Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA

Pennsylvania plays a major role in agricultural and food industry. It is also known as “The Snack Capital of the World” as it is a large producer of products like potato Chips, chocolates and pretzels. You will find ton of farms in Pennsylvania and majority of farms even gives you access to their fields, if you’re interested in fruits and flowers picking or simply just wandering around the farm to get to know more about the farmers life. Pittsburgh is one of the many cities in PA which is known for its beautiful farms. The speciality about Pittsburgh is that some part of it gives you urban like feel and the other has rural feel, which is amazing🥰. One such gem in Pittsburgh is Simmons Farm which is located in Mcmurray area.

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋Simmons is a huge farm which has a field of Strawberries, Apples, Peaches and Pumpkins and the best part is that they also have flowers field which is exceptional😍. This place offers many great activities such as fruits picking where you can actually go into their orchards and pick your favorite seasonal crops, flowers picking where you will find long stretches of vibrant and colorful flowers to select from❤️, fall hayrides and pumpkin picking which is a very popular activity in the season of fall👍 and Easter Egg hunt activity for kids. I heard they also have night time hayrides from September to November and where they take you to the Bonfire Site and serves you Marshmallows and apples, which is just stunning. The best part of Simmons Farm is that they have activities for every age category👍.

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋

We got to know about this place over the internet and their website was impressive, so we visited this place in the last month (July). We did flower picking but could not get a chance to collect fruits as they were not ready for pick up. The lady at the shop told us that September is the best month for Apples and Peaches. As soon as you enter the farm, you will come across their shop. There you have to buy a ticket which is only $12 and they will provide you a bucket and a scissor for picking flowers and for that they will ask you $5 as a deposit which they will return you once you give back their bucket and scissor👍. We had an amazing experience exploring the flower field and selecting and picking so many different varieties of flowers💕. Even the surrounding area was scenic, we felt very close to the nature😊. Blue sky, greeneries and colorful flowers, I really couldn’t ask for more. The best part was Sunflower Field, we stumbled upon so many sunflowers and clicked a lot of pictures😍. Strolling in between the stretches of sunflowers was exceptional. I heard that you can even organize birthday parties here.

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋

Apart from the field, they also keep freshly cut veggies from their farm, jams, pickles, honey and so much more  inside their shop. We bought varieties of veggies and few jams and they were delicious. They have a big parking lot near the shop and it is free and the best part is you can even take your car near the field so that you don’t have to walk much👍. They also have good restroom facility. Our overall trip was amazing, we had a great fun. When it comes to outdoor activities, this place is the best. We arranged the flowers that we collected as a bouquet and gifted it to our friend. It was indeed a great experience. Hoping to visit again soon for picking fruits💕.

Flower lover’s Paradise- Simmons Farm, PA💕🦋




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