Where To Go Bungee Jumping In Las Vegas For The Ultimate Thrill

Ever faced a fear, or wanted to grab a longed-for adrenaline rush by bungee jumping? Sadly, traditional bungee jumping is not currently available in Nevada, so if you had thoughts of leaping off a bridge there, these will have to go out the window. You may have heard of AJ Hackett in Las Vegas, which used to offer controlled decelerator bungee jumping, but this closed down some years ago. However, there are similar activities you can do in Las Vegas, such as taking a controlled freefall off the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Hotel with SkyJump, or the much calmer Las Vegas Xtreme Zone, which offers an indoor bungee trampoline where you’ll be attached to vertical lift poles for extra bounce.

We know, we know – it’s the SkyJump you want! Let’s take a look at Las Vegas’ closest-to-bungee-jumping option in more detail.

Many brave thrill-seekers, and those wishing to overcome their fear of heights have taken a SkyJump dive off this amazing tower-hotel in Las Vegas. Why? For fun, of course! And it’s perfectly safe – it’s only your mind you have to convince! 

The view from below. Photo by Stevelerner

Just like before taking a bungee jump, at SkyJump too your heart will be pounding in anticipation, your body shaking. You KNOW the elastic cord attached to you will hold tight, because literally thousands before you have made the jump and survived. But still your body tenses as you ready to step off…and then you are flying (perhaps screaming!), but free, alive and full of adrenaline. It’s a truly unbeatable experience!

Did You Know…?

Bungee jumping sees very few deaths per year. The National Center for Health Statistics shows the same fatality rate among bungee jumpers as skydivers, at 1 in 500,000. So the odds are good you’ll make it!

What Is The Las Vegas SkyJump?

The Strat, Las Vegas. Source: Expedition826338

SkyJump means leaping off an open-air platform 829 feet above Las Vegas’ neon Strip, on the 108th floor of the Stratosphere Hotel. SkyJump holds a Guinness World Record as the highest commercial decelerator descent facility in the world. 

SkyJump is the only sky jump in North America. It’s a controlled descent- like a vertical zip line, so you are attached at all times.

How Does SkyJump Work?

Once you’re checked in, you’ll leave your valuables in a locker, including eyeglasses, earrings, hearing aids, gum, cigarettes and any other loose items you have on you.

Getting ready. Photo by Randi

Then you’ll get suited up in their special jumpsuit and SkyJump shoes, and take the elevator to the 108th floor, where you’ll be harnessed in and attached to a cable that is connected to a descender machine. Guide wires keep the SkyJumper on course and on target, all perfectly controlled – and as only one jumper is allowed at a time, all eyes and focus will be on you and your safety.

The carefully controlled “take off” platform. Source: Management

Before you jump, your equipment will undergo multiple safety checks – all in the hands of experienced and reassuring engineers.

Trust the engineers! Source: Management

When you’re ready, you’ll step off the platform and “fall” at some 40 mph, most likely screaming or laughing, while the crowds below watch in horror, admiration and envy from their comfortable reclining chaise lounges directly below the platform. At the end of your ride, you’ll be pulled to a stop and lowered gently onto the landing pad, your target from all those feet above!

Ready to jump. Photo by EdWilliams3

All-in-all, from check-in to landing, the experience will take around 30-45 minutes. 

When Can I Jump At SkyJump?

Yes, it’s that high up! Photo by Konhambos

The facility is open daily, year-round, from 2pm – 10pm. Being open-air and very high up, the ride is weather permitting – you wouldn’t want to jump in high winds, lightning or rain, would you? (Well even if you are that kind of daredevil, you can’t as it’s safety first all the way here!)

Weekdays are quieter than weekends, and night jumps give you a brilliant view of the Strip.

Take off! Photo by Westondrive

Jump rates

A leap with SkyJump will set you back around $130 per person. You can add $15 to that (to make $145) to get photos of your fall included, and a further $20 (to make $165) to get the Wrist Video Package – after your landing, you get the digital photos given to you on a USB stick as keepsakes.

We would recommend going for the full package. This is one of those life experiences you won’t get so often, and you’re not allowed to take your own recording devices with you, so save up those extra dollars ahead of time and go all-out! The video is excellent quality.

