because there’s an abundance of hiking trails within or outside the Chinati territory, along with plenty of other activities that you can partake in. However, always be sure to check the weather conditions, seeing as they’re really unpredictable in this area and at times may not allow for the type of activity that you initially came for.

Outdoor pool at Chinati Hot Springs

The temperature of these all-natural thermal waters varies. The outdoor pool is around 105°F, whereas the indoor pools range between 104°F and 109°F. There’s also a seasonal lap pool with a temperature of 70°F as a colder alternative for your summer soak.

Cold pool

When we say that Chinati Hot Springs is remote, we mean it. Not only is it located far into the desert, it’s also entirely digital-free, meaning visitors can float their corporate responsibilities into the steamy void. 

Chinati Hot Springs is so far from the city hustle and pollution that it’s one of the best destinations for stargazing, making it a great way to spice up a romantic getaway. Just sayin’. There’s also a firepit there for your enjoyment, where you can just chill with your friends. 

And speaking of chilling with friends, it’s possible to rent the whole property for special occasions and celebrations. You can learn more here.

The firepit.

Can I Stay There?

Yes, you can. In fact, you have to. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the springs, seeing as they’re only available for overnight guests. Chinati Hot Springs boasts 7 rustic and cozy cabins. They feature their very own private tubs where you can choose to soak nude if you wish. On the premises, you’ll also find outside showers, a well-equipped communal kitchen, and a dining area, which makes Chinati Hot Springs a great place for socializing and possibly making new friends if you’re up for it. BBQ grills are also available but if you decide to use them, you’ll need to bring your own coal.

El Dorado Cabin.

At least 2 weeks advance reservations are required. No walk-ins allowed.

Accommodation TypeOccupancyPrice
El DoradoFour$150
Dos AmigosFour$150
Las PalmasTwo$200
El CorazónTwo$220
Número UnoFour$220
El PresidenteTwo$230
El PatrónTwo$230
You can find more details here.

Additional Information To Take Into Account

  • No day use available. The hot springs are available for overnight guests only. 
  • Even though pets are allowed on the property, there are a lot of restrictions you’ll have to follow if you bring them along. You can find out more here.
  • It is possible to rent the entire venue for special occasions. 
  • The facility has strict policies on cancellations, reservations on certain days, etc. You can familiarize yourself with them here
  • The road to Chinati is pretty rough. No 4WD is required. However, caution is advised. It gets considerably worse in certain seasons so always check weather conditions before you go. 
  • There is no cell-reception or WiFi available, so in case of an emergency, let someone know where you are beforehand. 
  • You’ll have to bring provisions yourself, as well as any additional necessary supplies. The nearest store is in Presidio which is an hour away.

Do’s And Don’ts

Every hot spring has its own quirks. Visitors to Chinati Hot Springs, for example, should wear swimsuits in public pools but can opt otherwise in their private tubs. They also should not bring their pets along if they’re not used to being leashed or can potentially disturb other people’s comfort. Especially at night. Glass containers aren’t welcome near the pools either. 

For more general and very important “hot springs etiquette,” we highly recommend you take a moment to check out our carefully compiled easy-to-read list of “dos and don’ts” here. And always, always respect our nature – pack out what you pack in and LEAVE NO TRACE.

How Do I Get To Chinati Hot Springs?

Even though no high clearance car is required, it’s still worth noting that the last 20-ish miles of the road is a bumpy dirt road, the accessibility of which changes each season so caution is advised!

Following Google Maps or other GPS apps is not encouraged. You can follow the directions from their official website instead:

From Marfa, Texas: Take 67 South to Presidio. Right before Presidio you will see a sign that says Ruidosa. Make a right, that is Hwy 170. Go 37 miles to Ruidosa. Go through Ruidosa and at the end of town you will see a sign that says Chinati Hot Springs 7 miles up the gravel road. It will be a dead end to the establishment.

Review on Yelp!

Camping Options

For the longest time, Chinati Hot Springs was known for its springs (duh) as well as its campgrounds, but unfortunately, they’re no longer available. Even though we’re sad to see Chinati tent sites go, there are still plenty of alternatives out there. Campers’ favorite picks include:

  • Rio Bravo Ranch 
  • Rancho Del Mapache
  • Desert Teahouse 
  • The Hippie Crippler Ranch
  • Dusty Paddle 
  • Smiling Dog Ranch
  • Lynn y B’s Land

What Else Can I Explore In The Area?

There is a huge variety of outdoor activities that you can enjoy very close to Chinati Hot Springs. 

Hiking is a must. Especially if you’re a newbie to it. There’s a wash (a stream that is usually dry) that runs next to the facility which in appropriate weather conditions makes for a pretty easy-to-conquer, sandy trail. However, if you’re visiting during the rainy season, hiking the trail is not a good idea because of the danger of a washflood. Even if no water is visible, you should still keep out. 

Accordingly, if the weather is right, the River Road, situated at the base of the facility, is great for biking! 

More exploration sites can be found in Marfa, TX located only 2 hours from Chinati Hot Springs.

  • You can go and witness The Marfa Mystery Lights. They’re the mysterious glowing orbs that have been appearing in the sky for a long time but were discovered only over a century ago. 
  • Museum buffs can visit Ballroom Marfa and Marfa & Presidio County Museum.
hanging out at marfa, texas

Honorable Mentions

If you’re looking for more hot springs in Texas, we recommend visiting Big Bend Hot Springs located in Big Bend National Park, around 3 hours from Chinati Hot Springs. 

Final Thoughts

Unwind and immerse yourself in the all-natural thermal waters of Chinati Hot Springs. If you’re looking for a humble retreat in the utmost serene and tranquil environment, private mineral tubs, and friendly hosts, then Chinati Hot Springs is a worthy candidate for being on your list.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit Chinati Hot Springs?

Even though Chinati Hot Springs operates all-year-round, it’s best to refrain from visiting during rainy seasons. Or if you do, you should be extremely careful and don’t expect any hiking opportunities on nearby trails because there’s a real danger of washfloods.

Is Chinati Hot Springs Clothing optional?

Chinati Hot Springs doesn’t allow nude soaking in public pools. However, you can choose to soak without a swimsuit in the private tubs that you’ll find in the cabins.

Do I need a high-clearance car to get to Chinati Hot Springs?

No high-clearance car is needed but note that the road is rough and bumpy so in this case, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Is day-use available in Chinati Hot Springs?

Unfortunately, it is not. The use of the hot springs is for overnight guests only.

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