Our Favorite Digital Free Hot Springs

Nowadays, we live in such a corporate-driven world that we don’t seem to notice how much of a toll working with technology takes on us. Whether it’s making a simple phone call, sending an email or even making photocopies of some important documents. 

Technical assistance is an extremely basic necessity. The digital industry offers quick solutions and comes in very handy in emergencies, despite simultaneously being really energy-consuming. This is why most of us never allow ourselves to function without it, yet paradoxically, we simply aren’t even aware that we have the option to. 

A digital-free environment is all about getting back to the simplest things in life that can bring us joy, such as connecting with nature, appreciating the greenery of a peaceful atmosphere, and engaging in a quality conversation with a loved one. 

Considering that soaking in mineral-rich hot springs has been a common method of rediscovering and recharging your spiritual and physical abilities, we can confidently tell you that if you want to go through a full digital detox, there is no better option than visiting some of the top-notch hot springs in the country.

So here are our favorite picks of digital free hot springs. 

Ojai Hot Springs

 one of the Ojai Hot Spring pools.

First up, we have Ojai Hot Springs AKA Ecotopia Hot Springs AKA Matilija Hot Springs (well, this sure is a place of many names) located in the unincorporated town of Ojai and it is very much a celebrity favorite.

For the longest time, Ojai Hot Springs was a hidden thermal gem enjoyed by the locals but over time, extensive media exposure did its job and resulted in the place being abused and overrun by neglectful visitors. Now, Ojai Hot Springs is privatized (as per the wishes of the California government) and requires a minimum donation of $20 to enter. 

The media spotlight also led to the place becoming entirely digital-free. However, no matter the reason behind it, Ojai Hot Springs still gives visitors the option to leave their digital workload in the car. And its convenient location is actually an opportunity to turn your one-time visit into a full-on vacation.

Slates (Esalen) Hot Springs

Esalen Hot Springs overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Slates Hot Springs is probably one of the most well-known hot spring establishments not only in the state of California but also the whole of the US. It’s famous for its eco-friendly staff and community that advocates for human spiritual endurance. 

Slates Hot Springs is also a place that wants to be a contributing factor in human transformation in terms of its relationship with nature, institutions, and people. They’ve been fulfilling their goal by offering countless workshops and programs and most importantly, a safe haven for anyone who wants to escape capitalist responsibilities for a little while. With that in mind, it’s absolutely no surprise that Slates is a digital-free facility. However, when you immerse yourself in its immaculate layout – spread out on top of the mountain and overlooking the waves of the pacific ocean crashing into the rocky shores – your day-to-day responsibilities and digital companions will be the last thing on your mind.

Tassajara Hot Springs

Main hot spring pool of Tassajara Zen Mountain Center.

Tassajara Hot Springs – or more officially Tassajara Zen Mountain Center – is an absolute dream for anyone who wants to reach their spiritual peak not only for rejuvenating but also for religious purposes, because it forms a part of the Buddhist Zen Mountain Center, alongside a monastery of the same religion, meaning it guarantees a once in a lifetime experience for those who are interested. This is precisely what makes Tassajara the most unique pick on this list. 

This hot spring establishment is tucked into the heart of Los Padres National Forest and built with Japanese-style architecture. It is also a place where a lot of Buddhist monks, priests, and acolytes reside and offer their services as teachers and lecturers for everyone who’d like to learn more about Buddhism. Of course, it is possible to visit the springs without enrolling in any of their programs. However, the use of cell phones and other digital gadgets is prohibited, which probably comes as no surprise to anyone.

Harbin Hot Springs

One of the pools at Harbin Hot Springs

Harbin Hot Springs has one of the longest histories of operation in the state of California. It has seen many roles, purposes, and owners. Currently – apart from its numerous soaking options – it’s known for being the birthplace of Watsu Bodywork – a unique treatment done in water, combining Shiatsu with Zen meditation.  

Harbin Hot Springs is a place where spiritual restoration is taken to the next level. It shows not only in its countless therapeutic massage techniques and thermal pools but also in the hosting community, which is very big on connecting the soul, mind, and body with nature. This results in profuse nudity, but we mean it in the best way possible because this is a fairytale-type of place for anyone who loves soaking in their birthday suits and fully unwinding without experiencing any judgment –  that much has been said plenty of times. 

