Why Luray

  • Blue Ridge Mountains range which is one of the beautiful mountains in the US.
  • To spot some beautiful birds.
  • To visit Luray Caverns, one of the largest caverns in the eastern United States.
  • For mountain lovers, this place is a paradise. There are so many scenic overlooks to capture beautiful vistas.
  • To get surrounded by wilderness.
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One of the stunning and exceptional place to visit in the USA is a Shenandoah National Park nestled in Luray, Virginia which surrounds the Blue ridge Mountains range. Blue ridge is a part of the Appalachian mountains which extends form Pennsylvania to Georgia covering some 8 states. The park has a lot to offer, breathtaking trails which takes you to some great waterfalls and scenic spots☺️, some great overlooks which gives you magnificent views of the Blue ridge mountains and lush greeneries❤️, nice spots to watch sunsets and even the road named Skyline Drive which traverses through the park is beautiful and fun to drive🥰. We planned a weekend getaway to this park in the month of September in 2018. We (me and my husband) loves mountains when it comes to romantic getaway and another plus point is that it is only 3:30hrs away from our place. So, we fueled up the car and hit the road👍.

Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍 Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍 Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍

We stayed at this amazing place called The Cottage at Ravens Roost which is a perfect place for a romantic getaway❤️. You are the only guest at this B&B. Mornings are very beautiful here, you can hear singing birds, horses grazing and a coffee in your hand. The room has a king size bed and good thing is they have full furnished kitchen, if you want to cook your own meal or make a tea or coffee👍. They also have this beautiful garden which have different herbs and fresh veggies from where you can pick some ingredients for your meal☺️. One thing I would love to mention is the breakfast prepared by Betsy was divine and the best thing is that she used to served the breakfast the night before and we just have to bake it the following morning as per our convenience. You can also encounter cats and dogs which is pretty fun. Also, it’s very close to Shenandoah National Park, which will save your driving time.

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Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍 Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍 Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍
Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍

On first day, we took the map of the park from the visitor centre and decided to drive through the Skyline drive and make few stops at some overlooks to capture the views that this amazing place has to offer. Apart from the drive, we also did couple of trails, one of them is Hawksbill Mountain trail which was moderate, fun, full of wilderness and singing birds which too gave us some spectacular vistas. You may spot black bears and snakes here which is pretty scary and exciting. We carried some sandwiches with us for lunch. There’s also some good restaurants and resting area in the park if you want to relax and nosh. After enjoying an adventurous day we decided to head back to our B&B.

Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍


Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍
Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍Next day, we visited a place called Luray Caverns. It is one of the largest caverns in the eastern United States👍. We were very thrilled to enter the caves and as soon as we entered we were truly mesmerized by its beauty😍. It’s one of a gem. You have to visit this place once in a lifetime to see the intrinsic details and structures these caves has to offer. Ticket to caves is $30 per adult and the other attractions that are included in the ticket are The Car and Carriage Caravan Museum, Shenandoah Heritage Village and Toy Town Junction. After the Caverns, we planned to relax in our B&B and on third day started our journey back home.

Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍 Spectacular Shenandoah National Park😍👍Our overall experience was wonderful and memorable. Hoping to visit again soon❤️.

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