How it all started !

The first idea...

When I was a student I discovered my passion for traveling.

The most important lesson:

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!

But of course, I had to operate within a limited budget.

So I started scouring the internet… but- another lesson learned: The most valuable information came from people with shared interests!

So I started to read blogs – many of them!

But I still had a lot of questions and in addition, the research took a lot of time!

From this the idea for Traxplorio was born!

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I wanted to create a site for travellers which is built by travellers!

Furthermore, everyone should benefit!

So I thought of a way to support all these amazing bloggers which helped me experience so many special moments in my life!

It all started with a 7 minute voice recording I did somewhere in Morocco… which I totally forgot about the next morning 😉

A few days later I found the recording. I immediately started taking notes and  working out the idea.

When I felt comfortable with the result, I first told Stefan all about it… and he shared my passion!

So we got down to business! 😉

Traxplorio Team
Start over

Second attempt 😉

As soon as we kicked off the project we collected all our ideas and tried to evaluate them meaningfully and to assign them to different topics.

Good News: We had many great ideas (even a few awesome ones!) 

Bad News: Some of them were just too much to handle for us! 

But we are trying to add most of our ideas with future updates! 🙂 So stay tuned and keep an eye on our roadmap.

Unfortunately, we had to realize that we still lack experience in many points.

So we started from the scratch! 😀


We may lost our first battle but now we gonna win this war!

We learned a lot from our mistakes. 

We did eliminate our biggest problems and focused on the essentials this time.

A lot of progress has been made and with time we got more and more anticipation for the GoLive!

As time has passed we also told our friends about the project and got incredibly great feedback.

Our own expectations to Traxplorio only got bigger and we got even more excited and motivated about this project!


The first year...wait!?


Back to reality

Nevertheless, we once again had to admit that we needed to learn a lot! Deadlines have been postponed and already solved problems had to be thought through again.

But this time we knew what to do next to achieve our goal!

We drew the right conclusions from previous experience. 

This time we will do it! 🙂 

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Excitement is rising

We are incredibly proud to finally present to you….. Traxplorio!

We sincerely hope that this site will enrich your life and carry out our vision.

Finally Done! 🙂


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Start exploring the world with us! 🙂

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