This establishment is determined to offer you all the tools needed to reach complete solitude and detachment from outside responsibilities. With that said, the fact that it’s a phone-free space shouldn’t really come as a surprise. So if you’d like to disconnect from your corporate responsibilities, if you love soaking nude and would like to do so without worrying about disturbing other people’s privacy, Harbin Hot Springs is the haven to turn to.

Potosi Hot Springs

Potosi Hot Springs – main pool

The best thing about Potosi Hot Springs is not its convenient location, its beautiful appearance, or the necessary amenities fit for a comfortable stay, it’s the fact that it’s the perfect place for a couple’s getaway! This place guarantees solitude and detachment. With their policies, there is no way that you’ll be disturbed by other prying eyes in the springs. It’ll be just you and your loved one(s). 

Their no-digital resources rule is a great opportunity to just untether yourself from the city hustle and just spend quality time with your favorite people. 
Its countless necessary amenities and absolutely beautiful layout – the top attraction being the main pool perched atop the bushy cliff and overlooking the endless ranges of coniferous trees of Tobacco Root Mountains – means you’re in for one comfortable and very memorable stay.

Cottonwood Hot Springs

Main pool.

When you look at Cottonwood Hot Springs, you’ll see an unassuming back-country appearance. However, behind this humble facade resides treasure abundant with all things thermal, mineral, and natural. This inn and spa has been in service for a long time, long before the days of commercialism and colonization. Many purposes, roles, and owners later, it operates as a multi-service spa that offers many different techniques of therapeutic massages for your rejuvenation pleasure. 

The eco-friendly facility is very big on spiritual restoration and as we have already established, most of the time this type of recharge is best acquired in a digital-free zone. 

Cottonwood Hot Springs Inn & Spa has put considerable effort into reducing the use of all electromagnetic radiation such as WiFi, microwaves, light bulbs, computers, etc. 

Visiting Cottonwood Hot Springs is a great way to be present in the moment and admire the simple things in life. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your corporate-free day off.

Breitenbush Hot Springs

One of the meadow pools at Breitenbush Hot Springs

Breitenbush Hot Springs is more of a decades-long tradition than a mere hot springs establishment. It is managed by and resided in by the community that valiantly works on preserving the Indigenous American land where the springs are located. Ever since the devastating Lionshead Fire, the Breitenbush community – or stewards, if you will – really stepped up in restoring this place to its full glory, but as an end result, they managed to turn it into something bigger, with a lot more amenities than before.

Breitenbush Hot Springs is an extremely eco and enviro-friendly facility that uses as few utilities as possible and serves delicious vegetarian food. Of course, they’re also very big on discovering their full spiritual potential and successfully helping visitors do the same. 

Breitenbush Hot Springs is a place for people and serves as a safe haven for individuals of all genders, something that can’t be said about other commercial hot springs. 

Obviously, based on the principles Breitenbush operates by, the use of cell phones, WiFi, TV, etc. is not allowed. However, sometimes this is exactly what our minds need. If you want to relax and let your responsibilities fall away for a little while, you’ll be in good hands at Breitenbush Hot Springs.

The Final Take-away

We think it’s safe to say that eco-friendliness and spiritual rejuvenation go hand in hand. This is a perspective most people do not notice. Let this be the proof that demonstrates that self-care (because soaking in thermal springs is one of the best forms of self-care, you know) can also in a way result in the preservation of our environment. 

As you can see, there are numerous perks that come with relaxing in a digital-free zone, some of them you may not have even thought of. 

So let yourself shoo any outside responsibilities away and be a part of something bigger while giving yourself a well-deserved relaxation session.


While we at Traxplorio do our very best to give you the latest information about these hot springs sites, life happens, weather happens, and property owners happen. We always recommend you go to the official hot springs’ web page and/or the relevant state authority page to check conditions, times, and prices (where relevant) before you head out. Thanks for understanding, and enjoy your soak!

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