Note that guests staying at the Strat Hotel, Casino & Tower, and Nevada locals, can experience SkyJump for just $99.99. 

If you’re a hotel guest, just show your room key at the SkyJump Store when booking. If you’re a Nevadan, flash your ID for the privilege of a cheaper jump.

To book a jump, call the Reservation Hotline at 800.99.TOWER (86937).

View from the jump platform. Photo by Bret R.

What If I Chicken Out?

Fear and uncertainty are perfectly natural. We’ve all been there: bravado in the moment, then actually looking down at the tiny city far, far below are two very different things! But we believe in you, and we can say this experience is definitely worth it! Plus, good to know, SkyJump has been operating since April 2010, has hosted more than 200,000 jumps, and is inspected daily by professionally trained ride engineers. It is also certified on an annual basis.

If knowing that doesn’t help, to stave off your last-minute nerves, the SkyJump team offers a “Sky Jump Liquid Courage Happy Hour” 3pm-5pm daily, where you get 20% off SkyJump and a free Liquid Courage Shot at the 108 Drinks bar. You can only get this limited-place offer by booking your jump at The Strat Box Office. A non-alcoholic drink is also available for skyjumpers who are under 21. 

Worst case scenario, you really can’t do it. Rides are non-refundable, but you’ll get a “Chicken Out” voucher for what was originally purchased and you can do it another time, or give the chance to another person.  


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What If I Want To Go Again Right Away?

Tried it? Loved it? Then you adrenaline junkies are in for a treat! For just $59.99 more, you can stay suited up and jump the same day. If you know ahead of time you’ll want more than one go, you can buy your re-jump while purchasing the first jump.

Good To Know

Jumpers must weigh under 265 pounds. They need to know your weight to ensure each individual jumper descends at the proper speed. With the 10-pound harness and gear, the total weight capacity is 275 pounds (125 kg) per SkyJump.

Jumpers must be 14+. Under 18s must have parental guidance with a valid ID in order to jump. If a parent or guardian is not with you, a notarized letter must be presented granting permission. A parent or guardian of the child must sign a waiver stating that the child is in good health and that it’s ok for the child to jump. 

All SkyJumpers will need a valid ID to check-in.

The minimum height requirement is 52 inches tall. There is no maximum height, but you must fit into the harness safely and securely.

SkyJumpers must be in good physical and mental condition. Do not book yourself in for a SkyJump if any of the following apply to you: history of back, neck, ankle or knee problems, recent injuries or surgeries, asthma, allergies, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure), if you are pregnant, or have other conditions that could be aggravated by this activity. You will also, quite logically, not be allowed to jump if you are intoxicated – so only one “shot of courage” for you!

Management reserves the right to shut down the ride in bad weather, or to refuse entry.

What Else Can I Do In The Tower Other Than SkyJump?

The Strat Hotel, Casino & Tower is the tallest observation tower in the US. Alongside the SkyJump, inside you’ll find numerous one-of-a-kind rides, like Big Shot, and X-Scream. There are plenty of places to grab a drink (108 Eats on Level 108 is our favorite), eat (try the award-winning Top Of The World), and shop – with an exciting international marketplace. Add to all that the Observation Deck, consistently voted “The Best Place To View Las Vegas” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

What Else Can I Do In Las Vegas?

When you’re done diving off a tower, why not dive into a hot springs pool to soothe off the buzz? We’ve got a list of some great hot springs close to Las Vegas.

Where Else Can I Bungee Jump?

Aside from Las Vegas’ SkyJump, our favorite bungee experiences are the bungee swing at Royal Gorge, Colorado, and the reverse bungee “The Rocket” at Gravity Park on South Padre Island, Texas.

The Takeaway

While you can’t bungee jump off a bridge in Nevada, the closest you can get to that thrill is SkyJump at The Strat – well worth your time, money and the unforgettable adrenaline rush it will give you!


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the most up-to-date information, we always recommend you do your own research before you travel to a particular area or visit a specific destination, and check conditions with relevant official authorities. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your adventure!

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